It takes 50 bananas to fill it and obtain a Wild Move. When the racer grabs their team's color of balloon, the effect of what's inside may last longer than if the other team had gotten it. Some examples are Golden Bananas, barrels, and Launcher Barrels. It splits into three barrels for more chances of hitting someone from behind. A pink centipede that crawls near the finish line after being summoned by touching a specific Surprise Panel. With games like Donkey Konga and its sequel, and the thrill of action from beating up villians and foe kongs from the challenging Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, we've been pounding back into Donkey Kong and his heart all over again. Super Mario Wii Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They can be destroyed only if the player is invincible or is using an. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast FAQ By: Super Slash Version: 1.0 Email: ----- ===== VERSION HISTORY ===== v 1.0 - Submitted the guide NOTE: To find what you're looking for, hold Ctrl and press F (Apple for Macs), and type in, for example "V. Walkthrough", without the quotations. Characters are able to attack each other by attacking with the A button. "Donkey Kong Barrel Blast" Does anyone have the controls Dolphin Wii? Touching another player while under the effects of this item causes them to lose ten bananas. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! In Donkey Kong 64, all Barrel Cannons look like Blast Barrels, even though only a few actually act like them. Each character has three stats, all of which are shown when highlighting them on the character select screen. Unlockable characters appear during a race, but Wrinkly Kong, Cranky Kong, and King K. Rool need to be unlocked before they can appear as CPU opponents. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast features a variety of Barrels. One hit defeats it. According to Famitsu sales data, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast sold 79.201 copies in Japan by the end of 2007[1]. The player selects two to five of any of the race courses, but one race course cannot be selected twice. The swarm can be removed instantly if the player runs into it while invincible. A special yellow Launcher Barrel. The steel rims on their entrances are also colored white in those games as well as Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. A piranha that is encountered only near waterfalls. The first three correct moves earns them ten bananas, but getting all four commands right earns them an additional fifty for a total of eighty bananas. Only one racetrack is in a course of its own, which is in outer space. A bat that flies around in a set pattern. The items are used to give players advantages over their competitors, similarly to the Mario Kart series, though the game has various other elements unique to it, such as using Wild Moves to gain a speed boost or riding on Animal Buddies to smash through obstacles. Racers slow down when struck by their attack or by colliding with them directly. They attack racers by leaping out of the water and biting them. Blast Barrels return in Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, looking and acting the same as in the original version of Donkey Kong Country. Some are also spawned by touching a Surprise Panel. When a race is completed, players receive a certain amount of points depending on which position they finished a race in. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, known as Donkey Kong Jet Race in Europe and Australia and as Donkey Kong Barrel Jet Race in Japan, is a racing video game for the Wii game console. When opponents run into it, they lose ten bananas. Players that run into one causes the barrel to blow up, as well as anything adjacent to it. A wild move gives the player a boost and allows them to ram enemies, obstacles and other players. A Blast Barrel[1][2][3], also known as an Auto-Fire Barrel[4] or Cannon Barrel[5], is a common type of Barrel Cannon that appears throughout the Donkey Kong Country series. Bananas are found on the racetracks and are used to fill up a gauge that contains Wild Moves, which give players a small speed boost when used; this move can be extended by repeatedly crashing into barrels, certain enemies like Zingers or other players, making them lose ten bananas. They can destroyed safely only if the player is invincible, and it gives five bananas when destroyed. It can also pull in Item balloons, but not Golden Bananas. If two or more human players are playing, only four racers are present but the point spread remains the same. Ultra Barrel DK never appears as a CPU opponent even after being unlocked, as he can only be used by human players. If used by a Kremling, the barrels turn into TNT barrels. Items are obtained by getting "?" Several types of barrels are also present, each with a different purpose. A monkey that throws bananas and barrels at the racers. The Blast Barrel can launch the Kongs at great distances and often allows them to reach a location that cannot be reached by other means. Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast for the Nintendo Wii, brings Donkey Kong into a new generation of pounding action. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, "It's a Blast Barrel that puts you into a 1-Up Balloon guessing game. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It has been requested that additional images be uploaded for this article. This type of barrel is rarely seen and is found on few tracks. Trivia [edit | edit source]. GameSpot and IGN gave it 4.5 out of 10 each, and GamePro was the harshest by calling it "the worst game of 2007". It flies to the opponent behind the user and rams them, making them lose ten bananas. A defeated enemy rewards a racer with ten bananas. A bunch of bananas that gives the player 30 bananas when used. One hit defeats it and they can help a racer with Wild Move combos. Difficulty selection ranges from Rookie (Beginner in Europe and Australia), to Pro, to Expert, the latter two which must be unlocked before the player can use them. Intially announced for release on the Nintendo GameCube with support for the bongo controller, it was released for the Wii in mid-late 2007 in Japan and North America and early 2008 in Europe and Australia. To unlock Expert difficulty, the player needs to win the Platinum Cup on Pro difficulty. Players can carry up to six Wild Moves. A banana on fire that users can place onto the track. If used by a Kremling, the opponent also loses one Wild Move. Simply colliding into a barrel causes a minor speed drop. Three difficulty levels not only control the difficultly of CU players during a race, but how fast a player will move once they reach their top speed, with Rookie being the slowest, Pro being medium and Expert being the fastest. If used by a Kremling, it gives two extra Wild Moves. A unique feature in this game is the ability to ride a Toboggan, a Minecart, as well as Animal Buddies. Players that run into the swarm are attacked, with their speed slowed down, where they must accelerate to get rid of them. and Mario Kart DS. balloons on the racetracks. As the Chomps, both can be defeated in one hit, but electrified variants can be defeated safely only by attacking it while invincible. Additionally, also drawing inspiration from the Mario Kart series, more powerful items are awarded to racers who are further behind; players in first place are likely to get either the weaker Banana Bunches or Backward Barrels items, while those near last place may get a Crystal Coconut, Mega TNT Barrel or Quawks.

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