Endings (Chrono Cross) Chrono Cross features twelve endings, two of which can be had on a normal playthrough (the other ten being accessible through a New Game +. She still changes uniforms to her orphanage outfit under certain conditions, and whether other changes can be made is under investigation. A complete list of all the endings along with details on how to unlock them can be found below. Defeat the Time Devourer in the final encounter at Opassa Beach in Disc 2 using the Chrono Cross. All Rights Reserved. Method: Use the right Telepod after returning from 600 AD, but before … From reading the fieldscript, it looks like there might be three versions of the True Hero ending, not just the two listed on that page. Ending #02: Defeat the Time … An Acacia Dragoon talks to Dario and suggests a Dragoon youth camp; the two laugh as they formulate a plan to provide funding. Please contribute if you can get the room location modifier codes working. Before they enter the sanctum, they begin a game of rock, paper, scissors in order to see who goes in first. The scene returns to Lynx, who muses that he can now finally become FATE. Similar to Chrono Trigger's, Cross's endings reflect on humorous situations or what might have happened if the game had truly ended at the point a particular ending was accessed. The Dragon God instructs them to begin wiping out humanity in El Nido with their respective forces; the Dwarf is eager to do so, while the Sage questions this course of actions. She then tells Serge that she will find him someday; he awakes on Opassa Beach, where he seemingly loses his memory. Method: Use the right Telepod or bucket after acquiring the stolen Gate Key, … After crossing the dimensions, but before breaking into Viper Manor, this ending is available. Because of this, the endings seem to fall outside the realm of canon, but the more serious endings do offer insight and character development at times. Kid must also be in good health. Before attacking Fort Dragonia, this ending can be had if Nikki is in the party and Razzly was acquired as well. Taking the battle to the SS Invincible, the Dragoons eventually corner Lynx, who taunts them. This ending is available while Terra Tower is still in the sky. The Successor of Guardia. Afterwards, Solt, Peppor and Pierre are seen surmounting Fort Dragonia, the latter member of the group afflicted by stomach problems. Ending #01: Defeat the Time Devourer in the final encounter at Opassa Beach in Disc 2 using the Chrono Cross. She wishes herself Lord of El Nido, and creates the Acacia Empire by vowing to conquer the Kingdom of Guardia, and then Porre. Chrono Cross is a well-known game that has left a good impact in the gaming industry. From: Chrono Cross Square began planning Chrono Cross immediately after the release of Xenogears in 1998 (which itself was originally conceived as a sequel to the SNES game). Serge has become a fisherman in Arni, while Kid loses her patience waiting for him. Serge works in Termina at Lisa's Element shop, and a biting exchange takes place between Lisa and Leena. Lynx is then given a huge bill, and when he enters the consultation room to dispute it, Zoah stands ready to mug him. Pierre loses, and complains for a rematch. The True Hero is the former ending, save with Kid in good health and the Korcha marriage dialogue having taken place. She breaks into Viper Manor alone, takes down Lynx, and receives the Frozen Flame (which is actually the Dragon Tear in this scenario). Lynx and Kid order Galaxy Nights, while Harle orders coffee, Denadoro Mountain Blend. After the concert fades, Lynx is seen exiting Fort Dragonia. This game has 12 endings in all -- two of which can be unlocked during your first playthrough, while the remaining 10 are only accessible in New Game + or Continue +. People of the Times. They confront Lynx and vow to make him pay for his crimes, but Kid drops down from the ceiling and promises that they won't have the chance. That is before you've gone through the tower all the way to the end. Later, Kid is seen working in Viper Manor as a spy with Norris, who gave her the Hydra Humour. The ending cuts to Radius, Zappa, and Fargo in the Pearly Gates. The Sage of Marbule, the Dwarf Chieftain, and the Dragon God have met at the top of Sky Dragon Isle. Many professionals in the gaming world have experienced playing this game and still hold nostalgic feelings toward it. This ending can be had by playing a regular New Game and defeating the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross. All the major developers populate Viper Manor, and hilarious exchanges and notes about the game are provided to the player. Nonetheless, it is carried out, and Demi-humans now populate the islands. Defeat the Time Devourer in the final encounter at Opassa Beach in Disc 2 without using the Chrono Cross. When you do this, you'll be treated to another sequence, a conversation, and two extra FMVs than the Fake Ending. This ending is available after Harle leaves the party. The player sees Lisa and Leena rushing to see the Magical Dreamers, who now have three new members; Serge is a percussionist, Kid is a vocalist, and Razzly is the band's mascot. To unlock endings 3 to 12, you must use the Time Egg on the purple portal at Opassa Beach (Home) to fight and defeat the Time Devourer at specific points of the game. Defeat the Time Devourer after rescuing Riddel in Viper Manor, but before following her to Hermit's Hideaway. Square's managers selected a team, appointed Hiromichi Tanaka producer, and asked Kato to direct and develop a new Chrono game in the spirit of Radical Dreamers. Defeat the Time Devourer after Harle leaves your party. Defeat the Time Devourer after beating Dario in Forbidden Island, but before Terra Tower goes airborne. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Instead of Kid working in Viper Manor, she enters Lisa's Element Shop after Leena and is insulted for not qualifying for a beauty pageant in Termina. From: Games After the drinks are served, two of Starky's race meet and decide that since the planet has no unique characteristics, their plan to destroy it must begin at once. Defeat the Time Devourer while Terra Tower is still afloat. ", or after the Korcha/Macha scene. Defeat the Time Devourer while Nikki is in your party and Razzly already recruited, but before entering Fort Dragonia for the first time. See the last part of the walkthrough for hints on how to pull this off. It simply rolls the credits after the Devourer is absorbed into a strange portal above the Darkness Beyond Time. They enter The Dragon's Tail bar, which is now staffed by the Devas and Luccia. The "Real" Ending. Animated Violence, Violence, Mild Language, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. In Viper Manor, the kids of the orphanage stand at attenetion to General Viper, who instructs them to work hard and play hard.

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