If you own a TV, you need a streaming box. This is a great gift for any car guy, hunter, outdoorsman, or any guy who just likes to keep things tidy. A clock might not normally be on a list of must have birthday gifts, but this one is a bit different. Folding legs, a comfortable carrying handle and ga grill lid latch add to this grill’s portable nature. Give him an unexpected gift he'll love for his birthday this year. Want to see more options before you pull the trigger on a new hammock? The arms and legs move as well, making the finished product that much more fun and realistic. A one-touch lock and release mechanism lets him quickly and easily mount and release his phone. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our It also works with Alexa to wirelessly keep an eye on his home. Don’t worry if he’s not exactly known for his green thumb, as the snake plant requires very little maintenance to stay alive. To get an idea of just how much heat he’ll actually feel, this hot sauce measures 5,000 to 7,000 Scoville Heat Units. Not only does the lantern double as a USB power bank with enough juice to charge phones, tablets and more, it also has a built-in indicator level to show just how much power is left. Does he prefer paper books to digital copies? Available options include Standard and Deluxe versions. Even the burliest beards will be brought back to life with this kit, which includes oils in three different fragrances. Many people have had this mug for many years and often find themselves getting a new model when the old one wears out. We start our list with men gifts under $100. This user-friendly sushi kit is a fun gift idea, especially if he’s never made his own sushi before. Portability is the hallmark feature of this grilling stand. Built-in Siri can simplify his life by allowing him to ask questions and give commands simply by asking Siri. It’s also compatible with Alexa and will send alerts and other notifications to his smartphone. Highlights include a speedy Intel Core i7-10510U processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. A total of 10 different voice effects ensures a fun night at the mic. It’s so cool to be fully immersed in the action of your favorite game. The water monitor is easy to install, as it simply connects to an existing water meter. Aside from making his beard more manageable, the set reduces frizz and makes each beard soft to touch. Replacing the blades is a fast and simple process. Switching between weights is a quick and easy task thanks to a handy push-pull design. Sensitive skin requires the right products to avoid irritation. This book comes in hardcover, audiobook and Kindle formats. This inflatable kayak is designed for exploring smaller bodies of water, including lakes and milder rivers. Anytime the wearer is felling stressed or overwhelmed, they're supposed to exhale into the pendant, which slows down breathing. These boots are great for guys who work outdoors or in construction, or for any guy who just wants to take a fashion cue from artists like Tupac or Kanye. He can confidently use this portable SSD to store his favorite content and footage. Wes Avila is the author of the cookbook, and also the owner of Guerrilla Tacos, which was named Best Taco Truck by LA Weekly. With hundreds of sounds and rhythms to choose from, along with 40 demo songs, this electric keyboard piano is an especially good choice for beginners. This frame also works with Alexa for voice control. The machine has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and easily connects to devices such as tablets or smartphones. For most homes, however, the less expensive Celestron PowerSeeker is a solid choice. Versions with and without a QC 3.0 adapter are available. Everyone will be howling with laughter as they play this fun party game. Pretty much every guy on the planet likes beer. Not only do the headphones have three levels of noise cancellation, they also have built-in Alexa for voice control. This set includes seven distinct drink mixers, with a variety of flavors ranging from tropical to Mexican to pineapple, Moscow and more. The kit comes with everything he’ll need to get started, including a training frame, roll cutter and paddle. However he chooses to use it, this lightweight and warm fleece blanket will keep him warm and comfortable. A sharp watch can really elevate a guy’s look at the office. The shoes are available in black and white. This 12-inch chainsaw is recommended for pruning and chopping up fallen down limbs. On its own, the mesh router delivers up to 1,500 square feet of fast and dependable WiFi to any living space. It comes with a brown leather band and a silver display case (if he only wants to wear the watch on special occasions). ", Best Game: Soapstone Chess Set at Ten Thousand Villages, "Chess players will adore this hand carved set that looks amazing even when not in play. Recipes run the game from safe and traditional to exotic and gourmet. An embedded microprocessor monitors food as it cooks and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure delicious results. Even better, it’s easy to fold and carry once he reaches his destination. The bag is made with cotton canvas and features a large main compartment with enough space to hold up to a 15-inch laptop. If the guy in your life could use a little bit of help in the kitchen, this beginner-friendly cookbook could be just the right gift for him. Balanced sound ensures a rewarding listening experience at all times. He can control the level of doneness by working with the adjustable toasting timer. There are plenty of other Lego kits for him. Roku Ultra is a powerful streaming media player that makes his favorite content easily accessible. If he’s more of a fisherman, then perhaps a new pair of waders is in order. The only requirements are being able to draw a stick figure and having a great group to share memories with. It also releases oxygen at night to help improve indoor and outdoor air quality. He’ll be prepared for any occasion with this necktie gift set. Anyone who grew up in the 70s, 80s, ​or 90s either knew someone who had a pair or owned their own. Birthday gift. Even if he already seems to have enough stuff, you can still find plenty of interesting gifts for men who have everything. This high-end Kindle model has a great display, and it’s also waterproof. If he’s into really spicy hot sauce, give him the gift of the Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit with Ghost Peppers. He can opt for a wet or dry shave depending on what’s most convenient. Each set contains two memory foam cushions, each of which is a different size. An extra-large version is available if he needs more space. This isn’t the most powerful telescope on the market, but it’s a greater “starter scope” for those who are new to the hobby, and not sure how much money they want to invest in observing the skies. You’ll find here small gifts that are funny or symbolic, but also a few creative ideas to show that you care. The watch is water resistant up to 100 feet, but with a piece this stylish, he probably won't wear it during his next dip in the pool. A five-year manufacturer warranty provides peace of mind. Read More Reviews. Browse hammocks suitable for the backyard or a camping trip right here. For the guy who loves star-gazing, we definitely recommend picking up a telescope. It tracks his heart rate all day long to accurately measure daily caloric burn. This model from Celestron comes with a tripod, three different eyepiece, and a copy of TheSkyX – First Light Edition astronomy software. This Samsonite luggage set includes a smaller 20-inch carry-on and two larger 24-inch and 28-inch bags. ... From a gift that is all about his four-legged friend to a gift that speaks to his tastes, there are plenty of birthday gifts for him that aren’t cheesy. This multi-tool from Gerber has a couple of different blades, along with pliers and many other tools. He’ll find plenty of room to store the essentials and more inside this large duffel bag, which as a 50-liter capacity. The accompanying app works with iOS and Android devices.

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