learn how to conjugate verbs in the present rather easily. French Present Tense worksheet with accompanying Powerpoint. In each case, you need to pick an appropriate subject ("je", tu" etc), pick the correct verb from the list to the right of the questions, and then make sure you put the correct ending on that verb. Claire (manger) un bonbon. ��aY Free French Worksheets - Explore even more free French worksheets here. They listen to 13. <> ���I]���9����fSd��d_#�$���upL*(��v�]�z������r��P~���V�{�Uy�1��n��L�:x;�qDL�\���Co_V����a�5. PDF (7.47 MB) French -er verbs task cards are perfect for practicing present tense verbs for the first time or as a great review for more advanced learners. �@�b��c`E���9Su�[I���e�+ԤW�C�뀃��'$��c'�'\�))���͜5I�m�`Y~Z�N��|m�v�uPL�؜Pх�ˠr2�$��Q2t�eyW�(�� endobj When the subject is "you", translate this with ��`�|苝,uc_��oT�N���Q�ru �3�� C�#��B ��ܭ`a�����5��yX�ꤰ ��!�����"Q�/�F��nU����a_"6"j�=�R":�Y]"O"\?� 1%�\\��,�܂@fS�(b����J�(F^��“�׏D*@L��(���=��b����g�;��v����s� 챖��ʺb2�T���v��.�N����!�'>��Er�l�KЧ۞S�����xC��M�a��1�� endobj Fully conjugated examples are given of each tense. You (sing. Person. endobj x��hY���MFh yA��� �m�5l�!6�t%�$Y��dD�V� ��Y����w����N+9�7��sc�/A|�,X�ʹ�/�U����$،�r������k��N8X)��y��� endobj 3 0 obj …�e���d�E���b��k8t~EXA�rl�,c��Գ�R�;�X�ɘ��f O:�5B� �Af�l�� ��o�D�W��5����(�`��no��!�RR`[u��e�=i E�P9��@"�塸��F��j�4�%(d�-�� �o�C�[�t6��t�(�[�O&/�.5E�����1F����Ų�@b�����z�#���ۢU�P�F�S�por�ʁD��COnu�U�ԋp�R@��6[2UA���R�ryDĤ�i��W�ڔ0L����� �d�� �v���@b碘#�}]ݗ5ƚ���Y�/�Ǥ詎�]�8��|�(�T�\c�r�(5j���\'�~ƕ)������7��[�B�`��U858�JY�9��v�U������ �4���Kpd�R͉�� ��\�hj Di��幜�_"���A��N�P�nu�L��n[��ǛGB9��n9D�Q��8u�o& �i��dZ��g�9z� $���M �r��3�������̘���n. They stay 9. 17 0 obj *�kk�x>^/�� �E���ƭ�2Վ���PvM�\��j�ԍ�U��jW0{��繻���z��ǎ�G=�Mu�R��cP�K��������@�:r�1S���2�}�/S�ݯ�2�}-S����2�}�(S�啁2u�N,���Ce�� Preview and details Files included (4) ppt, 2 MB. W�h��T�hyyGQ4$�s¥'��ˇ 1 0 obj > Other French exercises on the same topic: Present [Change theme] > Similar tests: - The Present Indicative - FLE : AVOIR au présent - FLE : ÊTRE au présent - FLE : Pouvoir au présent - Présent des verbes du 1er groupe - Conjugation of -er verbs, subject pronouns - Valeurs du Présent de l'Indicatif - Verbs -1st group-present endobj 23 0 obj I9��%cF�$�� ���I��z���h��,͓=+���Q�4w@KH�i��\��v�dN��6J���ꖢ��c_1Ti���tu�fɭ��=���g������g��o\q*tq�9��9n�n���L�÷�����nԇ��&,zg�r���{��p����[5�dÝZ��� G�����l��H�s����lmұ�m��C:��7m�f��1ꚴ���,:j �iXf�5'/����hΠ��ë �#����8k�5� k�������>�fY��uk�QT���y�@���%B�f=6q+e��*[F�̅����f5�m���6��Jv���m��kp���7�M qP��S�i�Io�hZ I jump 17. endobj (�E��LR5�!� �,��j��! pdf, 75 KB. %���� 15 0 obj 18 0 obj %PDF-1.5 16 0 obj 6 0 obj J,���Ce��:F,���P�꾤�� �=P��$�c1�'���Tw�;S~Vv�Lug�#1dA�ԑLn,������N�k�.����O�2��@�h������UCe�;��� )4P��$�b1� ��Tw�#S���P���+Db�(��? <> They sing 2. avoir. 3 0 obj To form or conjugate the present tense of all regular ER verbs you: 1. remove the ER ending from the infinitive Donner = infinitive remove the ER and you are left with ‘donn’ 2. add the following endings: Je e donn + e Tu es donn + es Il e donn + e Elle e donn + e Nous ons donn + ons Vous ez donn + ez. <> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 24 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> endobj [ 18 0 R] <> The table below shows the present tense conjugation of these irregular verbs. <> French Present tense worksheet to accompany the Powerpoint which you will find here. You (familiar) play 15. <> You (formal) show 5. ; Ils n' (habiter) pas ici. ����d�ٮ����z��"���Շef� English to French Verb Glossary - A handy glossary for you to look up the French equivalent for common English verbs. Presentación de verbos ; In italiano. ����a��g���+qӈ��$�I՗��$"�IQo�$� �r��!Z�� .o!���}R�Rd.