The recommended internal cooking temperature for summer sausage is at 155°-160°F. Mix the grounded meat with all the ingredients. For summer sausages, the most common size used is 60mm in diameter, but you free to use 40mm or 120mm as well. If you are not familiar with Morton Tender Quick then you need to know that it is primarily salt but also has some sugar as well as low levels of nitrites and nitrates. When you are stuffing the meat, don’t worry about the tiny air pockets that remain. John, that’s awesome! Scoop the meat mixture into little meatballs and just drop them in the casing. After grounding, mix the other half. Now we add the seasoning and mix for about a minute with our stand mixture. Keep up the good work I enjoy seeing these posts and especially like this one a lot because it can be done without ANY special equipment. That’s how the name ‘summer sausage’ came to be. I suggest you use collagen or fibrous casings which can be purchased on your local sausage making supply store or on Amazon. You can purchase Cure #1 Pink Salt online on Amazon or other similar stores. After you form the log transfer it to a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap tightly.). Down below you can find a table with all the cooking times and temperatures needed to learn how long to smoke summer sausage or what is the recommended cooking temperature when using a smoker or your oven. If you need a few suggestions, for an entry-level smoker, I would suggest the Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Smoker. Anything higher or lower than that will ruin the fat dispersion. Pit Boss Propane Smokers: Red Rock Series, Great for Jerky?? If you are smoking summer sausage in the oven, you can simply set the temperature to 160 degrees F. It is a good idea to wrap the meat in aluminum foil or to prepare it over a water bath, in order to allow condensation to help the flavors penetrate into the meat as it is cooking. For the best results, I suggest you to buy fresh meat and grind it by yourself. What I personally use is a mixture of 75% beef and 25% pork and sometimes, make it completely of beef. To cook sausage in the oven, I preheated a conventional oven to 350°F and sprayed a nonstick baking sheet with canola oil. Hi Dave nice write up and recipe. The nitrites (in the Tender Quick) cure more quickly above 40°F so at this point I would not worry much about keeping it real cold as it’s going back in the fridge after the stuff anyway. Dave, I love how easy this recipe is. You have put a lot of heat into the meat and it’s time to get it cold again. Summer sausage is an American semi-dry fermented stuffed sausage made of a mixture of beef and pork. Also, you don’t want the heat to rise fast and get too hot. We are going to start by cutting the chuck into 1 inch cubes, placing them in a bowl and then into the freezer for 30 minutes. Read our best propane smoker guide to get a better look at all the models worth considering. Also, one thing to have in mind is to grind your spices before using. When the casing is full simply tie it off with a piece of twine. Less used ones are coriander, ginger, and allspice. Leave the outside open to the air and it will skin over (called a pellicle) . And for semi-dry sausages, the air is not a problem, so don’t worry at all if there is air present. Summer sausage is typically a semi-dry, cured, fermented and smoked sausage that could be considered a fairly close relative of pepperoni, a sausage that we regularly cook to bring out the flavor and create delicious browning. Copyright © 2020 FuriousGrill - All Rights Reserved, What Type of Meat to Use for Your Summer Sausage, For Cooking: Oven, Electric Smoker, Propane Smoker or Low-Temperature-Capable Grill, Meat Grinder (If you are buying fresh meat and grinding by yourself), Sausage Casings (You can either use casings or use a simple plastic wrap), (Additional) Sausage Stuffing Machine (If you are using casings, then you can buy a sausage stuffing machine to make even better sausages), Sausage Casing, Curing Salt & Mixing Spices, How to Grind the Beef & Pork for a Summer Sausage. As for pork, butt cut is a very good choice to get. You want to make sure that the salt and other spices are well mixed together with the meat. A person can buy ground chuck at the store add the mix ingredients then roll into log shapes before putting back in the fridge (No Casing). The acidic pH, nitrites, nitrates and salt, combined with the dense population of good bacteria, inhibits the growth of dangerous bacteria. How to Stuff Summer Sausage with Hands & without Stuffing Machine, How to Smoke a Summer Sausage using an Electric Smoker, Summer Sausage Cooking Times & Temperatures. To cook it on the oven, first, place it on a rack over a cookie sheet. The right diameter would be when you can touch your middle finger and your thumb together. Now, set the logs on a broiler pan and bake them at 225°F for 4 hours. Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Smoker. It is impossible to remove all the air, and tiny air spots are inevitable. It improves the meat’s flavor, tenderizes it, prevents food poisoning, and creates the pink color widely associated with smoked meats. Hello Mike, It is recommended to use the curing salts depending on what dryness you are looking for. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This will make it pliable and easy to work with when you are stuffing. Want to advertise, work together or give me a hard time? These models are efficient but will require some physical strength to work properly. Since this is a semi-dried sausage, it can be stored without refrigeration for a long time and is often used on food gift baskets or prepared in large amount once, and you have it ready for several months, even years. Home » Recipes » How to Make Summer Sausage. This will allow the curing to give the meat the rosy color. I would soak the casing before the mixing. After grinding the meat once, check its texture. You also want your meat grinder to be as cold as possible for the same reason. If you want, you can use another additional cure salt such us InstaCure No.1, if you cannot find the mentioned products in this article. If you want a full list of models to consider, you can read our best electric smokers under $200 guide to have a better look at each model. After you finish mixing it, all the pressure applied has made it warmer than it should, so you need to put the mixture in the freezer for 45-60 minutes to get cold again. It doesn’t require to use any meat grinder, sausage stuffer or smoker. So, jumping to the section which fits your preferences may save you a few minutes. You can use this basic technique and change up the seasoning blend to make all different types of beef sausage recipes. After you finish cooking, refrigerate them for a few hours before slicing. Mix them well together. Sausages are defined as chopped or ground meat, blended with spices or other seasonings and then stuffed in natural or manufactured casings. To stuff the sausage, first, you need the casings. Mix the ground beef with the Morton’s Quick Curing Salt and refrigerate the mixture overnight. Smoked venison tastes very good, and I am a big fan of it, so you should give it a try. Cook the sausages on the smoker at 110°F for around 4-6 hours. This will take about three hours but use a digital thermometer to be sure. The rice and cheddar ought to rock. You can use your refrigerator as long as you are able to control the temperature and humidity. If you need a link to find casings, Morton Tender Quick or a grinder then you can find them on my Sausage Making Supplies page. This will take the chill off of them so that they cook more evenly. I originally got this recipe from a good friend of mine who used to make this sausage several times per year, and since then, I have been doing it for many years by myself. Stick the sausage in the refrigerator to rest overnight so the Morton Tender Quick can cure the beef and give it that nice rosy color. Tasty rolls of mustard seed and smoke flavored summer sausage is a great way to use up some ground venison. The nitrites in Morton Tender Quick are needed to cure the sausage giving it the traditional red color. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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