Not that nice. Customers who bought this product also bought. I live in the west indies and I tried this recipe and was extremely happy with the result. It works better soaking the breadcrumbs in sausages so I reckon is worth a try in white pud. 200g ℮ Storage Type. Allergy Information . As you’ll appreciate, I have no experience of US plastic wrap. Been living in NB for last 30 years and seemed to have completely forgotten the white pudding. Sorry, Tom I’ve not done one of those – to start the ball rolling, the ingredients are given as: Oatmeal (24%) , Onions , Water , Beef Fat , Dried Blood (4%) , Salt , Natural Spices . Do you find it easier to use the skin as opposed to my way of using clingfilm to steam it? Soak the oatmeal in the water for 1 hour or so. The water in England will boil only at 100 C.I’m going to import some Irish stuff. tried the recipe today, its very good. Cooking white pudding is relatively straight forward but can be a little daunting if you have never done it before – we have two methods though which work extremely well. You’ve caught me out there Pat, I’ve never got around to increasing the onion! go-on ya would! Product turned out just as I remembered them. I would love to find a recipe thats close to their flavor. To eat, slice crossways into 5 - 10mm chucks and fry until brown. Customer Services: Consumer Relations, PO Box 118, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry. ", Galtee have been producing the finest rashers and puddings for decades and now these are available in many outlets in the UK, Galtee cheese is a long time favourite of Irish consumers the world over. Your recipe looks tasty though and the oatmeal is very important. Or maybe it would be best to mix the meat in with the oatmeal and water before the oats have fully absorbed the water so it’s not as stiff, thereby allowing the oats to soak up the water further after being in the casing, before cooking? So congratulations, and the calculator is a good idea, thank you. I will let you know how the white pudding turns out. Hi Ellen I'm somewhat incapacitated at present so replies may take some time. otherwise we woould have it sliced and fried.I am quite sure that it contained more oats and less meat maybe just a small amount but I am sure that it had a large ammount of fat. Mince all meat with flour and breadcrumbs and boil together with herbs and spices. Boil liver, lungs and heart till tender. I tried this after using the same method csuccessfully the first time, not realizing there was a difference with different types, and every one split open after a few minutes of being boiled because the plastic was too thin and wasn’t durable enough. I’m surprised by the amount of people I have asked whether they stock it, have never even heard of it!. Galtee bacon and puddings are perhaps the best known ingredients of the phenomenon we call "the full Irish breakfast!" Now, I have to admit, I can take-or-leave these Irish delicacies but I believe that this recipe is as close to the commercial ones, as we can get. White pudding is often thought of as a very old dish that, like black pudding, was a traditional way of making use of offal following the annual slaughter of livestock. In Ireland, the ingredients are stuffed into a sausage casing, but in Scotland it is not always the case, and the pudding is additionally flavored with onions and spices. Just finished smoking elk sausage links and also made Scottish Lorne sausage but that was a bit bland. 5gm Ground ginger I will inform you of the results! The spicing’s interesting as Summer savoury’s not a herb that appears in any other recipe that I’ve seen; it’s more often seen in Eastern European recipes. Only 18gm of this mix is used in the sausage above. Stuff into large pigs' casings and boil/steam at 75°C - 80°C for 1 minute per mm of width of the sausage. Do you think the meat mixture is too stiff to make it through a stuffer? Cape Breton NS. intestine casings It was tied into a ring and if we were to eat it whole we would bake it, the casing would get sooooo crispy. I live in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, the local company that produces freshly made White Pudding is Horyls in New Waterford. They were very different – one was like the recipe above (Shaws) and the other was a pinkish colour and firmer texture (Olhausen’s?). However, the spec is on the Clonakilty website: with an emphasis on curing and charcuterie. ROI Lo-call: 1850 924 632 NI Lo-call: 0845 378 0388. I don’t think that you’ll have a problem with a stuffer assuming that you’re using a large diameter casing with the large stuffing tube. Three packs of Irish Sausages (16oz), Three Packs of Irish Rashers(8oz), Two Sticks of Irish Black Pudding(10.6oz) and Two Sticks of Irish White Pudding(10.6oz) Bonus: 3-pack of Fresh Baked Irish Raisin Scones(9oz). There’s a recipe for the Scots version here: It tends to be when using the small diameter stuffing tube that stiff mixtures can be a problem. Remove sausages from the water and leave to cool, still suspended on stick. Hi Phil, I’m a Filipina engaged to an Irishman living in Malaysia. I’ll try it in the next batch I make; it sounds nice. I am embarking on this journey of white and black pudding making and appreciate the comments from folks who are developing their ultimate black and white pudding taste and, the use of your recipe as a starting point. its a trove of information. 4lb white breadcrumbs Potato flour is also a scarcity here, so used a combo of potato starch+corn flour+oat bran. Store in cold place. I did them in skins because some were for another person. Galtee have been producing the finest rashers and puddings for decades and now these are available in many outlets in the UK. 30gm Onion Stuff into large pigs' casings and boil/steam at 75°C - 80°C for 1 … White Pudding Cooking Instructions. However with my current white pudding attempt I have followed John Rea,s method of soaking the oatmeal.I fear that this is why I may not get a firm result. I am more acquainted with a Nova Scotian brand of puddiing that we called Oatmeal Pudding verymuch the same but the spicing would be more pepper and summer savoury. Thanks. Once cooled you can cut it into blocks and wrap and freeze if needed but mine never seems to last that long! The end result is much nicer. 50g ground allspice 1.3kg wholemeal flour You need to enter the first 3 letters of food in lowercase type for your comment to be allowed. 3.2-3kg pork belly I wouldn’t say that it’s a standard time, but it’s a good starting point. Fill with mixture. Packs the skins tight which I think improves its density and therefore slices without crumbling. Thankfully I didn’t end up with a complete mess but next time I’m using casings. I already make my own sausages, and dry cure, and cold smoke my own bacon, and salmon, so I’m looking forward to the results. She must have modified her recipe I suspect. Chilled. I’ve been in love with white pudding since i first tried it in Dublin in 2012 (a bit at par with my love for my guy haha). You can see his recipe here: This recipe is terrific and helps keep my memories of Ireland a little closer. Usually I buy it from butchers, either in the UK or Eire – some butchers in the North West of the UK do it, along with Ulster slice. 15gm Salt However, I can confirm from comments on the forum that many people have used this method successfully.

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