Hebrew words for breathe include לִנְשׁוֹם, לִשְׁאוֹף, לָפוּחַ, לְהַפִּיחַ and לִנְשׁוֹב. Likewise, a breath is נשימה, as in: עכשיו כולם, קחו נשימה עמוקה. To be alive, we first inhale God’s Spirit, and then we exhale praise. This word is translated into ‘soul’ 475 times. It’s defined as “all that is within” a … Top Answer. Elsewhere where this word is used in Hebrew it’s always in the context of plural persons but here there was just one body/corpse. What Does The Word ‘Lust’ Mean In Hebrew? Asked by Wiki User. According to the Psalms, "everything that has breath praise the Lord". Its basic meaning refers to the essence of life or the act of breathing. The word ruach is translated in 3 different ways: breath, spirit and wind. To exhale or to blow is לנשוף, whose root is נ.ש.פ. This is life. 3 4 5. chamud- to delight in; lust for. The best biblical definition is found in Psalm 103:1. The word for breath in Hebrew is "Ruach" which also means Spirit, so man only becomes a "living being" when God gives him His Spirit. Now everyone, take a deep breath. נשמה (breath, , soul) changes his connotation depending on singular or plural. ... soul), in the Hebrew text 'breath' is also a plural, therefor we need 'living' as plural. The root of these words is נ.ש.מ, the same root as that of נשמה – soul or spirit. Answer. The basic Hebrew word for to breathe is the simple verb לנשום. Now is the question, why 'breath' is a plural. nephesh- life; breathe; soul; wind. Although sometimes it is clear that one word is the better translation, for the most part these words are interchangeable, starting with the very first time… Wiki User Answered . What is the Hebrew word for breath? Find more Hebrew words at wordhippo.com! Inhale Spirit, exhale praise. Rhymes with Bach.] Spirit/Breath/Wind: Ruach (Strong’s 7307) (resh, vav, chet) Root: ר֫וּחַ (resh, vav, chet) [Pronounced roo-akh.

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