Thank you. Plus, it happens in be in the county where she grew up, and her parents and siblings live within an hour’s drive. he drove up to pick us up every weekend. It recognizes joint legal custody, which involves both parents having joint responsibility for the care and control of their child and joint authority to make decisions concerning their child, even when the child's primary residence is with only one parent. Joint legal custody encompasses the rights by both parents to be involved in making decisions concerning: There's no reason why joint legal custody wouldn't work in an interstate parenting plan, and many parents request this type of shared responsibility. my dad moved 100 miles away (which is 2 hours driving time). there was not split custody because it was decided it was what was best for us in … ... so I am wondering what is typically court ordered. Important Considerations While joint custody is possible when parents live in different states, judges are unlikely to order joint physical custody because it’s not always feasible. Relevance. 3. Also, most parents cannot shoulder the expense that joint physical custody would require. OP: How far apart can parents live and still have 50/50 custody? There’s no law or legal guidance. Typical child visitation when parents live far apart? 50:50 Custody Puts the "Quality" into Quality Time A further benefit of 50:50 custody is to boost the quality of time that children spend with parents. Re: Joint Custody when Parents Live an Hour Away from Each Other Virginia recognizes two types of joint custody. When parents live far apart, a common arrangement is for the child to remain in one state for the school year and live with the other parent during the summer. when i was 2 and my brother was 4 my parents got divorced. 8 Answers. The existing custody order, specifying that Danielle and Don share physical custody and giving Don the opportunity to see the kids one afternoon and evening every week that … I’m not talking about splitting up an abusive, dangerous home. Update: We will be 12 hours apart. Anonymous. Unless the parents are wealthy and can hire jet aircraft transportation for their children regularly, no two parents can expect to achieve shared 50/50 custody living 3 hours apart. For children whose parents live apart, a high level of contact is best achieved by 50:50 custody and shared parenting. Answer Save. As a practical matter, I’ve found that the distance is heavily influenced by the start/end of the school day/daycare and how far away work is. Divorce is hardest on the kids and pulling them from the home only benefits the parents.

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