Vagrant Story was primarily developed by the team responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics, with Yasumi Matsuno serving … For 1,200 years, the House Nalzarc continued to rule the kingdom peacefully, until the power shifts to the Regency of Gurunas. [17][18] Sydney escapes with his accomplice Hardin and the Duke's son Joshua, leaving Ashley with a clue to his whereabouts. [50], In May 2000, Vagrant Story was the fifth best-selling PlayStation title of the month. To avoid discrepancies in the frame rate caused by the large number of polygon models, the modeling team had to select an aspect of each character to focus their attention. [4] In Battle Mode, when the player taps the attack button, a spherical grid appears around Ashley. Weekly Famitsu. The comic was freely distributed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2000 and included an interview between Matsuno and Square Electronic Arts assistant product manager Andrew Shiozaki. The kingdom's capital city is Valnain, an elegant Parisian city where the King's Palace, the Parliament building and the Valendia Knights of the Peace, or VKP, headquarters are located. [73], The "Summer of Adventure" North American release, Shiozaki, Andrew (w). [39] The duke then proceeds to kill Sydney, and he himself died soon after of unknown causes. [49] For the North American release, a 16-page comic-book tie-in with art by Steve Firchow, Clarence Lansang and Michael Turner of Witchblade fame was published by Eruptor Entertainment and Squaresoft. "[58], Alexander O. Smith is responsible for the English localization of Vagrant Story, using archaic English as compared to its straightforward Japanese version. [1] In addition to Chain Abilities, Defensive Abilities allow Ashley to reduce or reflect damage or avoid status ailments. meet the familiar characters such as Ramza, Ba’gamnan and even Fran, bring the heartwarming nostalgia from childhood to whole different level of excitement.. Art director Minagawa mentioned that painstaking detail were given to each individual model, even to characters that only appear for a few seconds in the game. The game was released in 2000, and has been re-released through the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita consoles. [70][71] Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood referenced the game further in 2017 through the Return to Ivalice raid series, most notably by including an alternate version of the city of Valnain and Leá Monde as existing locations in its own world. Individual body parts within this sphere can be targeted. A Risk bar is placed below the HP and MP bar, representing the Risk Points the player has accumulated. The storyline conceived for the game follows Ashley Riot's origins as a dedicated government agent prior to being the titular "vagrant" who is "involved in many incidents" after the events in Leá Monde. Guildenstern continues on to the Great Cathedral in the center of the city, leading him to Callo, Hardin and Joshua. Enemy attacks and spells deal more damage if the player has high Risk. The contents include staff interviews, a detailed background story, and information on monsters and items. In North America, Vagrant Story was released as part of Square's "Summer of Adventure" that lasted from May to September 2000. The game received critical acclaim from gaming magazines and websites. 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Navigation is in real-time, and areas accessed by the player are stored in an in-game map menu. In the epilogue, Ashley goes to visit the ailing Duke Bardorba in his manor, although once they were alone, it was Sydney who was in the room. [7], The protagonist is Ashley Riot, a male member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP) in pursuit of a cult leader named Sydney Losstarot. [1], Magic in Vagrant Story is learned later in the game using Grimoires that are dropped by enemies. [63], Three years after its 2000 release, Vagrant Story was selected as one of Sony's Greatest Hits. Callo learned that Hardin was skeptical of Sydney's plans. According to an interview with Joypad, a French gaming magazine, in 2004, Yasumi Matsuno claimed during its development that Ivalice, the game world he created when he joined Square in 1995, is a complex world with a very long history and the stories of Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy XII are said to unfold quite close on the Ivalice map. begins. Located on an island surrounded by reefs, the walls have been the "witness of many battles" and are "stronger than the mightiest forts of Valendia". The story centers on Ashley Riot, an elite agent known as a Riskbreaker, who must travel to Leá Monde to investigate the link between a cult leader and a senior Valendian Parliament member, Duke Bardorba. Both discs were included in the North American release on May 15, 2000. This idea revealed in FFXIV means that the person who would literally enter minds would have been "Jack", the "tracker". Müllenkamp is a cult based in Leá Monde. As Guildenstern leaves for the Grand Cathedral, Rosencrantz searches for Ashley and Sydney. Escaping unharmed, Ashley encounters Rosencrantz who intends to join him, though Ashley declines. Also attempting to capture Sydney is Romeo Guildenstern of the Crimson Blades, whose mission was undertaken without the approval of the VKP.[8]. [30] Ashley was not interested in inheriting the powers of Darkness; seeing that Callo had been captured, his only intention is to rescue her.[31]. [59] Extensive detail was given to the background settings and character expressions. Vagrant Story is a solo action role-playing game, in which the player controls Ashley Riot from a third-person perspective while exploring Leá Monde and the catacombs underneath. Captivated by this small town's architecture, the design team went on a trip to France to adopt these styles into the game. for the one knowing it, you know how the story was soo much open at the end and how good this game was. [32] Rosencrantz reveals that the city is the Gran Grimoire and its power lies at the city center: the Grand Cathedral. [38] Ashley then confronts Guildenstern and manages to defeat him. Matsuno stated that a normal playthrough would take the player five to six hours to complete.[44]. The advantage, however, is the higher chances for the player to score critical hits and restore higher HP. [60], Eric Bratcher reviewed the PlayStation version of the game for Next Generation, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "Vagrant Story moves slowly, but with a compelling plot, great graphics, and a groundbreaking combat system, it rewards those with the patience to master its intricacies. Matsuno is playing FFXIV ARR :)". Murata, the main programmer, expressed his concerns in working towards a large-scale three-dimensional game for the first time. It is during this war that House Bardorba rose to prominence for helping House Nalzarc and the other noble houses win against House Gurunas two years into the war. Certain magic spells allow the player to affect multiple targets by using a small sphere positioned within the Battle Mode wire frame. [45][46] Vagrant Story was released with two discs; the first disc is the game itself, while the second disc is a demo disc released by Square to give the player a preview of seven titles. [10] Callo ends up being Sydney's hostage and discovers the truth of Müllenkamp's activities.

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