What are the demonstrated advantages of the DIPHOTERINE® solution regarding efficacy ?} Scientific publications, studies and articles on DIPHOTERINE® solution, Scientific publications, studies and articles on Hexafluorine® solution, Chemical risk, from physico chemical to toxicology, Human decontamination special hydrofluoric acid. The micronized spray ensures a non-aggressive decontamination of the skin. Diphoterine Mini-Dap 200ml Sprays (6) ... Diphoterine solution Micro DAP spray is a single use, portable unit. This first aid aerosol spray contains absorbing ingredients, which bind and neutralise chemicals immediately. It is registered as a Medical Device in Europe. 4. A derivative product, the HEXAFLUORINE® solution, is available and efficacious for HF exposures. This equipment makes it possible to decontaminate a person, from head to toe, in the event of a chemical splash onto the whole of the body. Company Registration Number: 422530, Thermally Heated Protection Box for Portable Shower Unit (Ref: CGF.F), DIPHOTERINE® LIS / SIEW Portable Eyewash 50ml, Wall Mounted Eye and Skin Wash System (Thermally Heated). Diphoterine solution is a Health Canada Approved Class 2 Medical Device with a two year shelf life. This website complies with European GDPR regulations and uses technical, statistical and functional cookies to improve your experience and save your session. The DIPHOTERINE® solution has active binding sites and as an amphoteric compound can bind chemically opposite compounds such as acids-bases, oxidizers-reducing agents, etc. But water causes the chemicals to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Its hypertonicity also aids in setting up an osmotic gradient which can stop the penetration of chemicals and assist in removing chemicals which have already penetrated. AFTERWASHII® is a comfort rinsing solution, isotonic to the tears. When utilized during the initial minute following the splash and with the total quantity delivered from the application device, external decontamination with the DIPHOTERINE® solution has the objective of preventing or minimizing the appearance of lesions, and thus the risks of sequelae. What are the limitations of the DIPHOTERINE® solution? – Training sessions are regularly organized in Paris for all prevention workers and specialists, on evaluation and prevention of chemical risks at the workplace. As PREVOR Laboratory specializes in chemical risks, that the product is replaced before it loses its sterility, that the washing solution conserves all of its properties, that the dispenser remains functional and retains optimal reliability for the end users. Description of the Morgan lens: Is it necessary to use the entire container? Because the DIPHOTERINE® solution very rapidly relieves pain once decontamination is started, the use of the total appropriate volume must be an important and frequently emphasized subject of worker/rescuer training. Santry, Dublin 9, D09 Y2F7 The DIPHOTERINE® solution is hypertonic in order to stop and avoid the penetration of the chemicals into the tissues. The anaesthetic is thus, in practice, often of no use. Email: info@innovection.net It is a chelating compound. It is not currently recommended for this purpose in humans. No toxicity has been reported in human workplace use despite the fact that the manufacturer has had an active pharmacovigilance program. 8. Description: An autonomous eye wash bottle containing 500ml of Diphoterine® solution with an ergonomically eye-shaped top and flow control to aid decontamination. Because it is active against a very wide variety of chemical substances, the DIPHOTERINE® solution is particularly well-suited for use with unknown chemical exposures. No. We are scientists making technology useful to our customers and reducing an accident to an incident. Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions about the DIPHOTERINE® solution. Nota : With an hypertonic solution, the decontamination is then accelerated. a)The DIPHOTERINE® solution is not recommended for white phosphorous decontamination. An amphoteric compound is one capable of binding (and thus decontaminating) opposing chemical substances such as acids-bases or oxidizers-reducing agents. Dr Harold Merle, Centre Hospitalier de Fort de France. Shelf Life: LOA - AFTERWASH Bottle - 2 years from date of manufacture. {slilder 6. The DIPHOTERINE® solution neutralizes the splashed chemical actively. 10. The DIPHOTERINE® solution should be used as soon as possible after nearly all skin/eye chemical splashes, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid (HF) splashes when the HEXAFLUORINE® solution should be used instead. Shelf Life. I believe it was £60ish for a small "one shot" eye bath. Why is there a shelf-life of two years? The HEXAFLUORINE® solution can also decontaminate eye/skin splashes due to fluorides in an acidic environment. What is the mechanism of action of the DIPHOTERINE® solution? Is the DIPHOTERINE® solution a chelator? b) Is its efficacy in the first few minutes the same after a long delay ? Single use Products. Could a Morgan lens be installed on a PREVOR eyewash? The HEXAFLUORINE® solution is a derivative of the DIPHOTERINE® solution specifically designed to rinse hydrofluoric acid eye/skin splashes and bind and neutralize both the H+ corrosive ions and F- toxic ions of hydrofluoric acid (HF). The DAP shower has a shelf life … Is the DIPHOTERINE® solution useful for thermal burns? For dusts and other chemically inert substances, the DIPHOTERINE® solution is supplied as a sterile water-based solution and thus has dilutional and mechanical rinsing activity. 3. No adverse effects have been reported following its use in industrial accidents. 16. What can you do with the DIPHOTERINE® solution after utilization? The DIPHOTERINE® solution is optimally utilized as soon as possible after the skin/eye chemical exposure and in sufficient volume. The 2-year shelf-life is to ensure : that the product is replaced before it loses its sterility; that the washing solution conserves all of its properties; that the dispenser remains functional and retains optimal reliability for the end users It was not irritating to the eyes of normal human volunteers. Shelf life 2 years. What happens if the DIPHOTERINE® solution is used when there hasn’t been a chemical exposure? PREVOR put its system of patented eye washes on the market in order to fulfil various requirements, in particular those related to the principle of emergency washing in the workplace: The possibility of using the Morgan lens had been considered but dismissed, following various tests showing: It is for these reasons that PREVOR conceived, developed and patented its own system of a specific eyebath.

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