According to Durkheim, people see religion as contributing to the health and continuation of society in general. Theory of Religion by Emile Durkheim’s Emile Durkheim’s last major book “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” 1912 is often regarded as the most profound and the most original of this works. Because they tended to explain religion away by interpreting it as an illusion. According to him, Australian totemism is the most primitive and simple form of religion known to us today. Very commonly the view is held that spirit visits a man in sleep, that too when he is experiencing dreams. They have not talked about the origin of religion and not suggested to how modern religion functions in the society. Tweet It serves to All societies Durkheim developed the idea that study of religion in its most complex form can be understood, accomplished only when religion is studied in its most primitive and elementary forms. For if man worships society transfigured, he worships an authentic reality; real forces. either in their object, the results which they produce, or the processes His duty was to know the problem of the society. Instead of Animism or Naturism Durkheim took the totemism among the Australian tribes as the key concept to explain the origin of religion. Taking the word in a very broad sense one might say that it is the god worshipped by each totemic cult; but it is an impersonal god, without a name, without a history abiding in the world, diffused in a countless multitude of things.”. Tylor asserted that the primitive man could hardly explain a dream in which he had certain actual experiences. Sociology. Continued with the second socioligist that is Emile Durkheim that also wrote a theory about religion after Karl Marx. the study of religion. to learn Those things deemed profane were everything else in the world that did not have a religious function or hold religious meaning. The explanation of religion which Durkheim is about to provide amounts according to him to save the reality of religion. The rest are defined as profane-the everyday, the common place, the utiliarian, the mundane aspects of life. united to one another, reaffirm in common their common sentiments; hence They were part of rites, objects of reverence or simply behaviors deemed special by religious beliefs. transcend self and act for the social good. INTRODUCTION Almost a century ago, Durkheim provided sociologists with a formidable conceptualiza-tion of the link between religion and suicide. According to Durkheim, Religion is a division of the world into two kinds of phenomena. London: Sage Prohibited Content 3. More generally Durkheim’s view of religion as socially determined led him to seek to establish causal relation between features of social structure and the content of religious believers and ritual practices. Suicide: A Study in Sociology. The principal notions utilized by Durkheim are those of clan and totem. The ancestral ghosts which were endowed with super human powers, were believed to manipulate human affairs and natural forces. The confusion of the relationship between religion and science. sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden--beliefs While men are losing faith in the old religions, new religions will be By Frank W. Elwell . While explaining the origin of religion, Durkheim says, “The individuals who compose the group feel themselves bound to each other by the very fact that they have a common faith” (1972, p. 223). (1954, p. need a set of common values and moral guidelines to inspire their Also see New York: The Free Press. Free Press. Durkheim also sought to identify the common things that religion placed an emphasis upon, as well as what effects those religious beliefs had on the lives of all within a society.

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