An unadjusted kick mic can easily ruin the whole setup and there’s a number of things can possibly go wrong. If you mic only one drum, mic the kick! I have been recording with this mic kit, and I have only good things to say about it. This mic set works particularly good for live … This is bargain-basement gear. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Headworn mics provide unrestricted freedom of motion while cancelling, Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 Review, Shipped From Heaven, Shure PG Alta Drum Kit 7 Review (PGADRUMKIT7), Comica VM20 – budget DSLR & phone, mini-shotgun review, Røde VideoMic Pro+ Review, Premium DSLR Shotgun, Marantz Professional MPM-2000U USB Condenser Review, AKG Perception 220 – studio worthy budget LDC, 7 Best Headworn Mics for Wireless Systems Review. The CAD TM211 is a dynamic microphone that is designed for recording tom tom drums. The CAD Microphone catalog boasts a wide range of products, including affordable but high-quality drum microphones. Condenser mics and kick mics work well, sound good. The snare mic is a little weak and I only ever have a problem with it when im recording a very loud snare and a drumer who likes to make some rimshots, the tom mics are great, the only thing i did not like about this was the kick mic, but with a good preamp, no not the gain knob on your interface, you can easily fix that and make it sound good, also if the kick mic goes inside the drum, like in a porthole, it will sound a million times better, you honestly can't mic a kickdrum without a hole, or taking the resonator head off. The CAD E100S features a 10dB pad, 80Hz highpass filter and integral shock-mount. This mic set works particularly good for live gigs, and it’s relatively easy to set up for any hot environment. However, it does pretty well for overheads, and on stage, those small issues would never be noticed anyway. Four mics in this set are supercardioid, and this makes a big deal in sound rejection, which is so much needed for live performance. Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2015, Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2010. SUPER-QUIET LARGE-DIAPHRAGM DELIVERS ON VOCALS, DRUMS AND MORE. CAD designs and builds truly affordable workhorse microphones that shine especially in live applications. TOURING7 is a new drum mics set from CAD Audio that comes with a very humble price tag. This is a pro level set of mics. It is pretty much standard, with the only exception that it has four mics of exact same type for capturing three different toms and a snare drum. D12 made for kick drums is equally as important. The more directional pick-up pattern is also one of the reasons why this set does so well for live gigs. For instance, Audio Technica sets use three different mics for this purpose and that gives them a bit of advantage. Sound. Manufacturer Support. As a budget model, it isn’t supposed to be all-perfect, and yet it still brings us a great sound, which is more than decent for the price! All you need to know about wireless microphones. SM57 in this case is more accurate and simply better to my ears. Condenser mics and kick mics work well, sound good. If you take your live performance seriously, don't buy these mics. This set relies heavily on TSM411, which is used for floor toms, rack toms and a snare. Review: CAD Live Microphone Series. Starting off with the most affordable kit on the list is the CAD Audio Stage 7-Piece kit. You’ll find these microphones a lot in professional recording studios, being a favorite go-to microphone for professional recording engineers. CAD designs and builds truly affordable workhorse microphones that shine especially in live applications. Overall. And they are also found quite often in project home studios by the discerning buyer. completely. I am very satisfied with the overall quality and value.

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