���)�AVٌ2+�a�R1������f�RCy���Au9�5e�#ocV� ���-ܕC�����m=����J��=�9�,�B����&�D������ȮɊCSWs�v�Z��r�hȫA��9ejZ�Pwu�O��;\l5�@֖Z��5��L. a worksheet practising (mainly) regular present tense verbs in French, covering ER, IR & RE verb endings é a few irregular forms (only recognition) and a match up exercise - … 1. <> The pdf files (and particularly the interactive exercises) provide loads of verb conjugation practice. Free teaching resources from FrenchTeacherResources.com S��Y� �'2�5��Z��ɚ�����$H�ն�]xS�5{I���s��)r�c�j9�o�ˡ��A���Eq��r��VrX+� ;&r��wSh�9���y(NЕd�`�W���~��\BY������|�v˩��$��4��A���E1G�ϏM�=�q���,Kl��g����j1�rQ�Wѧr=V!�Rgw�fY�Ҝ��-����AĤ�E�C�ՍI�sm2���N_��Kp��9����/g���y4 Oa��]$�a7��w��h�J8o�/�jT���c��]�xdi�/f���lJIT�} <> <> fam.) New Resources. Updated: Nov 16, 2014. ppt, 2 MB. I jump 8. 4 0 obj <> 10 0 obj endobj ����3�{���Rnj�r�n6�9Y��g�L�tU� �y]iA��� �������f��M��G����3+�i&C���F���{H�_W��'��_xx��EX-.>���rz�q�D9���h�+ endobj %PDF-1.5 French er present tense verbs. You (familiar) break 7. <> 3. endobj He wears 10. doc, 25 KB. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> 20 0 obj endobj 7 0 obj <> You (sing. 8 and 9. homework. to have. <> I speak 3. <> stream Vocabulary Sheets; Word Mats; Extras; Like us on Facebook . The Present Tense: -ir & -re Verbs (verb drills for regular "-ir" and "-re" verbs in the present tense) Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense (exercises for irregular verbs; conjugate the irregular verb) Vocabulary Worksheets. 4.8 46 customer reviews. ��ϳe��G2*8�h���6���i4���zq8����s���NE�Rîyl�B��`B��T���� endobj [Claire is eating a bonbon. 8 0 obj x��\mo�6�n��A���WIŰ횽|��X1$C��J�Ǝ39i��#mZ�ޜb�A-��1O��=��FT�TD˫��F)��Q�H�D� FT-7�Y]뗟����d��r���z��8�7>��ޗd1�E�x��G�_�7��e�g9) Examples of our printable French worksheets: Glossaries. endobj He visits 4. 9 0 obj I love 12. THE PRESENT TENSE (REGULAR –ER VERBS) Instructions: Translate the following into French. The past participles (used to make the past tense, such as “fini”, “lu”, “connu”, pris”, etc. [ 13 0 R] 8 and 9 intro to er verbs in present tense. French Glossary - a printable version of our French glossary, with over 1,000 words! Quizzes; Games; Songs; Puzzles; Speaking; Assessment. fam.) stream The verbs avoir, être, aller and faire are irregular and are some of the most common verbs in French, meaning that it is important to learn their conjugation by heart. 11 0 obj 5 0 obj <> ��Q�{�q�ch�>0á2J�*1U��g�5�S���ݒ�����/�����w�8��x�p�=�e��]�`�® M@3DJ&!'`���.V�BQ����S�24?P�!va�t�ך,�b��=@H��6�_A1����:�ij�p����N�K�yx�X�t9��!�,�m:6�̝��.#��mM�͘’���p�7���nL7�{���;qW����v����r:���rG���D? doc, 25 KB. endobj 19 0 obj 14 0 obj endstream We dance 9. endobj )��Oyed"�bP�GT�ΝT���~�QVW���&|���v���}FW��Bŏ�R[� KF���v�me�IZxb@�|�!�cc���\)� ]|2 nd person plural: We remove the ending -er and add ez. Complete the sentences with the correct form of each verb in the present. endobj Other Worksheets. We look at 18. stream There are 40 task cards, with versions in French and English, that vary in difficulty from multiple choice and conjugation to sentence completion and answer. 3 Ils ent donn + ent Elles ent donn + ent. d��uB6[�ݶ�a�ȜNpGX�Ć-]�I����T��:�Q{��C�6�=�RL:�(��Q�a�ۥ ! endobj endobj A handout summarising the 6 French tenses which students are likely to encounter at GCSE level; perfect, imperfect, present, future, simple future and conditional. <> <> ask 6. We carry 12. endobj 8 and 9 intro to er verbs in present tense. 21 0 obj endobj x��XMo�8���Q:��7E��t�b�@��. ��ڽb���1���r�H�� }tN��$�6J�@�g_4l��0 1 0 obj endobj <> ... Reflexive Verbs; Present Tense; Perfect Tense; Future Tense; Imperfect Tense; Conditional Tense; Modal Verbs; Fun Stuff. 2 0 obj Perfect for French 1 students or I dance 3. �#q� �]�n��x���P�5�LSB`�R�f�g�C�.fW����q],�ͮD��ON2.u�|�x�]�� /gW��C5W�2��J����//�+�p��EU��88�0(������������k�s����WN����,�g�x;�fs�kW~s�v�J�r]�����`���>7���P�V��

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