Dragging the enemies to you with Undertow will make them easier targets and easier to perform a headshot on. Glad this guide is still of use! It also helps if you have anything that helps your Shield recover faster. What were the devs thinking when they programmed this AI? Defeat each enemy with a different weapon. All rights reserved. Resulting in a "Blue Ribbon failed!" The upgraded Murder of Crows causes enemies killed by it to become traps. For The O.P.S. Try to position enemies in front of other enemies and try to make them fire into each other. Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses. Defeat all enemies using only the Undertow Vigor. (Wave 15 OPS zeal). Enemies and bodies dropped from a height are often considered to be 'fallen from Columbia' by the game engine. Thanks a lot for the tips! Another way is to simply charge Vigors and throw them directly at the enemies. Wave 11 of Emporia Arcade is supreme cancer. So much as using a Vigor fails the challenge. Going for headshots will save ammunition. popup before I even start moving. Defeat the wave using a different weapon or Vigor on every enemy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Defeat the Patriot with a possessed enemy. Defeat the wave using only weapons fired from a Sky-Line or Sky-Line strikes. Occasionally, when a Handyman is distracted by a Decoy and is killed, the Ribbon won't pop up, thus stopping you from obtaining the Blue Ribbon Champ Achievement/Trophy. In the four arenas of the Clash in the Clouds DLC Pack, the player will be forced to face off against fifteen waves of various enemies. Defeat two enemies with the Fireman’s suicide attack. © Valve Corporation. The mines can be detonated as well. Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a. Keep track of what weapons you have and haven't used. It's best you use Undertow to pull the Handyman toward you, then fire at his heart to deal the most damage. Kill most quickly. Defeat both Handymen while they are electrocuting a Sky-Line. Blue Ribbon Champ Challenge Guide (Videos Included), By Dinerenblanc - Psych and 1 collaborators. I almost give up and just about to restart from wave 1, but this cheat saved me. The place consists of a gift shop and a museum with several visitors present marveling at the content the player has unlocked. You can pull the enemies with undertow if the patriot doesn't move. Attacking enemies under the effect of Undertow will usually cause them to die in just two strikes (the second one being the execution). Just be aware of the weapons and Vigors you have and haven't used. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Each wave also has a special activity that the player can choose to do that will unlock a large sum of Silver Eagles and a Blue Ribbon. You can use charge to move faster to the zeppelin. Use the Sniper Rifle (also available through a Tear) to shoot the helmets of the Beasts before harming them, to make them easier to damage. Try to get five enemies together in a group, you can use undertow. It is only visible to you. It's best to take away most of their health using guns before using Undertow/Bucking Bronco. Defeat the wave with hazards or support brought in through Tears. The Tesla Coils brought in through Tears are a shockingly good way of accomplishing this. The enemies won't start attacking until they notice you, so just take cover for 30 seconds without shooting or anything else that might draw attention to you. The Sniper Riffle is recommended in this wave. The other places are: 1. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with BioShock Infinite. Having enemies die due to friendly fire will not make you fail this ribbon, but only if the friendly fire is NOT from a possessed enemy. Defeat five enemies with a single Devil's Kiss blast. Emporia Arcade "Friendly Fire" also includes turrets brought in through Tears and possessed enemies. But if you're careful enough and take your time, you should have no problem completing it. This is not a complete solution, but rather a helpful pointer for those not wanting to bother with getting all the blue ribbon challenges. There is a Shotgun available through a Tear near the starting point, if you don't have one. You may weaken the Handyman with guns and Vigors, only the last hit must be from a Tesla Coil. Stay in cover and use Return to Sender as a shield when you have to get out. Placing traps on walls and ceilings that are near skylines and luring enemies onto the skylines works too. You can also use Undertow to full the Handyman toward the Tesla Coil. Gun Automatons, Rocket Automatons, and Mosquitoes count toward this goal. Defeat an enemy affected by Bucking Bronco with a possessed Motorized Patriot. Sometimes these ribbons get totally random), What does "Defeat each enemy with a different vigor type(until there are no vigor types left)" mean? Keep track of which Vigors you have and haven't used. Murder of Crows can keep him occupied, but puts the other enemies at risk. One of the Blue Ribbon Challenges. This is one of the most difficult challenges to complete. Usage of Undertow is allowed, and makes identifying the weapon each enemy uses much easier while they are still. If you having trouble getting the Patriot to notice the decoy, use Undertow to drag him closer (Note: Undertow can greatly damage the Patriot). Tesla Coils can only be brought in through Tears. Defeat all Soldiers and Zealots with Bucking Bronco; followed by Charge. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Using the Return to Sender Vigor is likely the best option here. Get the Patriot's health down to a minimum, so he'll be taken down faster. Knocking enemies off the city with Bucking Bronco also counts. This is a guide for the 60 blue ribbon challenges that are standing between you and the evasive Blue Ribbon Champ achievement. Duke and Dimwit Theatre 3. Throw Devil's Kiss and Shock Jockey traps in one area and try to lure your foes in to a fiery/shocking doom. Motorized Patriot is vulnerable to Undertow. Usage of Possession is allowed, and likely the easiest way to accomplish this. Defeat each enemy with a different Vigor type. Most effective when upgraded so it can pull in 3 enemies at a time. Thank you for Emporia Arcade Wave 13 "cheat" solution. Weaken it, then jump on a skyline and wait until the Handyman grabs onto the skyline, then jump off and finish it off. Zeal Wave 7 you say "Stun the enemy with shock jockey, zoom, and fire away." Defeat all enemies in 60 seconds using Vigors only. Observe what each enemy is carrying before dispatching them. Occasionally the Siren stops moving when too far away from the player, making it an easy shot. BioShock Infinite ; Clash in the Clouds ; ... Blue Ribbon Champ. The easiest way is to charge Return to Sender, which counts as a trap, and throw the bullets directly at the enemies. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Use Bucking Bronco or Undertow to help to keep enemies grouped up. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. In the four arenas of the Clash in the Clouds DLC Pack, the player will be forced to face off against fifteen waves of various enemies. Please note that this is a work in progress, and that reader tips would be greatly appreciated. It may be safest to snipe the Siren from the Zeppelin or one of the smaller airships. BioShock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Counted a ribbon! Corpses may be looted after the Blue Ribbon Challenge banner pops up. Do not use Possession traps as enemies killed by a possessed enemy does not count. 06 Nov 2016 09 Nov 2016 09 Jun 2018. I don't know how you manage this because when I use shock jockey it fails the challenge immediately. Defeat all enemies using only the Sniper Rifle. There is no need to place a trap on a surface and wait for the enemy to wander into it. Please note that this is a work in progress, and that reader tips would be greatly appreciated. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines.

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