This meme pretty much sums it up: We can't help but laugh when we see this meme, of which there are plenty of variations. ‘Staircase joke’: the all too familiar concept of coming up with the perfect response or comeback, which would have given you the deepest sense of satisfaction – if only you’d thought of it at the moment, instead of 10 minutes after the conversation. Tandem lets you connect with native German speakers all over the world, and practice speaking German via text, voice notes, and video calling. The opposite is "Einsamkeit," or loneliness. Einfach! A ballerina dances "filigran" across the stage, a bird can fly filigran by moving its wings slowly and carefully. A super short moment; a blink of an eye. Download the Tandem app and master the German language now! Donkey bridges were shortcuts, bridges built across rivers to transport goods via donkey, just as mental cues are shortcuts to remember something. ‘World pain’: happens when we realise the world fails to live up to our expectations – the depression that follows comparing an ideal with an actual. 15 Beautiful German Words and Phrases We Need in English. Top 10 Most Beautiful German Words | Get Germanized - YouTube Germany, Safely steer through every conversation in English with this guide! Tandem - Mobile Language Exchange is licensed by Tandem Fundazioa. Still getting your head around the German language? Tandem is not only a language exchange app, but it is also a community where our members feel empowered to speak any language, anywhere. D-10119 Berlin ‘Donkey bridge’: a little trick to help memorise something, like a mnemonic device. Use our in-app translation feature to help compose a message or translate an incoming one. Sehnsucht It is a ubiquitous phrase but can cause confusion if you’re in an unfamiliar environment. Or maybe you are more into funny German words? ‘Inner pig-dog’: the gremlin that lives inside most of us, the one who keeps us from getting up on time, going to the gym or finishing our work until the last minute. This is a really versatile and funny German word. Hey, German is so great that English speakers needed to import this word into their own language! ‘Springtime lethargy’: the general sense of weariness ushered in the springtime, specifically mid-March through mid-April. Germany has a fantastic literary tradition which is best understood in the original language. ‘Closing-gate panic’: the fear which creeps in with age that time is slipping away, taking any significant opportunities with it. As follows we would like to propose 10 beautiful German words that have a very special meaning and that are unique in their own way to the German culture. It is a feeling strongly associated with artists, often felt at intensely emotional moments, such as returning home at a long time, or holding someone you love close. Even I, a native German speaker and lover of the German language, can admit that sometimes German words can sound a little angry. Correct your Tandem partner's message or add a comment to help them learn and progress. But what many people don't know is that there are far far more beautiful words in German than harsh ones! ‘Explanation poverty’: a handy word for politicians, cheaters and children who forgot to do their homework. Hey rabbits!\rIve made several videos on the freaky and weird part of the German language, but thats just not fair. It basically means to exist and feel intensely in the moment. Sehnsucht When something is dainty and delicate, you can call it filigran. During a breakup or a stressful time, it is not uncommon for a person to put on a bit of kummerspeck. Brunnenstr. Given Chinese New Year is around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to talk about the best books for understanding Chinese culture! 21 Of The Most Beautiful And Visual Words In The German Language. It’s also the sense of urgency to achieve or do something before it’s too late. 196 One of the fun things about the German language is how you can build words by simply joining a number of words together, which sometimes means you can get a word that is almost a page long! Each of these words not only will help you expand your vocabulary, but will deepen your knowledge of this new world. This refers to the typical German holiday period, which can last three to six weeks in July through August. Once this word was actually voted the second most beautiful in the German language, and it is considered impossible to translate! Germany is really a land of poets, philosophers and thinkers - think of Hannah Arendt, Friedrich Nietzsche and Theodor Adorno. Still not sure about German pronunciation? A little head cinema for your celebration evening. ‘Schnaps idea’: When alcohol does the talking, that idea you came up with while drunk – the one that sounded so good and clever at the time – really, really wasn’t. Connect with native German speakers ahead of your trip by using the “search by city” Pro feature, or the “near me” Pro feature for when you are already there! Quergebäude Not only does this word sound really nice, but it expresses a feeling of closeness between two (zwei) people. by Phil Jahner. German has created words to perfectly express complex feelings and emotions, When the real world is just not as good as it is in your dreams. OK. This word is the opposite of homesickness - rather, it is the feeling of desiring a place you have never been to. Wanderlust is often used in English too. ‘Preserving the past’: the struggle to come to terms with the past. Do you know any other beautiful German words? "Ein Luftkuss" is the act of blowing someone a kiss through the air . Immerse yourself in the German language and culture, and speak your way to fluency, for free! ‘Malicious joy’: reflects happiness derived from somebody else’s misfortune, injury or pain. It is a feeling strongly associated with artists, often felt at intensely emotional moments, such as returning home at a long time, or holding someone you love close.

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