Prompt and attentive responses to questions/inquiries! Inorganic Chemistry Notes . Appreciate the neatly written and detailed notes. The emphasis is on basic principles of atomic and molecular structure, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics and catalysis, properties of General Chemistry I (Lecture and Lab) Course Modules. Our Notes are Easy-to-Follow, Handwritten Chemistry Pdf Notes that Combine Your Book and Chemistry Notes into One, Simple, Easy-to-Understand Format. Tell me where you can find such level of service at any University's tutoring center! The students liked having all the examples I gave them and I liked how everything was broken down to where the students could understand the information. My AP class is only 37 min. Also, it looks weird, but the professor - on his website - promises to answer FREELY and INSTANTANEOUSLY any email asking a chemistry question through his website. Very easy to learn from. Love and highly recommend the notes! So, "Stop Writing, We've Already Taken Your Notes." I am very happy with my purchase! 0. Principles of General Chemistry - available as a PDF file (147 Mb) or as a zip file for use offline with a Web browser. They distill what your lecturer is saying down something that can be more clearly understood. … The notes, coupled with the videos served as an excellent substitute. Only thing that I'd like is page breaks for each section because I print all my notes and write extra notes on them. Download the 1st and 2nd Semesters of Chemistry Notes Right Here -- Instant Pdf Download. Lecture notes in General and Inorganic Chemistry provides an introduction to the chemistry of inorganic molecules. Cover the book with protective material, such as plastic, old newspapers or magazines. SECTION 1 – Foundations of Chemistry - 19 pages. Our Full Course Notes Cover Everything You Need to Know for an Entire Year of High School or College Chemistry. I can use these right now to teach my class. 0. ChemistryNotes covered all of the material I needed. It helped me understand what I was teaching to my students. To purchase and instantly download ALL 381 pages of the "Full Course Notes - Sections 1-20," simply follow the link below. I was not able to teach a few classes due to a scheduling conflict. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, the perfect complementary notes to your lecturers jibber jabber, Section 1 Notes - Foundations of Chemistry. Download chemistry notes for immediate use. These notes are super helpful. 2. Read more. I found this to ba an awesome product, useful for me for Chemistry from General to AP level. Love the handwritten notes. Get them Instantly. Do yourself a favour and buy the full set (I bought just a couple last semester but in hindsight should’ve bought all the chem notes). We have both General Chemistry Notes and Organic Chemistry Notes. So, Our entire website is divided into either, 3 - Chemical Quantities and Stoichiometry, 4 - Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry, 7 - Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom, and Periodicity, 9 - Covalent Bonding and Molecular Orbitals, 10 - Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces, 15 - Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria, 16 - Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy, 18 - Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry, 20 - An Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 1 - Structural, Bonding, Molecular Properties, 2 - The Nature of Organic Compounds: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes, 3 - Stereochemistry of Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: 3-D Structures of Molecules, 4 - The Study of Organic Reactions: An Overview, 10 - Substitution (SN2, SN1) and Elimination (E2, E1) Reactions, 11 - Mass Spectrometry and IR Spectroscopy, 13 - Conjugated Systems and UV Spectroscopy, 15 - Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (E.A.S. Take good care not to damage or lose it. How to Balance Chemical Equations. So grateful I found this before my exam! Great examples to explain and reinforce chemical concepts! Our general chemistry notes are actual, perfectly-neat, handwritten notes that have helped thousands of students obtain the general chemistry help they need. This time I bought the full org chem notes set. Collapse All. Download Chemistry Notes in Pdf Format. So Stop Writing, We've Already Taken Your Notes! The notes enable me to hit the high points but the notes provide a complete picture. Personally, I liked two things in these notes: A) The gradual depth of concepts, which saved me the overwhelming feeling one feels when (disorganized) information of so-called "mandatory textbooks" comes exploding from everywhere; B) The abundance of problems and their detailed solutions! Thermodynamics and Chemistry - by Howard DeVoe, U. Maryland (2014) This free book in PDF format is a revised and enlarged version of the first edition published in hard-cover format in 2001 by Prentice Hall. CSIR UGC NTA NET Chemical Science / GATE Chemistry (CY) Enols and Enolates Handwritten Notes in Pdf format After Very. I enjoyed using the chemistry notes. The well-organized notes focused on every topic with clear explanation. Thank you ! The notes are very helpful. Search. I looked at the preview and I went straight ahead to get this! LATEST POSTS: [Videos] Rapid crash course for JEE Main 2020 November 16, 2020 [Videos] Complete Etoos Videos series for free MPC November 11, 2020 [PDF] Download S.B.Mathur solved problems in Physics November 4, 2020 [PDF] Read JH Sir Physical chemistry Notes for class 11 JEE October 28, 2020 [PDF] Download Allen success matra Physics For JEE October 1, 2020 Download General Chemistry Notes for immediate use. For the detailed contents of each "Section", use the Main Menu and navigate to the GENERAL CHEMISTRY NOTES+ tab. I stumbled across the notes on the web and they were a lifesaver last semester. SECTION 2 – Atom, Molecules, and Ions - 21 pages.SECTION 3 – Chemical Quantities and Stoichiometry - 16 pages.SECTION 4 – Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry - 26 pages.SECTION 5 – Gases - 18 pages.SECTION 6 – Thermochemistry - 17 pages.SECTION 7 – The Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom, and Periodicity - 19 pages.SECTION 8 – Chemical Bonding - 28 pages.SECTION 9 – Covalent Bonding and Molecular Orbitals - 16 pages.SECTION 10 – Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces - 18 pages.SECTION 11 – Solutions and Their Properties - 13 pages.SECTION 12 – Chemical Kinetics- 24 pages.SECTION 13 – Chemical Equilibrium - 19 pages.SECTION 14 – Acids and Bases - 23 pages.SECTION 15 – Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria - 19 pages.SECTION 16 – Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy - 10 pages.SECTION 17 – Electrochemistry - 22 pages.SECTION 18 – Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry - 22 pages.SECTION 19 – The Nucleus and Nuclear Chemistry - 18 pages.SECTION 20 – An Introduction to Organic Chemistry - 13 pages.

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