You have to get good grades (A1-B4) for relevant subjects to be able to meet the COP for the courses – Ngee Ann Poly’s courses are quite competitive, having quite a low COP. From above, you can see different courses use different ELR2B2 types for their cut-off points (COP). (See: How taking Combined Science Almost Ruined My Future). (See: JC or Poly?). Purpose of Briefing • Provide information on the Sec 2 subjects allocation process, criteria, Sec 3 subject combinations • Understand the Post-Sec Courses • Help parents and PL-Lites to make an informed decision • Provide an avenue for dialogue & clarification before exercising option in Oct 2017 Click here for: 2019 Step by Step Guide NA. Lower Secondary (Sec 1 and 2), students are still learning only the basics/foundation of every subject. Do contact me at 97860411 if our child needs/wants to attend such courses. Even a fail in A. Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) or (Social Studies, … Based on my experience as a secondary school teacher, if you are now in Sec 2, here are the subjects I think you should choose for Sec 3 which will ultimately become your all-important O-Level subjects: Other than (1) English, (2) Mother Tongue and (3) Mathematics, your other subjects should be: (4) Additional Mathematics (A. Home > Student Matters > Secondary Two > Secondary 3 Subject Combination 2019 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing The Secondary 2 students and their parents attended a Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing on 5 April to be aware of the various choices that are available to them when they are Secondary 3. If you intend to do Law, getting good grades in History and GP helps). 3.2 Alternatively, students can check their allocated subject combination on the notice board outside the General Office from 10 am, 30th October 2018 (Tuesday). Please be very serious in choosing the above subjects because they may actually determine your career in Singapore. Not sure how Secondary 3 Subject Combination in Secondary School affect your future? Here, we are going to breakdown the Faculties you are likely able to go based on your Streams: Arts Stream: Arts & Social Science, Business Administration, Design & Environment, Law, Music. We connect Parents and students to Tutors, via our tuition-matching system. 1.3 “Assigned Intellectual Property” has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1 (Assigned Intellectual Property). Provide an avenue for dialogue and clarification before exercising option in Oct 2018. Release of Subject Combination Selection Exercise. Sec 3 Express Courses Option 4 Option 5 Compulsory Subjects English Language Mother Tongue/Higher Mother Tongue Mathematics Combined Science Combined Science (Physics, Chemistry) Combined Science (Biology, Chemistry) Humanities and Other subjects (3 Subjects) 4.1 / 5.1 Pure Lit +CH(Social Studies & Elective Geog) POA 4.2 / 5.2 Whether you are a parent or a student, if you are serious about education, I look forward to seeing you. Many university courses which do not require a pass in A-Level Math still require a pass in O-Level Additional Math. – For example: you have to get A1 in Combined (Phy/Chem) to be able to take H2 Chemistry in JC. For example, even though my daughter can do “triple science”, but because she is in the Art Elective Programme and also actively involved in the school band, she has decided to opt for double science instead and I’m happy for her. Your Subject Combination in Secondary 3 also largely determines your future career path/job prospects. Group & Individual Tuition, Intensive Revision, Enrichment Workshops, Headstart Classes, Holiday Classes, Crash Courses for the Singapore A-Level, O-Level and PSLE. CocoTutors is the #1 Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. Reason being their Secondary 3 Subject Combination does not meet subject prerequisites. It is incredibly important to build a strong foundation for the core subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, so that they will not have much problems when they start learning the harder content in Upper Secondary or Junior College.

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