Done, that web page is saved, ready for you to look at later. Because it’s time to get back to your ‘day’ (vs dream) job. Additionally, you can customize what you can or can’t see on your specific Youtube page, and most of the time the home page is a blank screen that won’t allow you to get distracted. Download now. This is a visual graphic editor for making Facebook cover images. Every social media manager has a favorite set of tools that help make their job easier. (It could be even if you focus solely on social.). There is no way to bypass it. Social marketers read and scan a lot of web pages. It’s pretty darn simple with the Yellow Highlighter extension. One big issue is that the Todobook doesn’t discriminate content that well. They will not just save your productivity, but probably your mental health as well. Use their online, instant web page. So I can swipe and add it to the text on my visuals. That’s it. Your day is going to be busy. You spend loads of time scouring the web for great content. But when a tool is coupled with a Chrome extension, it adds an additional time-saving element that we all need. He likes that. When browsing pages does a font ever attract your eyes and attention? KONTAKTIEREN SIE UNS! Use this extension to make scheduling posts or meetings around the globe super (duper) easy. Which may (or may not) be just right for your brand. Then, you’re either filled up, tired, bored, or distracted. using hashtags to grow your social media following here, (It could be even if you focus solely on social, more tools and resources for creating beautiful social media visuals, See and scroll the images on your new tab, See more about it in a new browser window. I bet you’re always looking for new, visual inspiration for your social media posts. Then being baffled by… where to put this? Your day is going to be busy. And see this each time you open a new, blank Chrome tab. But don’t cry. Todoist. Secondly, this allows for you to watch videos that are only beneficial, and which you may need for work, without skipping a beat. However, each of these are strong ways to really help boost your productivity. You can also edit the extension to get rid of the quote entirely and just leave that part of the site blank. Only educational or public service videos can be seen on the site when it is active. Additionally, Todobook can even connect to other websites like Twitter and Youtube. Check them out! But, I would say one big issue is that Youtube’s constant updates can be a uphill battle for DF Tube. With one click, you can find search ranking and link coding information about all the search results on a results page. Obviously, the developers will start to integrate it better, but for now that remains an issue. You can also add and remove users, auto generate strong passwords, and save everything in a secure, searchable vault. © 2020 Hootsuite Inc. All Rights Reserved. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Ghosteryis designed to block ads and trackers, this productivity chrome extension makes a great social media marketingtool. Using the Session Buddy extension I…. The MozBar extension makes it simple for people new to SEO. News Feed Eradicator doesn’t really allow for that much customization. To activate, simply click on the gray/white 'W' icon on the top-right of the Chrome browser. Get expert social media advice delivered straight to your inbox. This will toggle the icon to 'red', meaning it's activated. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook is proven by studies to be one of the biggest time sinks out there. Want to know what’s working, what’s not, and what to improve for your social media posts and campaigns? Every other page, such as your own profile, others’ profiles, or group pages are still very much intact. But stop this you must, because your social fans and followers will frown. Chrome extensions helps us social marketers do things faster, better, while having more fun. WorkMode is a Google Chrome Extension that, when turned on, auto-blocks ALL social media and custom URLs & keywords from even appearing. Are you guessing at which hashtags to use for your story or event? We at Wing always sing the praises of various extensions, and below are some more examples! No need to change your brain gears every time you see something worth capturing or sharing. Start over, choosing something from one of the 20 or 30 feeds. There is greater need than ever to regulate your social media use. Out of site, out of mind, but not out of reach. I’m sure you do, like many social media marketers. Now what? Copy this link and paste it wherever it's visible, close to where you’re using the resource. The top Google Chrome extensions for social media marketers 1. The extension will store everything else and autofill fields when you arrive on a login page. Which one will you choose? FB Purity gives you control over what part of the Facebook feed you want to see, and you can eliminate the sometimes very annoying posts that pop up like Facebook’s “celebrating one-year with X Friend” posts. So, if you’re going on Facebook for a company reason (however unlikely that may be) Todobook can be very inhibiting and downright annoying. As you work, one way you can really regulate your social media use is through Google Chrome extensions. As you work, one way you can really regulate your social media use is through Google Chrome extensions. While viewing inspiring, interesting and useful things in between. With all of these activities on hand, you are most likely using social media management tools that can help with the job. All that and (much) more for your busy social marketing day. And there you have it. If you’re … Name. The pros of News Feed Eradicator is what you would expect: it stops you in your tracks before you move on to the rest of Facebook. Then, a call or email comes in, or your boss walks over and you have to switch gears to work on something completely different. Now… go do your busy work. Session Buddy is my favorite, but this might be yours. Managing multiple social media accounts, keeping them updated, finding content for each of them and engaging with the audience; all of it can be time-consuming and difficult to accomplish in a single day. But not you. I love fonts. WhatFont tells more about what I love. A list of some of the best Chrome extensions for social media marketers, like you. Or create more of your own. Silly made easy. You’re busy combing the web, seeking ideas and doing research for your next marketing campaign, post, or strategy. It’s centered around design. Spelling and grammar errors happen (just ask my Hootsuite editor). Yep, you got it. Every time it updates its styling, DF Tube has to alter the way it reads videos, which can cause some issues in the in-between period. But get those browsers windows out of your face right now. Ha. Posts to write, images to create, hashtags to monitor, followers to reply to. Sprout Social: If you’re looking for an easy-to-use social media management platform to manage your social channels effectively and give outstanding customer experience, you may get this Chrome extension. Radio Mode helps people who always get lost in the clutches of Youtube’s algorithm. Sleep well knowing you’ve got a secure handle on all your social accounts and users. Open a new tab in your browser. Because we are currently focusing on Google Chrome, I have listed some Chrome productivity extensions that deal specifically with Facebook. Dayboard beta About Plans FAQ Live Demo Log In. However, this actually has a strong negative effect on your productivity. 5 Chrome Extensions to Regulate Your Social Media Use, How to Relax at Home: Staying Active & Unwinding, post on Google Chrome productivity extensions for time tracking and time management, Making Smart Choices: 7 Tips to Make Effective Decisions, Justin Eastzer of Justin_Tech on Productivity with Smart Homes, 4 Ways Wing can Streamline your Recruiting Process, 4 Steps to Sustaining Resilient Leadership in Your Organization, The 3 Stages of Knowledge Management and How Wing can Help, Learning to Cook Part III: Essential Kitchen Equipment. Get insights about different websites without leaving your web browser.

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