File your nails slowly and gently using a grit file. Here’s How to Remove Gel Nails Without Tin Foil: Using a nail file, file the top coat of your gel nails. Waiting around a week or two before trying to peel off the gel nails will reduce the damage done to your natural nails, since the gel will have had time to loosen and chip off. Step 4: … Using nail buffer remove traces of … Any perfume or body spray that you have in your makeup bag can be used to remove nail polish without acetone, as these often contain a percentage of this effective alcohol. Break Out the Nail File. #1: Removing Acrylic With Dental Floss You may be not going to the dentist, but you will be using a lot of dental floss! Change from a grit nail file to a softer one once you almost reach … Work it slowly under the … File the shine off your gel polish. [2] X Research source During this time, heat from the warm water will soften and expand the old gel polish so its adhesive bond to the natural nail surface is weakened and gel polish can be peeled away by using other fingernails easily. Take a cuticle stick and insert it gently under the surface of your gel nail. Step 1: Pour Acetone Into Warm Water. Make sure the water is warm and not hot. Gel polish can be removed from the nails without acetone in a natural way by soaking the gel polish in warm water for 15 minutes. Make sure your nails are short and manageable by trimming them off. But in the meantime, acetone and other nail polish removers can cause your hands and nails to dry. You’re not trying to remove the gel. Filing method. Step 3: Soak Your Fingers In Warm Acetone. Just soak your nails in warm water with a few drops of dish soap and a teaspoon of salt. Shutterstock. Apply some of these products on each of your nails and, likewise with the other treatments, remove your nail polish immediately with a cotton pad. To monitor how far you are from reaching the natural nail, keep blowing the dust filed away. Fill a large bowl with warm water. Don’t have acetone? Protect Your Skin. Step By Step Tutorial. Next, coat the skin surrounding your nails and fingertips with a cuticle oil or a thick cream. This acrylic removal method does not require acetone, but involves using a lot of dentist recommended dental floss to pick off the nails. OPI Nail Polish and Lacquer Remover. To effectively remove gel polish, you’ll need to soak in 100 percent acetone. Step 2: Buff Away The Top Coat. So, considering these little issues, I believe it can come in handy to know how to remove gel nail polish without the use of acetone or other nail polish removers. Make sure to cover the entire painted surface. It strips off the natural oils from the nail and makes them appear yellow. To remove shellac without acetone, soak a cotton ball in non-acetone nail polish remover, then press it onto the surface of each nail. How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone. You know that clear, glossy top coat you get at the end of your … 5 Lift up part of the gel nail. Use wooden stick to push gel nail polish and apply nail polish remover solution if needed. Find a loose spot and lift up part of the gel nail with your fingernail or a pair of tweezers. After spreading cloth on the surface, apply Vaseline on fingernails and soak them in nail polish remover bowl for 20 minutes. That’s no problem. There are actually three easy ways to remove your acrylic nails without acetone. Wrap a piece of foil around each nail to hold the cotton ball in place, and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Wait until the nails are already chipped.

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