Includes Action Pages to help you collect and rekindle experiences. If you’re a big book reader or if you’re in the habit of reading multiple books at the same time then you know how frustrating it can be to carry around so many books. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Relatable real-life tales of laughs and tears. The practicing subspecialist said the book helped him to confirm that he was right about what … Buy with Confidence! A great reminder of ALL that you do and what goes underappreciated. A follow up from her previous book, How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School, digs further into what your life as a nurse might look like. Over 100 stories based on real experiences and related situations. Don’t forget to please share the article on your favorite social media. The pages are filled with myth busters regarding the media and its view put on nursing, along with providing helpful tips to all nurse readers to get through these types of situations. Known for its accurate, up-to-date drug content and its practical application of the nursing process to drugs and disorders, Clayton and Willihnganz’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, 17th Edition prepares you for safe medication administration. An eye-opening look into the world of doctor decisions, Things to look out for before your next appointment, A guide to asking the right questions as a patient to keep the doctor on track. 10 Books Every First-Time Manager Should Read There's a ton of management advice out there -- unfortunately, much of it is conflicting. Patient or doctor- you will gain insight from this book! This non-fiction memoir tells the story of a … The other nice thing about buying digital books is with the Kindle app I can read the books on my Galaxy phone. Kelli and Staci open up the doors to expectations and lessons learned by including pieces of advice or experiences from over 300 nurses already “been there, done that” in your field. Author Jerome dissects the thought process of doctors on average during the initial consultation visit, sometimes deciding the cause of your illness as fast as 18 seconds into the conversation! Common sense collides with a few new tips between these pages so you as a new nurse can stride down the hallways feeling positive and confident about your day! For those who are leery of jumping off the clipboard and into the tablet of information storing, the pages course you out of your comfort zone with methods to ease into switching from paper to technology. Helps every nurse who reads these true stories know they are not alone. A memoir to open your eyes to the dark side and come out appreciating your fellow nurses even more. It is real. Not only does the author help new nurses work through the newest days on the job, but she also gets deep into how to manage all aspects of your life. See the reviews for “The Everything New Nurse Book” on Amazon. It is written intentionally to inspire and provide relatable material for nurses in every situation. If you are NOT a nurse, read this book to understand better what your nurses do for you! The contents of this book focus on new to the nursing field readers, but anyone who picks up this book will find benefits. “Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You! The primary directive of this book is to help you be thankful for what you have, so you can be the best nurse you can for your patients each day. You can listen to them in the car, while you’re working out or just when you’re on the go. “One of the best books about nurses.”), ☛ Best Funny Books for Nurses: “Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing” -by Amy Y. And, since we’ve been doing this for the past 41 years, we’ve seen A LOT of leadership books filter through our offices.

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