Got a Sennheiser 602-II here, an Audix D6, an AKG D112, a Beyer M88 amongst others so I can compare them, they do the job - if you stay away from the kick with the 112!heh That must be for floor toms, right? Video: “Audix D6 vs Sennheiser e602 II Comparison” back to menu ↑ How is Recording Bass Different? Most jobs go to the 602, D6 next, M88 where you just want to capture what's there. Samson QKick vs. ATM250 vs. Senn e602 vs. Audix D6 Sign in to disable this ad Hi All! Audix D6 Drum Microphone . Recording bass is pretty much a unique proposition. In diesem Artikel über die besten Kick Drum Mikrofone, schaue ich mir das AKG D112, Shure Beta 52A, Beta 91A, Audix D6, Sennheiser e602 II und das e609 an. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I would choose the B52 over the e602 anyday, but as croomz said the Audix D6 really is the gold standard. Combine it with a B91 condenser sat well inside the drum (or better still an e901 - sounds precisely the same but falls apart far less often) for the best sound. -Audix D6 -Sennheiser E602 II das Audix und das Sennheiser waren bei der Aufnahme gleichzeitig im Kessel, der Abstand zum Fell und Klöppel ungefähr gleich (2 - 3 cm). Maximum sounds that we record and hear are not positioned in the lower end of audio frequencies. das T-Bone habe ich extra aufgenommen. Differences between Sennheiser e602 II & e902? I am very interested in hearing how the Sennheiser e602 compares to other kick drum mics such as the AKG D112, Shure Beta 52 and Audix D6 etc. The 602 isn't the most 'tailored' kick mic out there (see Audix D6), but I think it would work well for a variety of music styles. I'm a new member, but I've been lurking around here for a while. Making of the Audix D6 Drum Microphone “Best kick drum mic I’ve ever used.

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