The following drawing shows the proportions of sand. Tape-type tubing(T-Tape or Chapin Tape) is primarily used by vegetable farmers, both large scale and small. Main-tenance costs are often lower due to reduced overspray, runoff, erosion, compaction, water staining, and property damage. Only the Turbo SC emitters (of all the pressure compensating emitters) can be opened to be cleaned if necessary. It is that simple! In areas where gophers and other rodents are problems, no drip or spaghetti tubing should be buried or they will chew through it. As the equipment requirements are numerous with drip irrigation, initial investment and annual costs may be high when Compared with surface or portable sprinkler irrigation systems. Also, buried emitters can have problems with clogging due to root intrusion or back-siphoning of dirt. In this case, use the suction filter to get relatively clean water. 101 •Know, Know, Know –1 Know your water supply –2 Know your system components –3 Know your limits • Install the Drip Irrigation System . these drippers are fixed on the lateral by punching suitable size holes in the pipe. These filters come as the primary filter unit, and this is powerful against inorganic suspended solids, biological materials, and other organic substances. Despite observed successes, some problems have been encountered in the mechanics of applying water with drip equipment for some soils, water qualities, and environmental conditions. Thank, you can use this information for education purpose. When assembling fittings, cut the tubing with pruning shears or a sharp knife and be careful to keep dirt out of tubing and fittings. Most municipal building codes require the use of these devices. Large systems should use 3/4” hose (or break the system into segments or use more than one faucet hook-up). The first step to correctly setting up a drip irrigation system is a good design … A pump of a suitable capacity Water pump is used to supply water through the components of the drip irrigation system at a specific level of pressure. such that they will get the trunk wet. They can be utilized more like standard sprinklers in that there are many different patterns available for use, although the gallonage and radius involved is much less. Hose thread connections will seal with the washer included on them. Enable the use of saline water for irrigation. Sub-surface drip systems have gained wider acceptance due to a removal of earlier problems of clogging at a large extent. Some systems require cleaning out the filter every time the system is run and some people only have to do it once a year (depends totally on your water quality). Fig 1: Hose bibb, double Y connector, low flow pressure regulator, inline hose filter, CHS adapter, drip hose, Fig 2: Hose bibb, double Y connector, transition fitting, Y filter, Medium flow pressure regulator, transition fitting, CHS adapter, drip hose. it mostly uses for the greenhouse crop, the price of this dripper slightly high. The media filters are available in different sizes ranging from 500 to 900 mm diameter with an output of 15 to 50 Cu.M. Follow these guidelines to maintain drip irrigation system –. For drip irrigation, Field leveling isn’t vital. the capacity of discharge of water available  2L/hour, 4L/hour and 8L /hour. Due to the sub-surface drip method, there is less intervention in agriculture or any cultural practices and possibly more operational life. Make a … Sometimes a fine particle, dirt pass through filter and store in the main and sub-main tubs, Laterals, Therefore, to clear these tubes, remove the end cap, Flush Valve and let the water flow. Drip Irrigation Design . Application of fertilizer into irrigation system is done by either a by-pass pressure tank or by venture pump or direct injection system. Within each classification, there are differences in the performance of various products (advantages and disadvantages) so don’t take this as an ironclad rule of thumb. Besides this, salts and chemical deposits can be deposited in emitter or lateral pipe this leads  Clogging it will adversely affect the rate and uniformity of water application, increase maintenance costs, and result in crop damage and decreased yield, if not detected early and corrected timely.

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