Here are those examples: Ambush marketing is a newly popular marketing technique that raises awareness of a brand in covert ways. Ambush Marketing is one of such unique and creative ways of marketing. In general Ambush means “An attack from Hidden Position”. There are some cases where ambush marketing left everyone stunned including market veterans and customers. Predominantly used by small and medium-sized companies, guerilla tactics are ideal when your competitors have cartloads of money and you’ve only got the ingenuity of your staff. An ambush marketing strategy will come to your mind, which will benefit your brand while you don’t have to pay for the rights that the rival paid to be an official sponsor. Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: 7 Real Examples for 2020 Guerrilla marketing has had a bit of a bad reputation in some circles during the past few years. In Ambush Marketing, Company capitalize to advertize themselves on the events, in which it’s not an official sponsor. This form of marketing is not new. For example, Stella used ambush marketing to steal the spotlight from Heineken when Heineken did pay and spend effort being the official beer sponsor of the 2011 US Open. Many renowned companies across the world have used ambush marketing techniques to market their product. Subtle references, sly jokes, are part of ambush marketing campaign. In fact, the term “ambush marketing” landed sixth in the Global Language Monitor’s “Top Words of 2010,” solidifying its reputation as an emerging marketing method. However, this is only because some people consider highly effective marketing and business strategies “cheating”. ShareTweetSharePin0 SharesGuerrilla marketing didn’t get its name from eponymous guerilla warfare but from their hit-and-run tactics.

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