Lauren from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures similarly suggests 2-4 hours for elementary age students. Former 3rd grade teacher and current homeschooler Lauren from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures suggests making your schedule work for you. What are your top tips for parents and caregivers who are supporting distance learning? “Often, kids in the same family don’t work well with the same thing, but figuring out what works best for your kids will help,” says current homeschooler Christina from GilTeach. Getting the space ready will help them get ready to learn. Learning to adapt to a new way of learning takes time and patience for everyone involved. Diversity, inclusion, accessibility. Resources: Family Guide to At-Home Learning. We’ll also be updating the Toolkit with more resources for parents to help you support learning at home. Especially in bustling families like his own—Sharma and his wife work full-time—both parents need to take responsibility for helping their kids learn. One notion that I quickly realized came to me because I was hearing about parents … While “school hours” will look different in every home, educators offer some general guidelines. Explore distance learning guidance. She elaborates, “Your kids can read or rest but it’s a great time to have a break from technology and active learning.” Adds Ha from Happy Days in First Grade, “Taking breaks as a family for walks, playing board games, and reading together are activities that children can do with their parents to keep them active and engaged.”, Rest assured that screen time has increased in response to these temporary circumstances. Finland's New Nordic School gives parents some tips for distance learning at home with their child. For example, Stephanie Trapp has her children use milk crates to store their materials. 5 Things That Can Make Distance Learning Much Easier for the Entire Family Many kids will start the 2020 school year with distance learning. Do you have advice on how I can manage my team from home while also managing my kids’ distance learning? Talk to kids about the connection between bodies and brains and what happens in their bodies when they feel frustrated, excited, or sad. Parents, teachers and children have perhaps never been so collectively relieved to close the book (er, browser) on an academic year. We all have to do the best we can to work together during this time — open communication between students, teachers, parents and faculty is key. 10 Distance Learning Tips for Parents 1. You'll feel like a distance learning superstar and will think you're ready to homeschool even once school buildings reopen. Set some expectations of your own as well. If kids are sharing devices with siblings, make sure they understand how the devices are to be shared, including who gets to do what on the device and when. Even though school has gone to an online learning format, treat school days just like you would if your child was attending school as usual. And children crave their parents’ attention, during the best of times. 3. Other days may leave you in tears, wondering how on earth you will survive the rest of this season. While many students continue to succeed in traditional school settings, we are fortunate, today, to have numerous opportunities for those students who don’t quite fit this mold. You can create a visual schedule they can follow. (But always ask before you post anything!). Pediatric group calls for children to return to schools despite coronavirus. Let them help with laundry and other chores and they will be learning work ethic and responsibility.”, Sheila Cantonwine recommends dedicating an hour of each day to non-screen time. 7 distance learning tips for parents. First and foremost, educators encourage parents to give themselves grace and to trust that their best is enough in these unprecedented circumstances. Platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology and Edmodo are possible options for teachers to stay involved in your child’s learning and development. Try some tips, tricks, and best practices for distance learning with low internet bandwidth. Remember that distance learning at home … They get out their crate in the morning and when they’re finished with school, all their materials go back in the crate.” she explains. With that foundation in place, here are some nitty-gritty tips to help parents and caregivers keep kids focused, interested, and balanced while learning from a distance: Common Sense is the nation's leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to thrive in a world of media and technology. Share when you’ve worked hard so others can celebrate with you. Parents must also be in the digital loop. Older kids can use a calendar, planner, chalkboard, or. share ideas, inspiration, and connect with teachers from around the world! And the hope is that we -- parents, caregivers, teachers, and school leaders -- are now better prepared to support kids in their social, emotional, and academic growth during the pandemic. Get inspired for the new school year with these helpful organizers for parents and teachers. As Rebecca from Edventures at Home says, “If you’re taking the time to read this post, you clearly love your children and want the best for them. Try some tips, tricks, and best practices for distance learning with low internet bandwidth. “Crossing off those little things that don’t actually need to be on the list builds momentum to be able to cross off the big or boring things,” adds Rebecca from Edventures at Home. Within the schedule and structure you’ve set, educators recommend giving your child choices. Join our community of educators and We know that helping children learn at home can be a daunting task, and just the thought of distance learning can seem like a pain. Call it what you want—e-learning, online school, remote or distance education—it didn’t feel much like “real” school for anyone involved. Adjusting to At-Home Learning: Practical Tips for Parents and Kids In the world of COVID-19, distance learning has become the norm Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Pssh. As a former teacher turned work-from-home-mom, distance learning was a challenge for my daughter and me, too. While some students may excel at distance learning, for others it’s critical that they be in a classroom in order to retain what they learn. But Jaime Bassman, MS OTR/L, gives us a zillion tips on how to do this at home, easily! If your school or child’s teachers are looking for resources to continue learning online, check out the Distance Learning Toolkit we’ve put together to help schools quickly get started. Instead of saying "good job," try giving specific details about your kid's work. Parents aren't trained teachers. Social distancing and coronavirus have shaken up all of our routines. Think about who could help fill in the gaps -- look to family, friends, teachers, and others for help.

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