David's Garden Seeds Flower Marigold Giant Orange 1883 (Orange) 50 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds $8.45. Deadhead spent flowers to prolong the bloom season. Large flower heads, avg. 3", sit atop sturdy plants. Marigold Plants for Sale - Large Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The best flowers start here! These giant marigolds are prolific producers for cuts as well as excellent garden performers. Marigold, Giant Orange ORGANIC. Sold by David's Garden Seeds and Products and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Price: 6.95 Shipping Spring 2021 - view dates here. Out of stock. Sturdy, uniform flower heads are also useful for marigold garlands. More Details. This item: David's Garden Seeds Flower Marigold Giant Yellow 1884 (Yellow) 50 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds $8.45. Inca II Yellow African Marigold Plant. $ 3.75. In Stock. Out of stock. This annual is open-pollinated with flowers from yellow to orange. ... Inca II Orange African Marigold Plant. Also known as African marigold, American marigold, and Aztec marigold. A wonderful border plant for gardens as it attracts beneficial insects and deters garden pests.

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