Once it’s cut to length, drill a hole through each end of the tubing with a drill press. Sign Up for New Book Announcements and Special Offers : First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Note: Activation requires a response to an email that we will send to this address . This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to build one. I’m quite happy with the result, and the view in its large mirror is phenomenal. You can build a better telescope than you can buy. Building the mirror box is tricky, because the entire optical assembly (mirror cell, mirror box, trusses, secondary cage) must balance at the center of rotation of the arms. Did Scientists Just Find a Way to Reverse Aging? Search on eBay for a matched set. My total cost was around $400. To do this, the mirror cell needs to be supported by 3 large bolts, at least 2 of which are adjustable. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. AstroSystems offers the TeleKit in a variety of sizes: 10, 12.5, 13.1, 14.5, 15, 16, 17.5, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch truss tube telescope kits. The box should be deep enough to allow the mirror box to swing all the way down. Homemade Dobsonian Style 8.75″ f7.4 Telescope. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You, too, can avoid astronomical costs by watching stars through a tricked-out cardboard tube. $7.95. Wow. Because the basic movement and optics requirements are relatively simple, much of the design is left to the builder. Use the external Mirror Edge Support Calculator to decide whether to use a two-point, four-point (“whiffletree”), or sling support. When I set out to build a portable telescope, known as a Dobsonian telescope, the first step had me stymied—where do you find 6 ft of 8-in.-dia cardboard tubing? PM builds one and speaks to John Dobson, the man behind the plans, about the joys of DIY astronomy. Once I’d built a CNC router, I embarked on my third telescope, featuring a 16″ primary mirror with aluminum trusses, wide vertical bearing arcs, a steel front-adjustable mirror cell, and a rotating base. Very nice build and write-up! When you add the minimum distance from the eyepiece to the secondary mirror together with the distance from the secondary mirror to the primary, the total length should be the primary mirror’s focal length. This is my home-built edge grinding machine for grinding down my home-cast mirror blanks. Here is the PLOP download site I found with Linux version. It features 2 semicircular arms, and mounting points for the trusses (T-nuts are fine), as well as a lid to keep the mirror safe when the telescope is not in use. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Best Telescopes To Get Started in Stargazing, The Arecibo Telescope Is Being Demolished, 32,000 Megapixels of Fine Broccoli Action, NASA Blasting Big Balloon to the Edge of Space, James Webb Telescope Gets Hit With More Delays, Now Is the Perfect Time to Learn Astrophotography, This Is the Only Working Armillary Sphere on Earth. I want to build another one—and next time, I'm going to grind my own mirrors. It uses a primary mirror to capture and reflect light, a secondary mirror to direct light into an eyepiece, and a focuser to make fine adjustments for viewing. We built the mount from window cutouts from schoolhouse doors that had been thrown away." Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. During on-site assembly, attach each truss to its mounting T-nut using a bolt with a thumbscrew knob. Looks like a William Herschel replica. There are many ways to build a Dobsonian telescope, with many design decisions to be made. The reCAPTCHA box was not checked. As the … My finished 16-inch Dobson telescope. The project took several months off and on to complete, although a skilled Maker could put a similar one together in a few weeks. "The whole thing was made out of junk. How can I get the plans to be 2D so I can input the shapes to a CNC machine to make the parts? Photo by Carrie Fay Amaro. I had heard that building a Dobsonian was simple and inexpensive. The distillation of that research is presented in the graphs shown here. The base and the rocker box in my telescope are secured with a skate bearing assembly but could be more simply attached with a bolt through the center. Introduction: BUILDING a DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE MOUNT. The spider and secondary mirror mounted within the secondary cage. Staples or finishing nails work fine, but be sure they don’t bump up above the surface of the plastic. I bought a Newtonian, but it’s in Texas now and I’m in Japan. Very well done, sir! Thin-wall aluminum tubing is used to attach the mirror box to the secondary cage. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This is in fact true—but collecting the materials takes some doing. When I brag that the plastics supply store where I finally found Teflon gave me some scrap for free, he exclaims, "Good for you!". Oh. Because mirror flexure can distort an image, supporting the mirror properly involves building a “flotation” cell. And the legs of the base should be as wide as possible to accommodate weight imbalance as the telescope is moved around, to avoid tipping. The mirror itself must also be able to tilt in three dimensions in order to aim its light at the secondary mirror (a process called “collimation”). By adjusting the bolts, the mirror can be pointed toward the correct spot. This kit includes everything needed to construct the telescope except basic hand tools. I’m at present downloading at just about 5 MBS. Dobsonians come in all shapes and sizes, from small 4″-8″ builds all the way up to massive 24″-36″ creations. Homemade … The … I welded mine from ¾” steel square tubing. The telescope’s size is classified by the size of its mirror. In that time I have built many different telescopes and other instruments. Made of ¾” plywood, the rocker box supports the mirror box on 1″ teflon pads, allowing it to rotate vertically. https://www.plop.at/en/ploplinux/downloads/full.html. I’m astounded at the detail on the 3d model you have. I'm a physicist by training, an amateur astronomer by inclination and an occasional visitor to the home center for DIY projects. * Telescope-making classes and plans from the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Association. … The plastic will ride on teflon pads, creating just enough traction for the telescope to avoid sliding on its own while not making it too difficult to point at things in the sky. Move the jigs until you can comfortably place a variety of eyepieces in the focuser and get a sharp image, then carefully measure the separation distances. If the telescope rotates forward or backward on its own, then the mirror box is too deep or too shallow. The cardboard tubes were lying around. Once built, line the undersides of the arms with textured ABS plastic as a bearing surface. That was in 1967. You can view and download the full file here. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers and Ray Cash, Telescope-making classes and plans from the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Association. Pioneered by John Dobson in the 1960s, the instrument combines a Newtonian reflector telescope with a unique two-axis movable base. A closeup look at the bolts and threaded plates for attaching the secondary cage to the trusses. By kurtzepp Kurt Zeppetello Follow. A schematic reference for the mirror cell design. Ah, November. 0.75. Construct the mirror cell. However, most of the amateur telescope makers (ATMs) who decide to build their own instrument do it because they want to understand the optical phenomenon involved in a reflector.

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