This is an authentic Black and Decker replacement part manufactured for use with belt sanders. Sick of never having the correct vacuum adapter for your shop tools? The sander did have a vacuum adapter … The plastic vacuum adapter attaches to the discharge port and allows the user to connect a vacuum to reduce the amount of dust created by the sander. This part... 877-346-4814 ... Lost vacuum adaptor for DeWalt … This homemade vacuum hose dust collection adapter is also more versatile than the DeWALT available dust collection port set of accessories needed to connect a 1-1/4 and/or 2-1/2 inch standard vacuum … This vacuum adapter … Buy a DeWALT Adapter [5140011-48] for your DeWALT Power Tool - Genuine Manufacturer Approved replacement part designed for certain DeWALT Planers. Dewalt DW411 vacuum adapter – 3D print. Instead of spending $40 dollars on the Dewalt conversion adapter. 2 Replies. Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Make your own! I have been doing some woodworking pr ojects lately, and got tired with my palm sander constantly clogging with dust. Make your own for free with what they give. Need to fix your DW411 Type 1 Palm Sander?

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