Streamline your interviewing and hiring processes today. 31. 93. It is a complex of antibody bound to antigen, which includes complement components. How B cell hybridomass are formed? What is the disease caused by Hantavirus? it binds to the receptor but even at its maximum cannot give as much of an effect as a full agonist (such as morphine) – it is, thus, also a partial antagonist (partially inhibits the actions of full agonists). Is body itself a bio technology? It is mainly spread by gender contact, blood transfers and from HIV infected mother to child. 94. Tumor antigens are cell surface proteins, which are present on the surface of tumor cells that induce cell-mediated immune response. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 32 companies. What is the target antigen for acute myeloblastic leukemia? Labeling molecules by the use of antibodies bound to another molecule that serves as labels for an antigen antibody complex. What is the disease caused by Legionella pneumophilia? 16. 171. It is produced by fibroblasts. What is the full form of AIDS? New variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 72. It is produced by stimulated T lymphocyte. What does HIV results? Why purified macromolecules are used as vaccines? 15. When it comes to recruiting employees for open roles at your biotech company, you’ll want to ask the right questions to assess their true aptitude. 8. 23. Who are atopic individuals? Allergens enter the body by the process of inhalation or ingestion. Ensuring you ask questions regarding a candidate’s problem-solving skills can give you the competitive advantage. Activity: Blocks fusion of viral envelope to the cell plasma membrane. 21. This method of bio technologypromises a better way of retaining the essence and preventing disease. What are secondary mediators? There will be skin eruptions. Immunodeficiency results in failure of one or more components of immune system. What is the response type and activity shown by effector molecule natural killer cell macrophages? Proteins that are encoded by major histocompatibility complex. To avoid the risk associated with attenuated and killed whole organism vaccines. Immunoglobulin domains are folded into compact structures, which are called as immunoglobulin folds. There are four types of hypersensitive reactions, they are: 47. 26. It is a monoclonal antibody, which has catalytic activity. Haemorrhagic colitis, 65. The future of life science is changing; the companies need to come creatively each time and try new research on different products genetically and to retain its essence and source of it. Symptoms include fever, weakness, rashes, with erythema and edema. 174. See a personalized demo of Lever. Staining cells or tissues with fluorescent antibodies and visualize them under a fluorescent microscope. The region of an antigenic peptide, which binds to MCH molecule, is known as agretope. Have you ever managed a project that was the victim of unforeseen challenges? Non-A, Non-B hepatitis are commonly transmitted via transfusion. Glycoprotein, 180. The region of a gene that contains coding sequences for a polypeptide is called Exon. 211. How are the polyclonal antibodies produced? What is the response type and activity shown by effector molecules IgG, IgM and IgA? What is the host defense mechanism shown if the infection is through invasion of host tissues? What does the following sentence means? 207. 103. Activity: Kills virus infected self-cells. Gamma interferons induce MHC class II Give the significance of P-815. What is erythroblastosis fetalis? What are low affinity receptors? They can be removed by the process of splicing. Avian influenza, 55. How viral load can be measured? Applicant should be very confident in his answer as this is a very tricky question, he/she should answer that any technology or advancement has its own advantages and dis advantages, it is just the way the technology is adapted and used in the process. 114. 44. Agglutination, 164. It acts as a co receptor for MHC class II restricted T cell activation; receptor for HIV. What is a provirus? What is the host defense mechanism shown if the infection is through proliferation? 141. 71. Required fields are marked *. 51. What is the target antigen for breast and ovarian tumors? infection. What do you understand by the term “Bio-Technology”? It is IgE mediated hypersensitivity. Your email address will not be published. How does that compare to similarly sized companies? 49. Penicillin, sulfonamide, eggs, milk, dust mites, animal air, vaccines etc. Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. Opsonises for phagocytosis, 139. What do you like best/least about your current job? What is (LMO) Living Modified Organism? It is Humoral response. What is the disease caused by influenza ‘A’ subtype H9N2? issued by the National Center for Education Statistics has found that American workers rank “dead last” out of 18 industrial nations when it comes to problem-solving skills using technology. Explain in brief about leukotrienes and prostaglandins. It is conversion of antibody class to another resulting from genetic rearrangement of heavy chain constant region genes in B cells. 142. What is the self-antigen for rheumatoid arthritis? What is the target antigen for T cell leukemia? What is apoptosis? It is a class of viruses having RNA genome and reverse transcriptase enzyme within virus cuspid. 46. The different types of bio technology are: Red bio-technology, White bio-technology and Green bio- technology. 194. Adrenal cells, 189. 151. Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview What is the disease caused by toxin producing strains of Staphylococcus aureus? What is the disease caused by Rotavirus? Get innovative, expert insights and recruiting best practices delivered straight to your inbox. 210. It is caused by the infection of HIV 1 i.e. What is bradykinin?

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