This looks like it would help my problem quite a bit. 2. Take hibiscus flowers and separate the petals. Now add the crushed flower petals and leaves to the oil … 6 Best Ways to use (Gudhal) Hibiscus Flower Powder for Hair … How to make hair oil to make my hair longer, smoother, silkier and thicker and to stop graying? You can make this again. Required fields are marked *. Will it work ??? Its my mom’s one of the best recipes. love this idea I have had long hair for quite some time and have enjoyed many of the tips you had to share. Also for acne and anti tan pack, Hi Sameeta, This hair oil is also great for dandruff treatment. It helped me a lot.. Can I boil oil and hibiscus together till it flower colour changes.?? It looks very interesting and I’ll do it…. Put off the flame and let the oil cool down. Once, you are done applying all the oils on the scalp, you can then massage the scalp using the finger pads. Your email address will not be published. Begin using coconut oil on your hair … Without any delay here I present you with the best remedy to treat all your hair problems – The Hibiscus Hair Oil. How To Make Hibiscus Hair Oil at Home. When there is itching in the scalp then too this oil gives relief. Mix crushed neem and hibiscus, and use antifungal coconut oil as a base, and apply to the scalp. This homemade curry leaves hair oil helps make your hair strong as it increases elasticity and flexibility. Hi I read this receipe today..a day before I made hibiscus oil I took 12 flowers of hibiscus nd 1 tea spoon rai nd 1 bottle parachute nd I juz put them on gas for 4-5 minutes is it beneficial?? For keeping any oil in sunlight always place a wooden log or even a small wooden piece. To make hibiscus hair oil you'll need - hibiscus flower (2-3), hibiscus leaves(2-3) and coconut oil (1/2 cup). Does this help in achieving thick hair growth? This will not happen commonly as mostly the hair oil will finish soon than it gets stale. Can U please mention the quantity of flowers and leavings with ML of oil.. ? Hi, what do you mean when you suggest using wooden log or piece when the infused oil is placed in sunlight? For african american hair? (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Hibiscus For Hair Loss: 6 Unknown Yet Effective Benefits | How … Keep the oil on your hair overnight for best results. See you all soon with another wonderful DIY. It will help to get darker color . Mine too… I love hibiscus oil. Benefits of this hair oil are numerous in variety of ways like it is ideal for hair loss, treating dandruff and itchy scalp, once the oil is used regularly to massage the scalp and hair. Red Hibiscus leaves—Many people are unaware of the great benefits of red Hibiscus leaves for the hair. Ya its actually fun to make it and it just smells divine. I am a hairstylist, so I had to check this blog out! My son is 16 and I already could spot a few grays in his hair. This hair oil is made using hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flowers. As a matter of fact, you only need two simple ingredients — one cup each of melted coconut oil and dried hibiscus … stay blessed… . Keep the flame at low as we need to warm the flowers and oils properly. Hi , Almond oil: Almond oil deeply nourishes the roots and promotes healthier hair. Then you can also put the neem and curry leaves so that when you boil the oil then everything will get boiled. I’ll have to give it a try when I can get my hands on some hibiscus flowers , WOW! . Though there are many varieties of hibiscus flowers, I prefer the red colored hibiscus flowers to make this homemade hibiscus hair oil. Try to keep this oil in sunlight for better results.

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