A very effective treatment for many types of insects is a solution of 1 tsp. If kept outdoors, your Dawn Redwood bonsai will benefit from the heartiness that comes from the abundance of fresh air, sunlight, and variety of weather conditions which will increase its ability to prevent pests and disease. Roots should be trimmed annually. The lower branches may need to be removed occasionally, however. Happy bonsai gardening. Rinse the plant well with tepid water and repeat as needed. My Dawn Redwood Bonsai tree is starting to bud, and I was hoping to prune and reshape it before spring, or before the ideal period slips by. He studied journalism at the Community College of Allegheny County. The direction of the angle doesn't matter; it prevents water from collecting in the location of the cut. This bonsai tree species grows very fast (>1m per year), reaches heights up to 30m and tolerates pruning very well. Known as the “Dinosaur Tree”, the quick growing Dawn Redwood or Metasequoia glyptostrobides, was originally found in Manchuria, China and is one of the most exciting of the redwood family; Having once been feared to have become extinct being known only through fossils, the Dawn Redwood was rediscovered in the forties and was planted in the US in 1948. Then put the collected Dawn Redwood duff on top. Do not allow this tree to go without ample moisture as it is not drought tolerant. For young redwoods, use either hand pruners or long-handled pruners. Messages 1,535 Reaction score 2,359 Location Marina, CA USDA Zone 10a Apr 25, 2018 #1 I've recently received some instruction about the timing of pruning for coastal redwoods. I was getting alot of die back from pruning during pauses in the tree's growth. When the tree is young, use a long-handled pruner or pruning saw. The name "dawn redwood" may elicit images of an enormous tree that grows at least 200 feet tall, or a miniature tree that grows in a pot. He currently owns and operates a vending business. Fertilize this bonsai from late spring to late summer with a well balanced organic fertilizer. Do not be afraid to cut off large amounts of roots if necessary, as you will not damage the tree. Although the potted redwoods require more attention, the larger redwoods often present more trouble when it comes to pruning, because of their size. Cutting back overgrown branches to maintain a tight, triangular shape will achieve that goal. Providing your Dawn Redwood with a humidity tray filled with pebbles or stones will add humidity and will ensure that the roots of your bonsai do not succumb to root rot. The second cut is made by sawing through the entire branch, about 2 inches away from the first cut. The Dawn redwood is a prolific grower, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs when it populated regions in thick redwood forests. Leave wire in place for 3-6 months, and make sure damage to the bark is prevented. Prune in the summer by trimming back new shoots. Dawn redwood is a fast-growing tree that requires regular trimming. The best way to ensure proper moisture levels is to reach down an inch or two into the soil with a finger. The three cut method consists of sawing halfway through the bottom of the branch, a foot from the branch collar. A dawn redwood bonsai's root system grows exceptionally fast when compared to other bonsai plants. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Care About The Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree. Dawn redwood naturally forms into a pyramidal shape, so little pruning is needed other than the customary removal of dead, diseased, and damaged branches. Always attempt to control infestations with harmless materials before bringing in the chemical warfare! A redwood is an outdoor bonsai and is ideal for beginners. The wires are wrapped around the trunks in a counter clockwise direction and should be of sufficient thickness to hold the branch in place. Ideal trained as a formal or informal upright style and works very well for clump, slanting and for bonsai forests. This bonsai will do best in conditions that provide ample humidity and moderate warmth. Dawn redwoods will grow quickly and will soon require professional trimming when pruning is necessary. DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this article is not warranted or guaranteed by Bonsai Outlet. The content provided is intended for entertainment and/or educational purposes in order to introduce to the reader key ideas, concepts, and/or product reviews. Its native to Manchuria China, where the local villagers refer to it as Shui-sa, or "water fir." The dawn redwood is a true redwood, like the famous ones in California.

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