The use of depleted uranium in the war on Iraq in 2003 has led to expo­sure of the local population to radioactive uranium dust. At that time I broke the story of the US military’s use of white phosphorous, an incendiary weapon similar to napalm in its ability to burn all the way down to the bone. He says the only source of uranium in Iraq was used by American-led forces. Dr. Chris Busby has researched the effects of depleted uranium (DU) in detail. All of these are, again, war crimes. Scientists suspect the rise is tied to the use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus in military assaults. Spc Travis Hunter loads armor-piercing depleted uranium-tipped 25mm shells during the second Iraq war Photograph: John Moore/AP. Depleted Uranium never was used in Fallujah and based on my conversation yesterday morning with the University of Michigan School of Public Health's Dean's Office, I … Depleted uranium, or spent nuclear fuel, is twice as dense as lead, making it an effective material for armour-piercing shells and bullets. Depleted uranium, a byproduct of the enriched uranium used to power nuclear reactors, makes bullets and shells more effective in destroying armored vehicles, owing to its extreme density. ... Fallujah … ... media repressed, and the use of depleted uranium was widespread. Now, new reports have linked the causes to depleted uranium munitions and white phosphorous shells that were used by United States forces during the brutal siege of the city in November 2004. Mattis’ Role in Fallujah. According to some reports, chemical weapons may have been used during the battle, also known as Operation Al Fajr and Operation Phantom Fury, which is considered the bloodiest of the Iraq War. This could potentially explain the significant rise in cancer and congenital malformations documented in Fallujah after 2003. That could be the evidence linking the use of prohibited weapons to the extent of congenital problems in Fallujah. “We went to Fallujah and we found the levels of cancer. Depleted uranium is weakly radioactive.It is not considered a significant radiological hazard — instead, it is recognized as a chemical hazard primarily to the kidneys, similar to lead. On the war's ten-year anniversary, ... Jamail says that the current rate of birth defects for the city of Fallujah has surpassed those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the … Fallujah residents still suffer from the consequences today, with many accusing Washington of using deadly depleted uranium weapons. Alaani et al, 2012 [52] published results have drawn attention to increases in congenital birth anomalies and cancer in Fallujah Iraq blamed on teratogenic, genetic and genomic stress thought to result from depleted Uranium contamination following the battles in the town in 2004. But today Fallujah is known as a place where large numbers of children are born with deformities and many people there die from rare cancers. Fallujah, Iraq – While the US military has formally withdrawn from Iraq, doctors and residents of Fallujah are blaming weapons like depleted uranium and … Other than the white phosphorus, many point to depleted uranium (DU), a radioactive element which, according to military engineers, significantly increases the penetration capacity of shells.

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