The program in the link below makes using DOX BOX a bit more user friendly (Wing Commander 1 comes with the package). Mit den 8088, 8086 und 80186 stand nur ein Adressraum von maximal … Try DOS BOX . Larry DOS can't move anything out of conventional memory without it. Still, dos 7 should work fine, and if you don't download a ready-to-go boot floppy you can still easily make one to play with from the dos command. Most other DOS programs will use expanded memory only to get around the DOS 640K barrier. Anyone have any experience with the expanded memory question that might help me? The Expanded Memory Solution. It runs on most versions of DOS and Windows (32-bit), including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server 2003/2008. This allows you to use the upper memory area. The command dos=high,umb will load a portion of dos into the high memory system and make the Upper Memory Blocks available. Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.1 and Microsoft Windows require that extended memory be available in order to operate. Do use EMM386.EXE. Need to run expanded memory to run an MSDOS program running windows 7 ult. We have another Dell running Windows 2000 Pro that does show expanded memory on the memory tab, will run this DOS program, and does get enough memory for this large file. Sorry about that! Also, you said "expanded memory" and I said XMS - I was wrong, expanded memory is "EMS", extended memory is "XMS". On this same line, you need to add the word RAM if your program requires expanded memory, or NOEMS if your program does not use expanded memory. Thank you very much. That is not even my question, much less the answer. The expanded memory uses 64K of upper memory space, which otherwise could be used for DOS device drivers and TSRs (including Invisible LAN). Load a portion of DOS into the High Memory Area (HMA) In this case the NOEMS switch has been used to indicate that no extended memory should be used to emulate expanded memory. Under DOS, applications must explicitly use either expanded or extended memory. But some programs require expanded memory, so we show how to set up an "EMS" configuration that includes expanded memory. auch 80286 gedacht. EMS Magic is an expanded memory (EMS) emulator for DOS programs. Die Expanded Memory Specification (kurz EMS genannt, oft unglücklich zu „Expansionsspeicher“ eingedeutscht) ist eine Schnittstelle zum Zugriff auf sogenannten Expanded Memory auf einem x86-kompatiblen PC im Real Mode.. Sie war für PC auf Basis von Prozessoren der Typen 8088, 8086, 80186 und ggf. Looking up EMS and emm386 might help you get to the right place.

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