A customer from Amazon shared this experience: “The cooker is sturdy, looks sleek and the functions are easy to use. Aside from the type, material, and capacity, there are also other functions that you must take note of. Many even say that it’s among the best rice cookers they’ve ever used, especially for families that eat rice daily. Thus control of water to rice ratio is still key. Rice cookers in Singapore have come a long way since the basic models to what they can do now. A rice cooker is no exception. “I have had this rice cooker about a month and, already, it is my favorite appliance (surpassing my Vita-Mix blender). So versatile and so compact, it not only fits into our kitchen well but also so easy to use. 3 Dishes you can cook using a rice cooker (other than rice) 1. Let Unopening make your buying decision fuss free! Due to the size of the pot, with lesser rice, the rice are being spread out thinner, resulting in more contact with the blaze pot which caused the rice to be drier. If you know of an excellent one that we must add to our list, share it with us, and let us know why it’s a good choice for you. Depending on the amount of rice you need to cook, you can choose between three volumes – 0.54L, 1.0L and 1.8L. My last Tiger was also an Induction Heating cooker and I will never go back to anything else. Only need to make rice most of the time? Philips Rice Cooker HD3031/03. I’m so amazed.”. October 28, 2019 at 12:35 AM I eat rice daily and rice cooker isn’t a strange apliance to me at all. Its capacity might not be that high, but we think it’s sufficient for a small family. There’s also a keep-warm function so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your rice once it has been done to perfection. Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001, 6. A fancy rice cooker that is compact, high-performance, durable, and comes with a wide range of cooking options? Shop rice cookers from brands like Panasonic, Philips, Tefal and more. If you are looking for a well-functioning and cute looking rice cooker, you may just like the Xiaomi Ocooker Mini Rice Cooker. Compare top models from Panasonic Cookers in Singapore, buy new/second-hand units, the best specs, latest review, and more from iPrice! Still cooks my rice perfectly…but though this was a good opportunity to upgrade and I’m glad I did. It’s built with a copper coating that helps to ensure balanced heating. Other articles you might want to check out: Having the best kitchen hob can go a long way in cooking a delicious meal or feast for your family and friends. The Neuro Fuzzy makes sublime sushi rice and is great at other varieties, even basmati, which is … We’ll provide a list of the best rice cookers in Singapore here, yes, but we’ll also answer some of the questions first-time rice cooker buyers ask. I can cook white, brown and mix rice perfectly. These days, rice cookers are no longer designed solely to cook rice, though. COURTS is well-known among the local community for affordable and quality home appliances. You don’t really, In Singapore, many of us have bread as part of our breakfast. Many one-click … You can only achieved better rice outcome if the rice is more. The porridge setting grains have a little extra water, for my taste, but I just use my strainer and ‘ta-da”. There is a chance that such rice cookers are maybe a little more challenging to use so do make sure this is the type of rice cooker you need before purchasing one. Compared to others, the Panasonic SR-DF101 is definitely on the economical side. With its Microcomputer technology, it constantly adjusts the temperature to cook the rice perfectly. 3. Some rice cookers, most particularly the multifunctional ones, are designed with complex cooking settings, so make sure to choose one with a simpler set of buttons. Based on some reviews, they’ve also noticed the longer cooking cycle that includes the soaking and steaming time, which is very reasonable. 1. It’s so easy to use and you can be sure that your rice will be cooked evenly and thoroughly with its 2-ply stainless steel inner pot for your dining pleasure. Best Rice Cooker For Brown Rice 2020. Through its Fuzzy Logic Technology, it also makes automatic adjustments to the time and temperature, so there’s no need to worry about uneven results. On the other hand, they said that these were also fairly easy to resolve. The Tiger JKT-S10S has gained a lot of positive responses from owners. It’s deemed by many as that one-stop solution for any of your cooking needs. The secret lies in its two pressure balls, large and small, which allow the rice cooker to adjust pressure accordingly to create a high cooking temperature. You just need to know the types so you can decide on which one mostly caters to your needs and preferences. Best for Festive Gatherings. Its neutral colour can also match any kitchen interior. The 22 Best Rice Cookers in Singapore | 2020 Review & Buying Guide. Reply. Essentially, if you’re on a low budget and you want a simple rice cooker, then this is exactly what you need. They feature additional settings for brown rice, added steam for fluff rice, and even extensive warming features, as well as a digital timer display. Spend a little more and you can get one that bakes, steams, fries, boils, without having to use another cooking pot. If you have a bigger family and you’re the type to host a celebration, then a large-capacity rice cooker is a great choice for you. It’s compatible with gas stove and induction stoves, and also boasts a handi-shaped body. Being 4L, this rice cooker is considered large for a small family of 5. It features patented heating technology that has a fragrance-retaining valve so you can have a bowl of well-cooked rice whenever you like. Otherwise, we’d recommend you look at something else. Buffalo Classic Rice Cooker (10 cups) Price: $139. With this cooker, you can actually serve about 50 to 60 cups of cooked rice. Most of the best-sellers include dynamic settings that serve other types of rice and even help you master different recipes! I know this sounds dramatic, but this rice cooker has really improved my mornings by a fairly great factor. ), you’re probably concerned about how to make your meal a bit healthier. Note: For product articles, prices are accurate and products are in stock at the time of publishing. Stir-fry veggies. And there are tons of them everywhere so it may be difficult to settle for one easily. Try out delicious and exciting one-pot recipes online and start whipping up easy and tasty meals today! And depending on what type of rice cooker you are looking for, they have a good choice of well-known brands of varying functionalities that you can select from based on your preference. Not only that, it is also an oven and a slow cooker if you need it to be. [November, 2020] The cheapest Panasonic Cookers price in Singapore starts from S$ 34.90. With these two features, you can prepare 2 perfectly cooked dishes at the same time. This Zojirushi stainless steel rice cooker is arguably the best 10 cup rice cooker for brown rice made in Japan. Amanda. It offers a multi-menu setting that includes settings for white rice, brown rice, quick rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, porridge, and steam and cake. As with the previous type, they’re also designed with timer functions yet have a detachable lid and LCD control panel. Umbrellas are like handphone chargers. So small yet so functional, this rice cooker not only makes sure that your rice is cooked to fluffy perfection with its black coated inner pot to trap and disperse heat evenly, but it also ensures it is kept warm for a pleasurable dining experience. Out of these two, most consumers prefer the aluminium/stainless steel, as it offers higher durability. Healthy, delicious rice has never been easier to attain. I eat, I clean the easy-to-clean non-stick pot and I breathe. In spite of that, they still commend it as possibly the best rice cooker in Singapore. A customer even compared the cooked rice to restaurant-quality rice. A 3-cup rice cooker will be a make-up of one cup of rice to two cups of water, and a 5-cup rice cooker will be able to take two cups of rice to three cups of water, and so on and so forth. However, if you find yourself constantly having to make rice several times a week, you should be considering something that’s nicer and perhaps smarter to keep up with your cooking regularity. Made of high-quality material and a 1.2L large capacity, it’s easy to cook delicious rice for yourself or with another person. No more bits of rice stick at the bottom of my keep-warm dish anymore. 2. The Tiger JKT-S10S is another induction heat rice cooker, but this one has a bigger capacity of 1 litre, compared to the previous model.

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