Here are some fruits to cure dry cough and phlegm. 14 Ways to Get Rid of the TBC Medication’s Side Effects. About 9% of these are slimming tea, 7% are crude medicine, and 2% are herbal extract. Unfortunately, when a dry cough does not resolve quickly, it can be a cause … Tomatoes can cure cough quickly because it can improve the overall health of the body. Make sure you choose fresh kiwi. 20 Natural Ways to Break Up Phlegm in Chest in Fast! Its nature is cool, and it has no poison. The Best Ways to Prevent Ringworm in Scalp with Home Remedy, 7 Enterobius Infection Symptoms in Kids and Adult – Best Ways for the Treatment. ), Causes of Pin and Needles on Fingertips – Symptoms – Remedy. This is because the old cough can cause irritation in the throat. Squeeze the lime and mix with a little black pepper and breathe in a little at a time. 13 Fastest and Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Corns on Feet You Should Check Out! 10 Side Effects of Pineapple You Need To Know, 18 Dangers of Eating Noodles Everyday #1 Harmful for Health, 10 Symptoms of Thyroid in The Neck and The Remedies, 16 Natural Ways to Break Up Mucus in Throat #Effective, 16 Natural Ways to Break Up Chest Congestion in 15 Minutes, 25 Dangers of Eating Raw Garlic You Need to Consider, 8 Foods for Person with Mumps – Treatments and Prevention, 17 Signs and Symptoms of Mumps and Treatments, 12 Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder, 17 Ways How to Stop Running Nose in the Morning. Is It Safe to Use Petroleum Jelly on Skin? 15 Tips On Stress Relievers – 100% Works! This bothersome condition can be dealt with by eating and avoiding certain foods. 21 Ways on How to Whiten Buttocks Naturally at Home – It’s Easy and Affordable! 8 Types of Cardiac Arrhythmias That Need to be Watched Out, 12 Side Effects Of Applying Too Much Lipbalm, 12 Ways to Reduce Your Sweat While Doing Exercise, 13 Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption for Diabetes Patient, 12 Ways to Control Your Mind Before Doing Surgery for Patient, 13 Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure in A Healthy Way, Procedure for Gum Biopsy and its Benefits, 8 Benefits of Plank for Health and the Form of Ideal Body, 8 Functions of Aerobics to Form the Ideal Body, The Right and Most Effective Boiled Potato Diet in a Week, 9 Causes of Blood Mixed Mucus That People Don’t Know, 30 Ways How to Treat Yeast Infection in Your Mouth, 12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy (No. 13 Side Effects of Eating Raw Instant Noodles – Is It Allowed? 12 Foods That Make You Sleepy, Tired, and Sluggish After Lunch, 15 Breathtaking Effects of Honey on Dark Skin for Skin Goals, 14 Ways How to Eliminate Dandruff with Baby Oil, Is Seedless Grapes Good for Health? 12 Worst Foods That Cause Hemorrhoid Flare Up, 18 Things Not to Do When You Have Hemorrhoids, 13 Dangerous Foods for Stomach You Need To Be Careful. Heat stroke with thirst: Take one fruit, break it open and stir into boiled water. Lemon juice can overcome various types of flu symptoms such as cough, headache and nasal congestion. 15 Best Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads – Scientifically Proved! Orange contain high vitamin C is about 54 mg / 100 grams per serving. Causes and How to Overcome It, Dangers of Eating Standing Up (Watch Out to Healthy Eating Habit), Combination of Food That Cause Food Poisoning (Watch Out What You Eat! How to Get Rid of Bald Spot on Forehead – It’s Natural and Easy! Vitamin C in orange will also heal all the bacteria in the mucus in the throat. Fresh Fruit Juice Recipes for Weight Gain Treatment – It Works in 30 Days Consumption! Ways on How to Prepare Moringa Leaves Tea and Its Various Benefits, 5 Bad Side Effects of Mahogany Seeds for Health You Need to Know, This is How to Prepare Moringa Leaves Tea for Diabetes #Proven. Is It Safe to Use Permanent Marker on Skin? Natural vitamin C content in the kiwi can also relieve a stubborn cough. Do not eat potatoes or all foods of soy along with pineapple fruit because it can inhibit the work of enzyme bromelain in the body. 13 Side Effects of Snow Lotus – Uses – Cautions, 7 Warning Side Effects of Garlic for Health, 10 Side Effects of Turmeric for Health You Ought to Know, 10 Side Effects of Bitter Melon Most People Yet to Know, 6 Side Effects of Avocado Leaves That You Absolutely Have to Know, 8 Side Effects of Java Tea Leaves for Health – Important Cautions. Squeeze lemon and mix with a spoon of honey and drink for three or two times a day. Natural Diet Tricks, Is Seedless Papaya Good For Health? Why Does Fingers Suddenly Swollen – Cause, Type of Disease, Prevention, and Treatment. Your best bet would be dried fruit like sweet raisins, dried apricots & figs, until the cough is gone. Also read: Benefits of Papaya Flower for Your Health. Mangoes, Bananas and Citrus Fruits Food to avoid during cough also includes mango, banana and citrus fruits. If you like then can add a spoonful of honey. Here’s The Causes, Treatments, Prevention, Causes of Wavy Nails – Treatments and Prevention, Here’s The Home Remedies to Make Yellow Eyes White Naturally, How to Use Noni Fruit for Boosting Hair Growth, How to Make and Use Shikakai Fruit Shampoo for Hair Wash, How to Quickly Get Rid of Dark Neck with Lemons #Proven, The Most Dangerous Beverages which Causes Leukorrhea. Fruits, in addition to vitamins and minerals, also contain germ-killing properties that can undoubtedly improve the immune system. To get maximal treatment of cough with fruits, you should avoid some types of food triggers cough. Is It True That Dental Infections Trigger Meningitis and Heart? 