Apr 13, 2019 - This week, beginner blacksmith, Rusty Pearson, is making tools for the new hardy hole in his anvil. Posted by u/[deleted] 3 years ago. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 3 of 3 . Related. Can i make a few swedge blocks and such without a welder? I have to anvils, 1 hardie is 3/4 the other is 1 1/2 inch, any suggestions on hardie tools to fit both. 104 blacksmithing tools the ultimate tools aacblibrary blacksmithing hardy tools hardy tools and tool making bladesmith s forum board blacksmithing from a woodworkers perspective 10 hardy tools diy for bending and making shoulders by mafe lumberjocks woodworking munity. Recommended Posts. Pipeliner32 how about a stepped shank - small bottom half and bigger top half. Archived. If you are not fixed on the shape and size of the hole - consider that the hole is just the connection of the tool to the table. Close. The tool will have two matching "legs". With a hardie tool it becomes much easier and much faster. Whats the easiest way to make hardy hole tools? Like two 1/2" holes, about 1" apart. Whats the easiest way to make hardy hole tools? A hardie is a short heavy chisel that has a shoulder and a square shank to fit the square hole of the anvil. Frosty Frosty 15 comments. By new guy, May 3, 2009 in Tools, general discussion. Other tools with square shanks are also used in the hardie hole and are sometimes called "hardie tools". You can make a different and simpler one. How to forge a bending fork hardy tool; anvil tools intro and used; Forging a Bickern (Forging Hardy Tools) Make a Bick Iron for Use with Your Anvils Hard; Extra Hand" DIY Tool Holder: Fantastic Anvil Tool for Hot Punching Steel or Hot Cutting; Hardening and tempering salvaged steel hardy tools - … Hardy; bending fork(s), swage, dishing forms are the hardy tools I use the most. how to make hardy tools? And if you are making a lot of these shapes (Like I did) you can get them all to be very regular in size and shape. The hardy, or hardie, hole is the square hole in the top of a blacksmiths anvil designed to receive tooling such as a hardie. I dont have a welder, i do have an angle grinder, a vice, and files. 7. The swage is used for turning farrier's rasps into rasptle snakes a common sales item out here. If you haven't yet read my look at the anvil page here is a quick explanation of the hardie hole on the anvil. share. 2.

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