Highland Park, Culver City, and Mar Vista: those are the best LA-area neighborhoods for your 20s, 30s, and 40s, respectively, according to Los Angeles magazine (article only in print magazine). Such a vibrant community is not suitable for families, but it is just perfect for someone single, looking for an adventure and new experiences. The neighborhood is suitable both for singles and families, as it offers a unique combination of a vibrant lifestyle and a peaceful residential vibe. Sometimes called the Car Capital of the World, Los Angeles is infamous for its hours-long bumper-to-bumper daily traffic jams. The best restaurants in Los Angeles Restaurants After striking up a conversation at one of the many singles bars, you and your potential significant other are ready for your first date. Then you can continue to explore this fabulous neighborhood. Affluent and influential, the Westside is the upscale, sophisticated side of La La Land that everyone associates with Hollywood movies. Likewise, newcomers to the Californian metropolis will also have their choice between cramped, high-rise, city apartment buildings or standalone beachside cottages. But the median price of single-family homes for sale in Monrovia is currently closer to $650,000. Is that why you’re looking for the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles? Below are the average one and three-bedroom rent prices for the most expensive and least expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The name is a dead give-away: Neighborhoods don’t get more central than Mid-City. Let us help you find what’s best for you and your particular requirements and expectations. It, too, is more “city like” in that it has crowded streets, densely populated neighborhoods, and few tourist attractions. Again, think about Ocean Park. Speaking of vibrant nightlife, we can’t help but mention Koreatown with its bars and 24/7 restaurants, always offering something fresh and exciting. While The Valley is on the opposite side of the Hollywood Hills, you will still find film studios here such as Warner Brothers, Universal, and CBS. No matter your age or lifestyle, single foreigners moving to the California city are sure to find much to do and active, inviting social groups. relocation checklist. There are so many bars, dance clubs, as well as top-notch restaurants that you’ll never be short of interesting sites to go to have fun. What’s important is that you reach your future home safely and comfortably. Like Central LA, South Los Angeles is largely located within Los Angeles proper. Luckily, just like with everything else in LA, the choice of where to live is as diverse as the city’s population. Here you will find the cheapest rent in the county. Moving to Los Angeles is an equal mix of exciting and daunting—it’s one of the largest cities in the United States, both in population and size. A buzzing LA lifestyle is waiting for you, perfect for single people with all the time in the world on their hands to explore and enjoy new and exciting cities. Los Angeles is a fantastic place to be single, but finding the perfect place to settle down after divorce can be difficult. Why didn't Los Angeles make the U.S. News top 100 places to live list?, Los Angeles, 118 replies Top 10 Best Places to Live in LA, Los Angeles, 113 replies Best place to live for singles in their 40's?, Los Angeles, 5 replies Good places for singles to live in West Los Angeles?, Los Angeles, 7 replies Whether you’d want to go to a karaoke night or you’d rather take a break and meditate, Koreatown has got you covered. This region is cheaper than the ritzy Beverly Hills and Burbank neighborhoods. Trailing the coastline, which lends to its name, South Bay is a region where it is easy to zip to the shore for a sunset stroll or spend a weekend playing beach volleyball. Here’s another community you should consider if being close to the center of LA is important to you for whatever reason. If you’re moving to Los Angeles alone, you’ll probably be looking for a one-bedroom apartment, in which case the median price is about $1,360. Los Angeles may be depicted in films as the land of unending chaos, but this is not true of the entire city. Shopping? We list the most popular places to live in Los Angeles as well as a short description of what makes them so desirable. With so many regions and neighborhoods to choose from, finding the right place in LA can feel impossible. Job opportunities? You’ll never get bored because, in addition to beautiful nature, there are also excellent bars, restaurants, and cafés to spend your free time and relax. Entertainment? The district itself is quite popular among young professionals. In a city of over four million people it is still possible to find areas with small town vibes such as the neighborhoods of Glendale and Pasadena. I lived in LA as a single guy for 4 years before meeting my wife there so I have a few suggestions. Parks and nature? Perhaps you’ll find your happiness there instead of a vibrant district that never sleeps. There’s always something happening. It ranks among LA’s most walkable neighborhoods, which means that anything you might need there will probably be within walking distance, including the breathtaking Santa Monica beach. Silver Lake is mostly recognized as a hipster community, or, as Forbes once called it, the Hippest Neighborhood of LA. The best places to live in Los Angeles for singles have vibrant communities, numerous amenities, and a young, outgoing population. With so many regions and neighborhoods to choose from, finding the right place in LA can feel impossible. Café Plays,” short theatre plays in the Ruskin Group Theatre. You can go to the Silver Lake Reservoir for a run in the morning or stroll around and enjoy the beautiful landscape. As for housing, the median rent is pretty affordable for LA – around $1,170. Now, let’s move on to see what you should keep in mind when renting an apartment in LA. Have you found exactly what you need in any of them? Those looking for a combination of city life, but with a quieter feel should look in this region. Fully Licensed & Insured US DOT 3110677 MC – 82543, Move both your household and a car, and you’ll get a large discount! Have you decided to relocate to LA? Moving to One of the Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles and Young Professionals. Located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, West Hollywood is an excellent community full of opportunities for growth. The entire area is always full of people, tourists as well as locals, living life to the fullest. The most typical “city living” area of the Los Angeles metropolis.

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