For even more ideas, be sure to check out our Best Ultrabooks 2020 guide to see what else we recommend and why. Hello, So I have an XPS 13 9300 and I am trying to connect it to my Dell U2720Q monitor (both of which are under 5 months old). 3.5mm Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack | 3. Which one you get is a draw, but you can always upgrade it yourself. After a fifteen-minute stress test, peak temperatures were 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees C) on the top keyboard deck, while the bottom was typically cooler at approximately 93 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees C). It works very well with dual IR lenses, but users can also use the power button's fingerprint reader. Considering this laptop is meant for office and productivity work, not so much gaming or 4K video editing, the performance and thermal management are excellent. But even here, this is a niche concern that most people won't be bothered with (though it'd still be great to have). While users can opt for a true matte (non-touch) display, anti-reflective is non-matte while retaining color vibrancy and contrast without causing eye strain. — Trusted Reviews. Dell offers a set of display types depending on want, need, and your budget. Unlike HP, Dell still hasn't added optional 4G LTE, which has been more bullish on it. — Windows Central, Dell XPS 13 (9300): Rated 5/5 and Editor's Choice"The Dell XPS 13 ditches all the bezels, gets even smaller and more powerful." There's no question it should be at the top of your list, too. Here is why. Dell also ships a trifecta of multimedia-tuned apps with CinemaSound (Waves MaxxAudio Pro tuning), CinemaColor (custom color profiles), and CinemaStream (prioritized video streaming). There is an auto-brightness sensor that I found to be perfectly tuned and not overly aggressive. There's a reason why we called the Spectre x360 13t the best value for a premium Ultrabook. Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Dell Professional Associations & Non-Profits, Corporate & Government Employee Discounts. Dell lets you buy the XPS 13 (9310) direct, or you can customize your order. Indeed, the new 11th Gen Intel chips make it substantially better than before. Width: 296mm (11.6") | 3. It starts at the same $999 for similar specs (including 11th Gen Intel now), but you're getting a proper 2-in-1 convertible laptop with an included pen. The jump from 10th Gen to 11th Gen has resulted in a very discernable performance improvement even on day-to-day tasks like using Microsoft Edge, firing up Microsoft Office, or using Adobe Photoshop. These results are within the normal range for an Ultrabook. Razer has a new laptop dubbed Razer Book 13. With a jaw-dropping design, outstanding display, improved keyboard, and notably superior performance, there is nothing wrong with it. That's likely attributable to Intel's aggressive Evo certification. While all are 13.4-inch 16:10, users can pick between full HD, non-touch with anti-glare, full HD with touch and anti-reflective, or 4K, touch with anti-reflective. Battery life is also significantly improved with a 26 percent bump, gaining multiple hours in battery longevity. There is still a microSD reader, as well as a combo headphone microphone jack. To meet the criteria, the laptop needs to have a touch display, Wi-Fi 6, 11th Gen Core i5 or i7, Xe graphics, far-field microphones, Thunderbolt 4, and a big focus on battery life. On 3DMark's Time Spy Stress Test, the XPS 13 earned a passing grade of 99 percent frames-per-second stability (run under ultra-performance). All models come with Killer Wireless with Wi-Fi 6 technology (Killer AX1650) and Bluetooth 5.0. They all enhance movie watching and add substantial value to the XPS 13. Brightness ranges from 62 nits at zero percent (up from 30 nits) brightness to a very satisfying 569 nights of peak brightness (down from 614), making it one of the best and brightest displays on a PC Ultrabook. These are outstanding speakers. That beats the XPS 13 (9300) with the same settings by over three hours, which is a massive change. — Expert Reviews, Dell XPS 13 (9300): Dell's New XPS 13 Is Primed For WFH"With its latest update to the ever-popular and ever-capable XPS 13, we think Dell has delivered an ideal laptop for this COVID-19 work-from-home period." — PCWorld, Dell XPS 13 (9300): Rated 5/5"The competition offers flashes of brilliance, while Dell’s flagship shines brightly across the board." It's flawless in features and functionality, making it the best 13-inch non-convertible Ultrabook around, without question. While the screen-mirroring with an iPhone is hacky, the ability to take calls and send SMS messages from your PC works flawlessly with Apple's hardware. The dual-fan setup is incredibly quiet, with only a faint whirring noise under load. Maximize the performance of your XPS 13 with Dell-recommended essential accessories. Both are excellent. You can also only get 8GB of RAM with the Core i5 model ($1,300), and instead, you need to step up to an i7 to get 16GB ($1,600), making it still slightly more expensive. HP also has the new Spectre x360 14, which does get a highly-desirable taller 3:2 aspect display. This review is now updated with the latest benchmarks and photos from the XPS 13 (9310) with new recommendations and alternatives. — Techaeris, Dell XPS 13 (9300): The Best"Literally a perfect 13-inch Ultrabook." Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse | KM717. Unless you're really hooked on black and silver, for purchasing recommendations, go for the arctic white ($50 more). Other companies are dabbling with this technology, but Dell does it best right now. Overall, the Dell XPS 13 (9310) is the pinnacle of 13-inch, non-convertible Ultrabooks. Follow him on Twitter: @daniel_rubino. The XPS 13 (9310) is easily the best 13-inch Ultrabook on the market right now. Get Pre-qualified today.^. This display is now taller, and it shows significantly more information while also looking better. 13-inch laptop designed with precision engineered details, from stunning materials to minimal footprint, with true unrivaled performance and 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Ports are minimal, with just two USB Type-C that support Thunderbolt 4 (DisplayPort and Power Delivery, at 4X), which is a change from the XPS 13 (9300) with Thunderbolt 3. — Tom's Hardware. — Gizmodo, Dell XPS 13 (9300): Editor's Choice"Folks shopping for a high-end, thin and light notebook will find lots of performance, battery life, and great looks to keep them happy and sated for a long while." — Tom's Guide, Dell XPS 13 (9300): Rated 9.5/10"The XPS 13 was already one of the best laptops on the market, some would say the best. I'd like to see Dell keep the same micro cam setup here but put in some serious R&D to make it higher quality. If you want more power, Dell even has the i7-1185G7 (4.8GHz) available too. If you want the best, you need this XPS 13. I'd prefer to have the choice in BIOS to enable such a feature. Sure, we can always ask for more ports or lament losing Type-A, but it's been four years since Apple famously went all Type-C in its MacBook Pro line, and it's about time the industry moves on already.

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