Let the student use speech-to-text software or a computer. If you don’t mean what you say, he/she won’t take you seriously. She can’t suck it up. Throwing a plate at someone because they don’t like their food is more of a mountain requiring action. 9. But she didn’t mind giving kisses, if she initiated it. 18 April, 2017 . And also yet we experienced a lovely resolution. In a child with SPD, the brain often over reacts or under reacts to the sensory input and causes the child to use a … One area of struggle for children who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is dealing with visitors, especially during the Holidays. Here are some resources and tips to get you started. So saying something like, “Mama loves you, but we can’t let you _______ because it isn’t fair to others.” This tells them we love them, we’ll always love them, but the way they’re acting at that moment isn’t okay. Like with all children, not everything a child with SPD needs punishment. Parenting can be the most joyful experience we can know. If they continue to act out, then proceed to some sort of Time Out. Every child can have trouble shifting gears sometimes, but it's the number of senses affected and the severity of symptoms that will determine whether a child is considered to have SPD. Try organizing them before punishing them. There’s a difference between needed calm down time, say when a sensational child is over stimulated and needs a quieter environment to calm down, and an administered time out when they’ve done something inappropriate. Two of my four children were born with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is a neurological disorder that interferes with the brain’s ability to effectively process sensory information. Oftentimes it is seen as a behavioral issue, tantrum or discipline problem, when children with sensory issues tend to … Your child will come to learn the value of your words. Stop that madness, and when they do, let it go. Learning positive parenting is among the most rewarding things I have actually ever before done. There... (2) Put your sensory glasses on. No, she is not being naughty. Scrunched up face, furrowed brow, clenched teeth, fists and rigid body means, “Angry”. Understand what sensory input your child is seeking and redirect. Make a detailed calendar for your child’s daily routine. And how do you correct a child’s bad behavior with positive parenting? This was a constant struggle in our house. Create a visual schedule. In every one of those scenarios, you have a VIP audience of one (your child!) It takes a lot of repetition, and you’ll obviously have to change the punishment to suit the action and age level of the child, but eventually it works. CHYNNA LAIRD – is a mother of four, a freelance writer, blogger, editor and award-winning author. Moms and dads that embrace this concept have actually learned to promote: • Empathy (both in themselves and in their children), • Developing a child’s fundamental character traits. How can you evolve to be a positive parent? She’s authored two children’s books, two memoirs, a Young Adult novella, a Young Adult paranormal/suspense novel series, a New Adult contemporary novel and an adult suspense/thriller. Yet he brought his own unique viewpoint. The key is if the behavior can hurt themselves or someone else, is potentially dangerous or may cause a meltdown, intervene. Have your child participate in creating the schedule. The amusing thing is, when you truly dig in to the heart issues, all the surface-level “obedience” stuff takes care of itself. That indicates they can go from delighted one moment to major meltdown the next. They also feel sensations at a heightened level. (Gasp! What can we do when we’re “angry?” Sit in our calm down IKEA egg with the lid closed and listen to Mozart. A 2013 study by the University of California in San Francisco identified through MRI imaging “quantifiable differences” in the brain structure of otherwise typically developing sensory-sensitive kids. 4 of 11 How SPD Impacts Daily Life. Instead of trying to squelch the child’s energy, find a way to help him or her use that vigor in a purposeful way. If you can be mindful of this one idea, you will be able to adjust and adapt your plans to the daily situations that might be a challenge. Focus on addressing that huge need initially. Tell the child what she did and why it was unacceptable. “You need to apologize to your sister, then we’ll go over here with your toys. They made up, embraced and also begun playing again happily. My mom and dad did the best job they could, however they really did not have access to the myriad of positive parenting tools readily available today. I began reviewing articles about exactly how a child’s secure attachment to a parent is damaged through spanking, yelling, harsh punishments and also basically every other commonly accepted parenting method. A child crying in the corner hiding behind a chair. But she often didn’t know when to stop doing things and didn’t always understand that not every one needed the same deep touch as she did. I always wondered what my husband and I were doing wrong when my toddler would scream out of frustration frequently, not sit still, not listen to us, etc. REWARD the child with specific and positive words. That’s right – we apologize to our kids when we mess up. In her cost-free webinar, Amy shares just how to help kids of all ages to behave WITHOUT manipulating or shouting. As you can imagine, this isn’t always an easy thing to do, but there are … Many parents and educators have a hard time recognizing the signs and symptoms of a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in their child or students. When I first began down the road of gentle parenting, I couldn’t visualize that there were various other means to “get a child to behave” besides punishing as well as shouting. When we reach our breaking point with our child’s behavior, we tend to go to the extreme. If possible, utilize a schedule with your child that builds in chores, homework (if applicable), self-help tasks (shower, brush teeth, etc,), and fun activities. Children with SPD could be considered “daydreamers.” It does not mean a child is always hypersensitive. It is VERY important not to let the negative behavior slide because then the child … No matter what you call it, this parenting approach identifies the fact that collaboration always generates better long-term results than forced control. There are three steps to tackling this, called ACT. (5) Consistency is key. She tested her boundaries, asserted her independence and pushed my buttons. She could be full of beans and pick on her younger siblings as much as any child out there. Have a solid understanding of your sensory child’s strengths. For example, if the child took a toy, he would need to be told that asking for the toy is appropriate. (3) Using words instead of actions. Do some yoga, massages or stretching. (6) “Calm down time” versus “Time out.” This is very important with children, especially those with sensory issues. Here are a number of the methods Amy shares to encourage you to evolve into the mommy or daddy you’ve always wanted to be, and also help your child to reach his or her highest potential. I learned about: • Exactly how all of these principles lead to healthy and balanced child development How To Discipline A Child With Spd. • Focusing more on what you DON’T want the child to do only makes the situation worse. Last, communicate with the child what the consequence is for the action. Solutions to help your son/daughter with SPD by: Anonymous At school develop a color coding chart for your child to review throughout the day -- my engine is running green, yellow or red. Speak calmly. Allow extra time for writing to accommodate motor skills fatigue and trouble with proprioception. Nancy goes on to say that many children with sensory processing problems and disorders are reacting with behaviors due to their sensory processing.

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