Frozen meat can be stored up to four months. Rather, the two main labels you’ll find on cans include the “best-by” or “use-by” date. Most dried fruits will last for a year beyond a "best by" date and can be frozen indefinitely, but there are signs to be aware of when questioning if your dried fruit has gone bad. Soft Cheese. Are frozen pie shells safe to eat after the ‘expiration’ date on the package? They can also be frozen and can last in the freezer up to eight months. And you might not know what to do with these foods. ... A lot of people get sick from eating eggs past their expiration date or food that contains gone-off eggs. Canned foods don’t have an expiration date. 15 foods you can eat past their expiration dates Oftentimes expiration dates are a guideline and not a strict rule, usually referencing the quality rather than the actual safety of the food. Consumer Reports can help you determine if expired food is safe to eat, noting that confusion over expiration dates leads Americans to throw out food when it might still be good. The shelf life of dried fruit depends on a variety of factors, such as the best by date , the drying method and how the dried fruit … 7. You probably have some food in your freezer that is past its expiration date. In order to determine which foods you can and cannot eat past their expiration date, you first have to understand the terminology used on food’s packaging. There are some foods you should never eat past the expiration date, like fresh meat, seafood, produce, eggs, and dairy. But remember, frozen vegetables, like a lot of other vegetables, usually have a best by date and not an expiration date. They might look fine, but the expiration date has come and gone, and it is supposed to be there to tell you when food items are no longer safe to eat. Because of this, you may safely use frozen vegetables to compliment your favorite meals even after the best by date has lapsed.

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