Instead, these projects try to get you to think more outside the box so you come away with more creative ideas - and better skills too. I’ve personally shot hundreds of photographs at home using my creative concepts, and after accumulating years of experience I am now a professional creative and commercial photographer. Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Do At Home Photography . Now that the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore is entering a new phase, bars, cinemas and all other entertainment outlets will be closed from Thursday (March 26) 11.59 pm till April 30. 8 Creative Indoor Photoshoot Ideas I think we’re all going a little crazy at home during this quarantine and trying to think of creative ways to take photos. Shooting photographs using your creativity at home is a wonderful idea. 7 Awesome Creative Photoshoot Ideas at Home for Beginners. Let me tell you, it is difficult taking photos inside and thinking of new ideas! Either way, there’s plenty to do in your own backyard to improve your photography during COVID-19. Here's some creative and totally doable photo ideas for you to try at home: 1. By Viroon on 26 Mar 2020 Senior Creative Editor. Give one or two a try, or challenge yourself to try all 12.

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