... Daniel Smith paints. Daniel Smith claims for PB Green Shade: For cool, clean staining shadows and reflected light on windows. However, my order came with a leaking tube of paint. When a cool blue such as Phthalo Blue is mixed with a cool yellow such as Hansa Yellow Light, the greens that are produced a very bright and vibrant since there is no red in either paint to neutralise or dirty the mixture. A transparent and super staining green, this product is ideal for glazes whether dark, luminous or clean. Its full name is phthalocyanine green and is a reliable lightfast, staining, transparent and very powerful colour. Daniel Smith offers two versions of Phthalo Blue, one's a green shade and the other a red shade. When I ordered a new tube I just matched the pigment number PB 15:3 and bought the Phthalo Blue, Green Shade. Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) PB15.3. Shop Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor - Phthalo Blue Green Shade, 15 ml Tube at Blick. Find everything you need for your next creative project online. When I bought it there were no options for the red or green shade. The pigment used are PB 15:3 and PB 15:6 respectively. Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) (PG7) is a deep intense green with a blue undertone. A transparent, staining pigment this shade produces vibrant greens when mixed with Hansa Yellow. Yes, that’s a 6 (six) in there. Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) can be beautifully altered with small amounts of yellow or red. The one in my palette of Daniel Smith watercolours is Phthalo Blue (GS). Daniel Smith. [*] QoR “phthalo blue green shade” PB 15 : 3 [*] Daniel Smith “phthalo blue red shade” PB 15 : 6. Phthalo Green comes in Blue Shade and Yellow Shade. The blue shade is made with PG7 and is also called Winsor Green BS, Helio Green, Blockx green and so on. This product is a wonderful tool for depicting cool, clean staining shadows and reflected light on windows. I am getting to the very end of a very old tube of Daniel Smith Phthalo Blue, PB:3. Handprint may suggest that PB15 : 1 for red shade, and PB 15 : 3 for green shade, would be the main choices, but somehow I’ve ended up with the third choice of PB 15 : 6 (six). Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) (PB15) is a deep intense blue with a green undertone.

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