It's always a wicked splash bash at FOC Sentosa with Aquaholic (. RECOMMENDED: The best gay bars in Singapore and the best nightclubs in Singapore. Like many queens, he tucks because he “doesn’t want to be performing and be showing (his) balls everywhere.”, Most of his costumes cost under S$100, and are either from Chinese websites or handmade. Living the double life as a drag queen Adam Ameng is a student by day, and a drag queen by night. “I did my photoshoot and my makeup in my parents’ house and they saw me in drag. As the interview comes to a close, Fadli offers one last maxim: “For those who are not comfortable being themselves, you just gotta learn how to speak out and spend your time with someone who is loud and bubbly. One of Singapore’s most renowned drag queens, Kumar’s hugely successful show at the Boom Boom Room in the 1990s was a notable moment for drag culture in Singapore. But they are both bubbly and get along well with everybody else.”. As Fadli puts on his makeup, I see Salome Blaque emerge. Heads up! This professional drag queen is looking to add another feather in his crown, by taking part in Mr World Singapore 2020. We can vouch for one thing – no two shows are the same. Every second Saturday of the month, the drag star steals the limelight with her various alter-egos such as a Thai agogo queen, a Biology teacher, a Shanghai nightclub hostess, and a Moulin Rouge cabaret girl. Start your weekends right by heading to this watering hole on a Friday night. I remarked on the difference and it earned a laugh from him. Yet, despite the thriving scene, Fadli reveals there are still people who are “backwards”. We already have this email. To achieve Salome’s curvy figure, he gets his ‘acting manager/stylist/advisor’ Fairul to cinch him into a tight corset. As Fadli begins his three-hour makeup transformation during our interview, he tells me Salome Blaque is his nighttime alter ego. On average, a performance would earn a queen S$200 onwards. The local drag scene has almost 50 queens in the fold now. If they don’t pay your bills why would you listen to them, you know? Big hair, big lips, big ass. He revealed: "I used to have an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and to face it head on as part of overcoming it, I performed 'Talking Body' by Tove Lo, [while in my drag character]." Shyly, I ask if tucking makes peeing a problem to which Fadli shakes his head. Queens like Gina Gemini and Vanda Miss Joaquim also come to stunt. So I’m very fortunate that my (Malay Muslim) parents are supportive of my choice.”. Some call it a performance and others; a craft. And once he slips on a green embroidered top with puffy sleeves, the change is complete. ‘Salome’ is a reference to the late Saloma, a Singapore-Malaysian singer and film actress who embodied the glamorous lifestyle and attitudes of local Malay Cinema in the 1960s. Already well into its second season, Drag Wars 2.0 is bigger, better, and arguably more dramatic. Despite these unfortunate encounters, Fadli has never felt unsafe in drag. The student by day and drag queen by night now performs once a month at local clubs and private events, earning about $200 per show. Only this time, as fashion photographer Fadli Rahman; sans layers of makeup, corseted body, and five-inch heels. Drag queens are having a moment right now. It's always a wicked splash bash at FOC Sentosa with Aquaholic (next one's on July 6). After makeup, he adds padding to his curves with foam cut out from an unused mattress and slips into his costume and shoes. Most queens belong to one of the three local drag houses, each with drag mums who mentor newer queens. SG Magazine is the official media for Drag Wars Singapore. It was my first live drag show, and I was enthralled to meet a queen in the flesh ever since I discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race. Here, I notice how Fadli’s demeanour takes on a more sombre tone as he deliberates over how to best answer my question. What used to be considered underground entertainment is now thriving in Singapore's nightlife scene where drag shows are performed in … Every time he moves past a mirror or reflective surface, I catch him checking himself out and I know he’s feeling his look. Go out and like, live life a little.”, “Just be yourself, be free and then you will know what your limits are, and that will help you know who you want to be.”. But leave your inhibitions at the door as things get filthy, trashy, boozy, and most definitely, entertaining with Becca D'Bus. And as much as half of his earnings go to makeup, shoes, and wardrobe. “I’m very curvy, most of the materials I need to wear need to be stretchy and hug my body well.”. Lipstick, heels, gown – in Singapore, a small but growing number of men, and women too, cross-dress as anime characters of the opposite sex at cosplay conventions. But you pull it and punch me, you just disrespected me as a person.”. The bona fide queen serves her signature brand of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent alongside her guest sisters like Vanda Miss Joaquim, Lisa Dolmat, Arya Dunn, Erianna Conda and Victoria Wondersnatch at the Riot! And that’s when I realise Salome’s bold, ‘I’m-gonna-do-my-own-thing’ attitude is not a front Fadli puts up to entertain. Unlike Salome, the 27-year-old is soft-spoken, almost shy. “I usually hold it in until I get home.

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