It has been said that, ‘the Earth’s natural environment provides the platform upon which all life is based” (Grid Arden). But their end was due to the process of natural development in which more successful species replaced the less successful species. (xiii) Sustainable use of genetic resources and protection by appropriate legislation. Biological diversity is a dynamic concept. Biodiversity Parks allow the species to live in there natural habitats without a constant threat from humanity. In other words, 99 percent of life on earth has ended by ending its migration journey. The biological wealth of the earth is the result of biodiversity development of about 400 million years. The language used here is very simple and convincible for the reach of every reader. However, human activities have directly or indirectly led to a major loss of biodiversity and in turn raising questions as to the need of conserving species so as to maintain a stable and healthy environment. Ultimately it can be said that biodiversity is the natural property of nature, so destroying biodiversity is destroying nature. You will know in these Loss of Biodiversity essay that how many species of flora and fauna are extinct and how many are listed in endangered category. custom paper from our expert writers, Essay on Loss of Biodiversity. Biodiversity Conservation: Importance and environmental affect, In-situ and Ex-situ conservation. These Loss of Biodiversity essays will enhance the knowledge of the learners about biodiversity and the man made reasons for its depletion. There have been five periods of mass extinctions on Earth; these happened in 4,400 lakh, 3,700 lakh, 2,500 lakh, 2,100 lakh and 650 lakh years ago. Impact on biodiversity and endangered species. First, you must do some research on the links between biodiversity loss and the emergence of zoonotic diseases, such as the novel coronavirus. Order your assignment! Assignment, Wells Fargo Marketing Analysis Assignment. At the very least, diversity is accountable for the thorough development of all natural systems and warrants their existence. Be it water, air, or land pollution, all forms of pollution appear to be a threat to all life forms … The loss of genes and individuals threatens the long-term survival of a species, as mates become scarce and risks from inbreeding rise when closely related survivors mate. Subject – Habitat Reduction and Loss of Biodiversity Word Count – 1000 Words Course:- Environment and Population Health Assignment:- Habitat Reduction and Loss of Biodiversity Species extinction – causes, ecological impacts and human health Explain the chain of events that links the extinction of a species and the health of populations. (iii) Restoration of degraded habitat to natural state. The inclination of biodiversity in our daily lives is what enables us to continue to prosper and feasibly grow and develop in our environment, with each life arm and ecosystem having its own intrinsic value (Burns, 2001 , peg. Biodiversity loss includes the extinction of species (plant or animal) worldwide, as well as the local reduction or loss of species in a certain habitat, resulting in a loss of biological diversity. According to the Living Planet Report, 2018, by 1970 human activities have destroyed 60% of the Earth’s mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. ” Conservation The international community has recognized biodiversity’s important role in supporting human life, which led to the 1992 founding of the Convention on … In this way the natural habitats of the organisms have been changed or destroyed. The outline and final assignment instructions are attached along with the pdf files of the 3 Ashford resources. Commonly known as biological diversity, this distinctive feature encompasses the multitude of both plant and animal species that can be found in distinctive ecosystems across the globe. The variety and variability amongst environmental systems is the characteristic that enables sustained in every day life. The alteration or complete destruction of natural habitats has become an increasingly necessary way of creating accessible areas for agricultural processes. Native to the Indonesian island of Java, the tigers were considered to be in abundance in the sass’s, but became quickly eradicated as the island’s development progressed, and by the 1 ass’s there were only twenty tigers of this kind. One of the main causes of biodiversity is deforestation. As a society, we must examine the means behind our methods, and implement CEO-friendly practices, articulacy such that will evade all destruction, and rather enable us to use the diversity of the world to our advantage. Biology Assignment Help >> Biodiversity Biology Biodiversity is the level of variation of life forms within a given biome, an ecosystem, or an entire planet. The World Conservation Strategy has given the following suggestions for biodiversity conservation: (1) There should be an effort to conserve species that are endangered. Remember. Species: a group of organisms that share similar structures and interbreed together. Many chemicals used in irrigation have the tendency to contaminate food and water sources, and are able to amply become airborne as well (Wellington, 1968, peg. This being said, the decline of this habitat is potentially harmful to all 80% of the world’s species.

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