That our reader found carpet beetle larvae is also suggested by the fact that adult beetles were found around the reader’s house. Carpet Beetle Larvae (Image: I found one carpet beetle, does this mean infestation? Types of Damage Done By Carpet Beetles. Varied carpet beetles are also found outside and frequently enter homes through screened windows and doors, firewood and boxes previously stored in garages. But, I have a lot of clothes that lay around my room, so now I am worried! Lv 7. The larvae can be found indoors and outdoors, as well. In a car, there is a limited number of things these larvae could be eating, unless of course our reader’s car is full of debris. For one, it looks like a carpet beetle larva, with its brown and stripped body, and in addition, carpet beetle larvae are common household pests, and of course one is more likely to find a common pest than an uncommon one. This means they can damage leather books, carpets and rugs, stuffed animals and furs. I was laying in bed & a carpet beetle was in my blanket! In: Carpet Beetles Adult carpet beetles are around 1/8” to 1/4” in length, and the larvae are about 1/4” long. They also feast on man-made fibers containing perspiration, oil and food stains, besides eat insects, decayed animals and animal hair. Their varied appetite means that they won’t hesitate to help themselves to your clothing, carpets, blankets, and upholstered furniture, damaging them in the process. Carpet beetle larvae love to feed on natural fabrics, hair, and other insects; and so they can be found dining on leather, wool, cotton, and furs. Scientists research found it was the larvae of carpet beetles that were the problem. I have hardwood! It turns out the larvae shed their hairs in the carpet, which causes problems for some people who are allergic. Carpet beetle larvae mostly eat dander, fur, wool, silk, feathers, which are plant and animal substances. The hairs can even get under your skin! Inside, they hide in places where they can easily access food such as hair, dandruff, dead skin and dead insects. We reckon these larvae are eating the upholstery of the car, though they might also be feeding on old T-shirts or coats lying in the car. Jaime. Closely examine preserved animals or hides for live larvae or cast skins, as carpet beetles frequently infest these objects. The larvae have hairs on them. Carpet beetle larvae are common household pests, and they eat a wide variety of items found in a household. They are oval in … Is it possible for one carpet beetle to have gotten in my room? They come in a variety of colors depending on the species, but the most common are solid black, white, yellow, and orange-red. 2 Answers. Outside, the larvae can thrive in nests where they provide food like hair or bird feathers. I'm really scared to clean my room, so I'm waiting for a friend to come over. He says: “Carpet beetles are a relatively little-known issue in the UK, as pests like cockroaches and rats grab the headlines. Their larvae can also cause eye irritation and breathing problems. Therefore, they damage household items such as furniture and clothing. Relevance. Answer Save.

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