Water: moderately- whenever the top one-inch of the soil feels dry. Space your chilli pepper plants 50cm (20") apart in the ground. Temperature between 20 ⁰ to 25 ⁰ C is perfect for the growth of chilli. Normally plants will limit their growth to best accommodate the size of pot they are in, so you will need to replant into a bigger pot when they get too big for their current one. When your chile plant starts to show the first signs of producing fruit, (not only will you be incredibly amused as they develop), but you will have to make sure they are well nourished. To start, fill the plant pot to around 3/4 full with compost, making sure the soil is loose and has no hard lumps in it. Rich soil produces more fruit, so poor soil requires fertilization, plenty of mulch and compost. It is a good idea to check plants daily for pests. At the growing stage it requires a warm and humid weather. Put them in the ground 2-3 weeks after the last frost when soil is 60°F. Alternatively you can use rain water as it is much safer for your plants. Second pair of leaves open and grow larger, 9 weeks – additional leaves sprouting. Chilli plants can be grown indoors with proper sunlight and suitable watering, which will also make it look appealing as an indoor plant. When I transplant mine, I always use a cloche to maintain a steady heat in the early stages of growth. Cut back to monthly feedings if this happens, and resume twice monthly feedings when the plant goes back into an active growing phase. Just keep the top of the soil damp – use your finger to test this. If you want to make sure your plants are safe from cross pollination, you may want to move them to an area where there are no other chillies or pollinate the plants yourself using a pollination brush as mentioned above. You can also used filtered tap water. How to grow on chilli pepper plants Harvesting Jalapeno Pepper Plant. Life Cycle of a Chilli Plant Seedlings. You can begin planting your seeds whenever you desire, but ideally sometime around March would produce best results, as the natural lighting conditions from then onwards will supply most of the plants conditional requirements in order to maximise your yield of chillies. Germination outside this range can produce mixed and inconsistent results. Going through this quick process will help produce a full harvest of chillies, so that you can get the most out of your plant. Dampen the brush, pick up the pollen, and gently transfer it to the centre of the flowers on your plant. Chillies can also be planted outside, but make sure you are past the last of the frost for the winter as chillies don’t like the frost. Plant chili peppers indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost. Chili peppers cover a wide range of peppers under the name Capsicum annuum. 5 Transplant the chili plant as it outgrows its pot. Disclosure. Plant Death. To pollinate the plant yourself, take a small clean brush, like the ones used in Watercolour painting. This also increases the germination rate. Plant growth rate increases with many new sets of leaves, which look more waxy. One way of knowing when to transfer the plant to a bigger pot is by looking at the bottom of the current one. The reason being is that if the new plants do not get enough light at this stage, you will end up with a thin and whispy plant which won’t be as stable and strong as it could be. Repeat this with all the flowers on the plant. This allows the Chlorine in the tap water to dissipate. 11 weeks – plant becomes stronger. 15 weeks – many new sets of leaves. A frost will kill the pepper plant, and subfreezing temperatures will kill underground roots thoroughly. Did you know that once you’ve picked your Chilli Willies they will produce more next spring? Another aspect of jalapeno plant care involves proper harvesting. As your chili plant grows, eventually it will need a bigger pot…. For growing chillies in containers, choose a container that has sufficient drainage holes (You can also use grow bags). If you have one of our Chilli Willy Grow Kits, then follow the instructions on the insert, using this guide to get the most from your plants. How long does it take to grow chillies? Cool nighttime temperatures, dry air or dry soil can cause flowers, fruits and leaves to stop growing. Watering... Pollination. This chilli growing guide is designed to give you some insight into what to expect from your Chilli Willy plant, how it grows, and what to do at the different stages of it’s development for best results. Chilli seedlings require heat, moisture and oxygen to germinate. The chilli plant is usually fertilised by insects outside, however if you are growing your plants indoors then you will need to use a small pollination brush to gently pollinate new flowers in order to maximize your chilli crop yield.

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