Deforestation and Biodiversity Quiz. General Knowledge Quiz GK Questions with answers on Environment Ecology: Biodiversity Set III consists of 10 MCQs which are important for examinations like … Quiz: Environmental Issues. Answer: United Nations Environment Programme. 19) Which is the world famous monument of India is affected by air pollution from a nearby factory? Answer: The use of chlorofluorocarbon by man. What year did the United States EPA declare greenhouse gasses a threat to public health? Climate Change Quiz. Over 155 trivia questions to answer. 38) India has one of the rarest monkeys in the world in the western ghats. 50) What is the name of Britain’s nuclear-fuel reprocessing plant? Identify this species: 47) ‘Keibul Lamjao National Park’ is a unique wild life sanctuary. C carbon dioxide and methane. 5) Which is the world’s largest type of earth worm? A lot of practice is required for solving ecology trivia questions. 6) Rain or other forms of precipitation containing acid formed by industrial pollutants is called _? In the way the environment has great importance in our lives, so the related questions also have great importance for all examinations. 18) What is the main factor responsible for ozone layer depletion? For every tonne of paper recycled, we save ... How much of our air pollution comes from motor vehicles, like cars and trucks? Take The Quiz. Name this. 33) Which European country uses its subterranean thermal water to heat 85% of its homes? Thankst a lot for the website. For instance the gestation period in human beings lasts about 9 months, what is the gestation period of an elephant? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 39) Although there are several species of monkeys on the earth, only one species build shelters for themselves on trees. Take The Quiz. 53) The acid which has a connection with the soil is _____ 57) Name the world’s largest species of Ox. What is the name of this primate? Which country currently emits the most greenhouse gases? These 10 questions will test how well you understand what it takes to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 55) Both whale and whale shark are gigantic creatures living in the oceans. 49) What are the three main greenhouse gases? Answer: The polluted water from factories can be treated in sewage treatment plants to control water pollution. General Knowledge Quiz. Are you a whiz when it comes to green trivia? 26) How can we reduce the pollution by smoke from factories? Whale Conservation Quiz. Answer: Sloth (can be seen in South American jungles). How long does it take for carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere to disperse? What is the leading source of energy in the United States? Answer: By using electrostatic filters in the chimneys of factories. 56) The period from the time of conceiving a baby till the time of delivering it is known as “Gestation Period”. Where are they found: Answer: Musk Ox, found in Canada and Denmark. 41) In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote a book which is now very popular in Environmental Literature. Answer: Carbon dioxide, Methane and Chlorofluorocarbon. Environmental Education Italy and Mexico announce bold climate education initiatives at COP25 Answer: Temperature, pressure, wind velocity and humidity of atmosphere. It is floating on the surface of a lake, in which state of India is it situated? What is the most common type of waste that litters our oceans? What is such an accidental discharge of oil into water bodies called? 58) In one of the States of India all the tourist spots have been named after various birds. 13) What was the original of the British Green Party when it was formed in 1973? Ecology Trivia questions are not difficult to solve. How much do you know? 32) What is the use of sewage treatment plants? 46) Research-Scientists used one particular species of monkey for developing the polio vaccine by separating the ‘Rh’ factor in the blood. 52) The element which forms by the action of bacteria during the disintegration of dead organisms is? A lot of practice is required for solving ecology trivia questions. The oil is carried in huge sea going tankers. Ecology is a branch of biology that involves the study of the relationships between different organisms and their physical surroundings. To create just 1 kilogram of consumer goods, manufacturers create ... kilograms of waste. 60) Name the mammal which has become notorious as being a ‘blood sucker’: Answer: Vampire bats (they drink the blood of cattle and horses), Read: Famous Personalities Quiz Questions – Famous People Around the World, Famous Personalities Quiz Questions – Famous People Around the World, 100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers. The main gases responsible for the Greenhouse Effect are: A water and ozone. (a) Primary school stage. 42) The main theme of the ‘Silent Spring’ is the harmful effects of a particular insecticide. Welcome to our Environmental Quiz Quiz. Name this unique creature: 45) Who was the director of the environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth 1984-90? Quiz: Are You A True Star Wars Series Fan. 52) Which sea is so highly polluted that the Barcelona convention was set up in 1976 to try and clean it up? 27) Name the general term used to mean all the plants and fish thatcher live in water. 17) Which is the city most affected by the air pollution in the world? Environment Quiz Questions and Answers – Learn more about our Environment, Society and Culture True or False and Multiple Choice GK Questions, 100 GK Short Question and Answer - Short GK Quiz. Making small changes to the way you live can have a big impact on the environment. Take The Quiz. What’s the title of this well-known book? Ecology Trivia Questions Environmental Quiz [01] January 20, 2020 ; February 21, 2020 ; Environment ; Ecology Trivia questions are not difficult to solve. 54) Which European country is committed to decommissioning all of its nuclear reactors? So this layer is called a shield to the earth. Here we have provided Environment Quiz that makes you overcome the unawareness of Environment.Without referring all the books, sites and links., here we have given the description of the Environment General Knowledge Questions, which is the simple way to … �, Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. 23) What is caused by the release of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere? 3) Which environmental pressure group was founded in the UK in 1971? How much of the world's water is available for human use? Which is the slowest moving mammal among all of them? Approximately how much of global electricity output is produced from renewable sources? 9) Which is the worst disaster from a nuclear power plant? 22) What describes all the species protected by the CITES agreement? Ultimate Environment Quiz 20 Questions | By Cagreis | Last updated: Oct 22, 2020 | Total Attempts: 7718 Questions All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions 11 questions 12 questions 13 questions 14 questions 15 questions 16 questions 17 questions 18 questions 19 questions 20 questions 44) There is a reptile in New Zealand which has a third eye on its forehead. 1,000,000+ Questions and Answers 65,000+ Quizzes ... Environmental Health Quizzes Check your mastery of this concept by taking a short quiz. In which Japanese city was an agreement signed in 1997 in which countries promised to reduce their combined greenhouse gas emissions? 31) What are the two most widely used chemical fertilizers? … (b) Secondary school stage. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. According to the United Nations, the main cause of climate change / global warming is the result of: A water pollution. 51) What was the viral disease controversially introduced into Britain during the 1950s to reduce the rabbit population? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 20) This is a combination of smoke and industrial fog. Answer: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. How long does it take for glass to decompose? Test your child’s knowledge of the environment and help her to take environmental quiz questions and find out how good they are.

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