The real issue is navigating the costs with the benefits, and identifying those cases of net benefit. Recent surveys have shown that about 95,000 dogs roam Mumbai. “Leopard is the top predator in the SGNP landscape and there have been human-leopard interactions. Leopards are often thought of as a threat to humans, but rather than being a problem in Mumbai, they may actually be helping their human neighbours – even saving their lives – as we argue in our paper published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. After sifting through about 40 newspaper articles and online reports, we found that nearly 75,000 bites are recorded annually in the city (although many more are likely unreported). Mumbai’s leopards live alongside people, mostly in informal settlements, and they hunt and kill dogs in and around their villages. The incident came to light from Dinde hamlet, which is located about 7 kilometres away from Ashti tehsil of Beed. Aurangabad: In yet another incident of human-wildlife conflict, a leopard attacked and killed a 10-year-old boy at a village in Beed district of Maharashtra on Friday.The body of the victim was found more than 1 km away from the spot of the attack. Moreover, by consuming between 800 and 2,000 dogs per year, we calculate that the leopard population saves the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai about US$18,000 (£13,000) in sterilisation costs (or 8% of the municipality’s annual sterilisation budget). Representative image AURANGABAD: A man and his son have been mauled to death by a leopard in Maharashtra's Aurangabaddistrict, a forest official said on Tuesday. Last modified on Mon 3 Feb 2020 07.47 EST. A Local NGO from Thane has alleged that a leopard killed around 12 dogs in the past few months at Patlipada, Ghodbunder Road, in Thane side of SGNP. This article was originally published on The Conversation, where you can read the original article. Leopards roaming the Sanjay Gandhi National Park could be helping to control the city’s dangerous stray dog population, study suggests, Christopher O'Bryan and Alexander Richard Braczkowski, Fri 23 Mar 2018 03.00 EDT Both Dinde and her son were admitted to the civil hospital after they were injured. The incident reportedly took place near SEEPZ in Andheri (East), Mumbai where the attack was captured on CCTV. In a spine-chilling incident that happened on Monday, a leopard attacked two stray dogs near SEEPZ in Andheri (East), Mumbai. The final piece of the puzzle was to model what a park with no leopards would look like – a sad prediction if increased urbanisation, deforestation and conflict occur over future decades. Available for everyone, funded by readers. The medical costs for these bites could total as much as $200,000 per year. The villagers said this was not the first instance of a leopard chasing bikers in the tehsil. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. The big challenge is to evaluate the benefits of these leopards and similar large carnivores; it’s equally important to assess the costs of these species to local communities. | Nation Wants To Know, Former Justice CS Karnan by Cyber Crime department for posting derogatory videos, United Kingdom approves Pfizer vaccine; Are we ready to welcome it? Dog densities there are lower and, according to our analyses, citizens might experience only 11% of the bites compared with people who live further from the park. Meanwhile, the forest department struggled to nab the big cat. The incident took place in Apegaon on Monday when the 52-year-old man and his son, aged 27, went to work at their farm, he said. Most of these were attributed to leopards who moved from other forest patches into Sanjay Gandhi, a kind of catch-and-dump scheme by local governments for problem animals. Watch The leopard grabbed the dog by its neck with its jaws. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. The video shows a leopard laying an ambush to attack the dog in early morning hours. It gained its main popularity after the 2008 Mumbai attacks as it was one of the first sites attacked. Meanwhile, the forest department struggled to nab the big cat. A massive leopard attacked four people at a school in India. Manchar range forest officer Ajit Shinde said, “We are inspecting the route taken by the animal in the area and trying to analyse its behaviour. The incident took place at Kinhi village in the district’s Ashti taluka on Friday afternoon. He also believed the man-eater was responsible for other fatal attacks in the nearby Dang and Dhule districts , but did not know the exact number of fatalities. Also Read: Leopard reportedly attacks 15 people in Ratnagiri, hunt on to trap her. But leopard attacks came to an almost complete halt for four years until 2017 when residents were angered by a spate of new attacks. A few hours after the attack, a leopard was spotted just 300 metres from the spot, sitting on the boundary wall of Film City. The Leopold Cafe and Bar is a large and extremely popular restaurant and bar on Colaba Causeway, in Colaba area of Mumbai, India, located across from the Colaba Police station. Reportedly, an official of the forest department was attacked by the leopard during the search.

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