Whisk eggs, cream, sugar, rind, spice and juice together. You can also throw in a pinch of cinnamon and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract if you prefer. Here’s the genuine article from Si Yik near Hong Kong’s Stanley Market. To make sweet French toast, you can follow the general recipe with a few exceptions. Heat half the butter in a frying pan. 6. Repeat with remaining butter and bread. How to Make Sweet French Toast. https://www.mommymusings.com/kings-hawaiian-french-toast-recipe Add half the bread. 4. For especially sweet spiced French toast, coat just-cooked cinnamon toast in cinnamon sugar. It can be rich and buttery or light and fluffy. 2. Add two tablespoons of milk for every 2 eggs you use. Cinnamon French toast: Most French toast recipes usually include a pinch of cinnamon in the custard mixture. Peanut-butter-and-jelly French toast: Spread peanut butter and jelly on one slice of French toast and top with another. Beat eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg with a whisk until smooth. 5. Instructions. 7. The classic Hong Kong-style french toast combines thick-sliced white bread, eggs, and kaya coconut jam, all deep fried and topped with an indulgent amount of butter and sweetened condensed milk. Depending on the recipe, the ingredients, and your personal preference, French toast can be either sweet and syrup-y or warm and savory. Dip bread into egg mixture. 3. As long as you’ve got the basics of the dish, you can add your own spin to the recipe to make … The result is a sweet french toast that’s crispy on the outside, while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. 1. Heat a griddle to medium heat ( 375 degrees) A fun way to test to see if … Cook until golden on both sides.

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