For more detailed information. The best way to start the day is with some Black Pudding fried in bacon fat or butter along with the sausage and a couple of eggs. I can't recall where we were lodging, but the very first thing I requested to eat after eyeing the menu was black pudding, and thereafter I ate it at least once a day, every day, during our visit. I was somewhat skeptical about the black pudding even though their pies and pasties are out of this world, because black pud has to taste a certain way for me in order to work. We were so impressed by the flavor and texture. 1.5 tablespoons pure vanilla extract. The best I've tasted outside of Scotland in many, many years. Black Pudding Casings - 12 pack. Higher charges will apply and you will be charged according to the USPS stated rates. In other words, delicious and for me a great nostalgia treat. I recently purchased the black pudding. This is a perishable food. However have tried the bangers, several flavors of pork pies and the Cornish pasties. They miss their English food, and I don't blame them. This product tasted more herbaceous than peppery which seems to be more popular judging by the other reviews. But I've got to say this one is my favorite. I thought I would surprise him this St. Patrick's Day with Black Pudding. This is the only place I can get sausages of the quality. £5.45 £5.45. Flavor took me back home again. I grew up eating black pudding. Taste: Amazing. © Copyright 2020 Scottish Gourmet USA. It is an exceptionally good black pudding though. Actually better than some I've had in Scotland. Give Feedback This is very hard to find around here, so I appreciate the ability to buy it and have it shipped to me. Once again you guys know how something should taste. Quick, convenient shipping as well. 1 small loaf Perreca’s Italian Bread (13 oz.) I really enjoyed the pudding. You won't be disappointed with this black pudding! Velvety smooth blood pudding taste with hints of star anise, pepper and salt, and just how I remember it from childhood. Couldn't resist not buying it and looking forward to some scones and strawberries or just strawberry jam. I look forward to being a regular customer. The use of animal blood, the cause of most contention with Black Pudding, in food is heavily regulated. Once again you guys have nailed the taste. Everyone enjoyed them. Excellent! Thank you for being a great customer for so many years. I will order the haggis next time. Neha Singhal. English company did an excellent job of reproducing this sausage. The next best thing to being in Hunter's Quay for a fry-up! Owner Response: You are welcome! Black Pudding Mix. These are all hand made so average around 9-10oz each. We Also Recommend. Not overpowering in taste and quite delicious. Please use the Shipping Costs section of the shopping cart to get the correct value for shipping. I've tried many black puddings over the years, and all of them have been very good. Crispy exterior from the cooked casing and melt-in-your-mouth warm center. More water can be used, however this will reduce the strength of the gel. please visit our SHIPPING INFORMATION for UPS 2ND DAY AIR charges. We now offer free shipping coast to coast in the mainland US. Owner Response: My husband is a fanatic about the flavor of the black pudding. Black pudding is one of the great British and Irish breakfast traditions. Your pork pies are always good hot or cold. goes really good with bacon and eggs, or crumbled into pretty much anything. It did go well with the Lorne sausage and tattie scones. This was good black pudding, and I'll certainly get it again ('tho it could be less expensive). At the moment, we are looking at a turnaround time on all orders of approximately 7 days. Unfortunately the Black Pudding was very dry and crumbled when trying to slice it, it also had a hollow all the way through the middle. You simply cannot go wrong buying this product, it's fantastic. We are working hard to make and ship all orders, but as we are adhering to Pandemic regulations, we have less staff on premises, so orders may be a little slower to ship than usual. Thanks guys. Our goal is to get your package delivered in the right time at the lowest possible cost to you. Superb taste and texture. Best I've had in the US. Any leads would be much appreciated. This dried pigs blood is perfect for making black pudding, especially if you want to use your own recipe. This is great! My husband loves the black pudding and thats great because i dont eat it.I really bought that for him. We will be purchasing more! Yummmmmmmm! @mrdavidboberesq @YorkshireTea @tiptree @CadburyUK @BBCRadio4Extra @USPS @RoyalMail @guerillacricket……, Black pudding is one of the great British and Irish breakfast traditions. Thank you Scottish Gourmet. 7/14/2008. When its thawed it falls apart so I cut it frozen with my electric carving knife it's messy and one day I'll lose a finger! Keep up the great work so we can keep enjoying good English food. We hope that you are staying safe and please let us know if we can help in any way. 1908 Fairfax Road, Suite B, Greensboro, NC 27407, This website uses cookies to ensure you receive the best experience. Contact us here or call 0300 123 23 23. I prefer more bloody, visceral, emotional, challenging, unique, quirky, non-mainstream, abstract artsy poetry, even if such styles are inedible to some. Nothing beats a breakfast of black pudding, sliced sausage, a soft fried egg and a fried potato scones (I made the tattie scones). It arrived carefully packaged, and the customer service I received from Anne was excellent! I do not know what authentic Black Pudding tastes like from across the pond so I can't compare. Log In or Sign Up to comment Posting Guidelines | FAQs | Feedback. was delicious none the less! Really flavourful, amazing texture, nothing over-powering, just a wonderful mix of flavours. This is the best black pudding this side of the Atlantic! So finding out I could create fake blood from most the stuff available to me was a life saver. A quintessential part of a full Scottish or English breakfast, we like to fry up our black pudding in butter just before serving. Glad you like the flavor. When I tried the first batch I got I have to admit it wasn't just good, it blew me away. It tastes so much more authentic than what I had initially found elsewhere, and I will most definitely continue to order this as long as I am able. I would prefer a little more pepper but that is a personal preference. Had some sliced for breakfast the other day and I made some Scotch Eggs with the black pudding and pork sausage meat combined. I will be ordering for several years. So glad I bought 2lb of it!!! Excellent. If you like Black pudding you won't be disappointed. Some brands have an odd herbal taste, often leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, but this breakfast side is a pleasure with the mixed grill. We do prefer the spicier versions we've had previously in Ireland and England. I'm very confident the UK people he has told about English pork pie company are thrilled. I just wanted to say that the order I placed arrived as scheduled and contained the most wonderful items I have had this side of the Atlantic. FIRST TRIED IT IN IRELAND A FEW YEARS AGO. love the black pudding the taste did remind me of home. Almost like a fancy liver based sausage (not liverwurst, of course).

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