★☆ It was sooo good I had to make it again due to many requests. (<– If you’re not into either of those, or the shrimp, feel free to just pick your favorite protein. Fellow soup lovers, I think I may have just successfully “soupified” another one of my favorite dishes. If you still can’t track down andouille for next time, we would recommend a good smoky kielbasa. Bon appetit! Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya Recipe at Epicurious.com. It’s just as easy to roast one that’s big or one that’s small. My husband cooked up a batch last weekend and it was amazing! ★☆. We both ate way too much. So so GOOD! I make it for my Dad when I visit home and he is obsessed as well. I was just thinking that I should make my jambalaya but jambalaya as a soup sounds wonderful on a chilly fall day! Step-by-Step. These dressing recipes will have you coming back for seconds and even thirds! :), I made this last night with my homemade cornbread. We made it with 2 lb andouille and 2 lb shrimp with a heavy hand of Paul prudhommes seafood magic. ★☆ I always add an extra jalapeno because I am a spice food nut, but it is just the best thing ever. Which brand of cast iron did you use? I followed the recipe exactly. Season Chicken with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. I just made it for the third time and my family loves it! This was amazing! Heat oil in a large dutch oven over medium-high heat. Thanks! I used about 1.5 Tbs of homemade Cajun seasoning (chowhound version), which made it a little too hot for my wife (or so she said when she started eating it) and almost hot enough for me. Find the recipe for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya and other tomato recipes at Epicurious.com. Fantastic i just add a few louisiana touches and voila! Continue cooking until the soup reaches a simmer. :). You could try putting some tempeh sausage (or something like that) in here? Trusted Results with Chicken and sausage jambalaya soup. so that the rice doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pot — until the rice is cooked and tender. We’re curious to know what you used instead? It is sooooo good. Have you ever done that? (Be sure to keep a close eye on this soup and stir it often so that the rice doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pot!) You could use a GF AP blend, or arrowroot powder, or you could try this: . Your email address will not be published. Continue cooking for 1 minute, stirring occasionally. Only thing I would recommend is keeping the rice separate and adding it as you eat each bowl. We’re sorry you weren’t able to find andouille anywhere. This is absolutely my favorite new soup. This looks and sounds delicious!!!!!!!! I will say that this soup takes a little extra time and effort to make than my usual 30-minute recipes. And I do mean hearty. Thanks Ann, we hope you can try this soon! :). Also added about 3 or 4 oz. This is a very good bowl of soup. You want huge pieces of meat? I love this recipe! We hope you can give it a try soon! I make this soup at least once every two weeks and I crave it when I am out! Great kick to the flavor so if you like spicy you will love this! ★☆ It was delicious, thank you for sharing this recipe. This ready to eat soup is loaded with antibiotic-free chicken meat, Andouille sausage, rice and cooked ham, plus veggies and a mixture of flavor-packed spices. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Once the Jambalaya is made get out your big stock pot and use the rest of the sausage water, both cartons of chicken stock and then fill one of the cartons with water and add that also. Thanks for sharing! more about me ». Thanks! The heat was perfect for us: creole less hot than cajun, but choriso hotter than andouille. Being in Australia, I had to substitute chorizo for the andouille sausage (not available here), but the soup was still amazing! Remove chicken and set aside. What other type of sausage would you recommend to replace the andouille? Saved all the carbs and it was perfect. I love that stuff. Add in crushed tomatoes, white rice, Cajun seasoning, dried bay leaves, and dried thyme. A great soup Monday dinner for my husband and son. I looked all over the internet for a recipe, found some but they were made by Yankees so you can imagine what they had in them and what they would taste like-not going to go there!!!!! :). This is a double recipe because I like to make a lot so I have some to freeze and eat at another time (I am lazy that way!) Wow, this is it. Thanks, Sherita — we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Simmer this as a soup for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors combine (this will not overcook the rice and the mix has just the right amount of rice in it) (Like all things Southern it tastes even better the next day), (8 oz. …and voila! (Do not worry it will be cooked all the way in the Jambalaya cooking time-I don’t like raw chicken either), Make Jambalaya by using the box directions but instead of using water, use the water from the boiled sausage. He doesn’t like shrimp, so at the end of making the recipe it was easy to scoop his portions out into containers and then add the shrimp to the remaining soup and cook for a few minutes more.

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