Two examples are VF Corporation and Nordea. Daniel Lambert is VP Business Architect at Benchmark Consulting and the author of Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully. The customer profile for each type of customer is made of needs, gains and pains. I have shown in a previous article[ix] how Business Model Canvas could be bridged to Business Architecture. With escalating concerns regarding functionality, customization, complexity and region-specific terminology, Kipling reverted to a manual solution. Driven by competitive marketplace today, companies try to expose more business capabilities as products & services to the market. Physical material 2. Senior business leaders desire to develop a blueprint for the way forward. USA:8270 Woodland Center BlvdTampa, FL, 33614Canada:460 St-Catherine St WestSuite 612Montreal, QC, H3B-1A7, Retail Enterprise and Business Architecture, Telecom Enterprise and Business Architecture, Transport Enterprise and Business Architecture, Business Architecture Consulting Services and Frameworks, Browser-Based IRIS Business Architect Version 3 Free Trial, 7 Tips to Grow your Enterprise and Business Architecture Practice, Delivering Successful Agile Projects Using Architecture, WEBINAR: Examining the Financial Aspects of your Architecture on Dec. 10, WEBINAR: I Am a Business Architect, Now What? Just ask any product manager (PM), or project manager (also PM), and they’ll tell you they’ve been referred to as the other more times than they can count. Let’s start with VF Corporation as shown in Amy Crockett’s presentation[vi] made at the Business Architecture Guild in 2016. Too many businesses waste money with large investments in technology that is then not utilised and leveraged properly or culture change initiatives that are not fully adopted or embraced. One can view product management as one of the key capabilities of the company. Save countless hours lost managing diagrams and make it easy to collaborate. It has applied more precisely Business Architecture to Product Control, since there is an increasing demand from regulators on reporting and control standards, banks need to adjust more and more rapidly to the market conditions with additional new products and more complex combined products, and finally because work needs to be streamlined and simplified. I have also touched on tools like the Customer Value Map to understand how it can contribute in delivering a product (or service) planned in line with the specificities of all customer personas, all involved business units, with all the necessary enabling capabilities, which are all aligned to specific sets of business strategies. Such complex product portfolios can include one, several or all the following: physical material, hardware electronics, software products, business process outsourcing of non-primary business activities, insurance, warranty services, etc. Typical large corporations today have a very complex product portfolio. A Value Proposition and a Customer Segment are two of the 9 blocks of a Business Model Canvas. Key influence on the pr… Find out how by requesting our demo, Try IRIS Business Architect and find out why you will be able to save countless hours and collaborate easily with your peers. (A customer value map is somewhat like a Value Proposition Canvas.). Derived from a Business Model Canvas is a Value Proposition Canvas[x] from Stategyzer made specifically for product design or enhancement. Product managers often work in isolation from the rest of the company, even if product management — which can be either the creation of a new product or, more often, the revamping of an existing one — involves multiple types of customers, business units, functionalities, capabilities, and sets of business strategies from an organization. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. Business architecture can provide a wider view of the enterprise beyond product management and complement product management. Each gain and pain should be addressed or remediated by a benefit and/or a feature of one of the covered products/services. Still, business architecture modeling could contribute substantially more to product management and at the same time enhance the holistic view of their enterprise using the Customer Value Map, as shown in Figure 1 above. This in turn increases the complexity of product portfolio. Product managers owning the day-to-day details of a product’s development is a common misconception. Copyright © 2017 IDG Communications, Inc. Some of these tasks can be executed with the assistance of business architecture that articulates its model around product mapping using mostly these basic relationships, where a product is: Figure 2 below shows a three-dimensional table on how product lines can be enabled by capabilities and offered/managed by business units.

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