8 Most Dangerous Side Effects of Soursop Leaves You Need to Consider. The skin, juicy part, and seeds all have a good sweet flavor. Also read: Causes of Cough During Night Time, Lime can treat a cough in a fast time. This type of cough is best treated with lifestyle modifications and natural dry cough remedies. The sweet taste of Lo-han fruit primarily from mixed mogrosides and are estimated to be about 300 times as sweet as sugar by weight, so that the 80% extracts are nearly 250 times sweeter than sugar. 14 Recommended Foods to Prevent Leukorrhea – Women Have to Know! 5. Uses of Cabbage Leaves for Breast Engorgement – Women Should Be Aware! Constipation in the aged:  Take 2 pieces of fruit, obtain the juicy part and the seed (put the shell aside for other uses), break apart, cover with water, and simmer. The Nutrition Facts, 7 Side Effects of Cassava Leaves for Health – You Need to Consider, Natural Ways to Cure Uric Acid without Medicine but Herbal Treatments, 17 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chickenpox on Body and Face Faster, How to Prevent Getting Bumps after Waxing Eyebrows with Home Remedies, Is Sourdough Bread Good for Weight Loss? Many things — from allergies to acid reflux — can cause a dry cough… How Can It Be Prevented? Acute or chronic throat inflammation:  Take half a fruit and 3-5 seeds. Inside is a partly dry, flexible substance containing the juice, as well as a large number of seeds. 12 Side Effects of Eating Banana Every Day – Good or Bad? 10 Side Effects of Ginseng Most People Missed Out! Soaking Feet With Warm Salt Water Turns Out to Be Healthy! 10 Dangers of Cassava Leaves for Body Health #Need to Know! Vitamin C will play a role to push the natural immune system in the body. 12 Foods High in Zinc – Incredible Benefits! 12 Effective And Fastest Ways to Fix Interrupted Sleep, 12 Dangers of Excessive Sugar Consumption – Awareness Needed, 10 Dangers of Not Washing Your Hands Before Eating, 19 Tips for Fasting Safely in Summer for Body and Soul, 16 Natural Ways to Clear Razor Bumps Easy and Fast, 20 Dangers of Vinegar and Baking Soda for Health, 11 Reasons Why You Have A Nose Bleed and How to Cure It, 8 Causes of Frequent Vomiting After Eating – Remedies, 5 Causes of Shaking When Hungry – Remedies – Risks, 10 Disadvantages of Not Exercising For Body Health, 20 Safe Ways How to Treat a Throat Infection While Pregnant, 11 Clearest Ways How to Speak after Stroke, 11 Risks of Sleeping with Dog You Need To Be Aware, 10 Simple Ways to Eliminate Nail Biting Habit, 20 Ways How to Prevent Pregnancy without Side Effects, 13 Negative Effects of Sleeping while Wearing Bra, 20 Dangers of Eating Eggs Everyday – Recommendation Intake, 15 Natural Ways to Cure Ulcer in Leg Fast and Effective, How to Use Egg White for Acne Treatment – 15 Effective Ways, 20 Lists of Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair, 20 Effective Ways How to Treat Allergic Pink Eye at Home, 17 Ways to Prevent Radiation Therapy Side Effects, 10 Bad Nose Picking Effects for Health – Warning and Tips, 10 Causes of Why Your Body Get Tired Easily – Solutions, 5 Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast Before School for Children, 12 Side Effects of Playing Gadget while Lying Down, 9 Negative Effects of Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach, 15 Ways to Cure Shingles with Home Remedies in 3 Days, 17 Ways How to Treat Runny Nose while Breastfeeding, 15 Ways How to Get Rid of Waxing Side Effects, 10 Proven Ways How to Prevent High Triglycerides, 10 Side Effects of Eyebrow Embroidery – Things to Consider, 20 Ways How to Treat Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns, 20 Ways How to Treat Post Traumatic Headaches, 30 Ways to Get Rid of Blisters from Sunburn with Home Remedies, 15 Ways to Get Rid of A Blister on Your Tongue with Home Remedies, 17 Ways to Treat Cuts on Face without Scarring Overnight, 14 Ways to Treat Molluscum Contagiosum with Essential Oils, 21 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dry Scalp With Home Remedies, 12 Home Remedies on How to Eliminate Yellow Eyes Due To Hepatitis, 12 Foods to Avoid After Chemotherapy You Must Know, 10 Fastest Ways How to Get Rid of Sneezing in the Morning, 11 Benefits of Vitamin B5 for Body Health, 20 Ways How to Treat Swelling after Tetanus Shot, 8 Home Therapies of Hyperuricemia You Must Know, 20 Ways How to Treat Thalassemia during Pregnancy (It Works!

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